7 Restaurants on Brighton Beach for an Exciting Date in 2023

Restaurants on Brighton Beach to Enjoy a Memorable Date – 2023

When it comes to romantic dates choosing between taking a stroll down the beach or going to a nice restaurant can be challenging. But what if you didn’t have to choose?

Brighton Beach Map – Restaurants and more

I have created a super helpful bespoke Google map for all the essentials you need, not only when on Brighton beach, but when organising a great day trip to Brighton beach as well. Set yourself up for a stress-free day trip and save some pennies in the process.

7 Romantic Restaurants on Brighton Beach, UK

The following list will provide you with 7 of the most beautiful locations on Brighton Beach where you can have a romantic lunch or dinner. Without having to miss the opportunity of gazing at the beautiful sunset over Brighton beach.

Riddle and Finns

This restaurant is perhaps one of the most picturesque venues overlooking Brighton Beach. The circular architecture of the building allows for 360 degrees of window views overlooking both inland, but more importantly, a 180-degree view of Sun, sea, beach and promenade.

They are particularly famous for their champagne and fresh oysters and exquisite seafood selection that will satisfy your palate. The restaurant operates on a strictly walk-in policy, so if you plan a date there, be prepared to be asked to come back in 20 or 40 minutes.

But, being asked to come works well here, as it gives you time for a quick drink in one-off Brighton’s many beachfront bars before returning to your available table at Riddle and Finns Champagne and Oyster bar.

The Copper Clam

The newly refurbished Copper Clam restaurant offers some of the best indoors and all year round outdoor seating at Brighton beach. The Copper Calm also has one of the finest seafood selections. Their lobsters are one of their best-sold dishes, and all locally sourced.

Murmur – Brighton Beach

Murmer Restaurant on Brighton beach

Located under the new Arches on Brighton Beach, the Murmur is a restaurant with a stunning seafront view. The food is also of extraordinary quality. Murmur was opened by chef Michael Bremner, who has received many accolades for his dishes and restaurants.

Eating at this restaurant is a fantastic way of trying some of the more exciting local seafood dishes offered currently in Brighton. The location is also exquisite, and if you choose to have a date in this restaurant. Make sure you book just before the sun goes down, so you can enjoy the starling’s murmuration at sunset while you eat.

If you were wondering, Yes, It was from this murmuration the starlings make every night at sunset that this restaurant named itself after. This site is one of the most magical in Brighton, and it is sure to only add to the romance of your evening.

Lazy Fin

The Lazy Fin restaurant is located within one of the larger arches along the seafront of Brighton beach.
Seated here is provided outdoors and in. The interior is simple, and classical, with a gentle Mediterranean edge and a bit of California thrown. Less they have moved the paddleboard from the front now.

The menu is exciting; in fact, all their menus are. Their breakfast menu has a fun seaside twist, like with the Crab and Avacado Benedict. Or the Lazy Fin Breakfast (please note: no fins are used to make this delicious traditional English breakfast by the sea.)

The Lunch and Dinner menu at the Lazy Fin Restaurant also offers some seafood options. However, it isn’t shy to offer some playful meat dishes too. Like the Pulled Pork Crispy Tacos or Grilled Sirloin steak, roasted peppers served in bread, with a side order of Vegetable crisps and homemade pickles.

So, If you are looking for a quirky venue with a funky menu and an intimate vibe. The Lazy Fin will provide this all for you, as well as enough intimacy for a very romantic night and enjoyable meal.

Due South – Brighton

Due South is another attractive option for those seeking a romantic date location by the beach but on the higher end of delicate cuisine. The food is carefully sourced, with the seafood coming from Newhaven, just 9 miles east of the restaurant.

The vegetables come from Shrub, a wholesale grocer that only serves the freshest British produce to restaurants in Sussex and London. Even the Beef and lamb is locally farmed only 25 miles away in Stopham, West Sussex, at the Riverside Wagyu farm, which has been a family-run farm for nearly 60 years, and where

“In 2010, we began with a Wagyu bull to cross with Angus cows to produce the finest meat possible in our environment.”

Head Farmer at Riverside Wagyu

You don’t come across that too often. The food at Due South showcase Michelin star chef, Mark Wadworth’s creativity and ability to fuze his inspiration of international cuisine with locally sourced, ethical produce.

For those wanting to try some adventurous new tastes, Due South will be the perfect restaurant for a romantic date that will keep you salivating with delight.

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Brighton Beach Club

The Brighton Beach Club is a beautiful two-floor fresh-styled beachfront venue known for its location, famously right on the beachfront next to that i360 observation tower. If you are looking for the perfect venue for a more casual date with large open windows that span 270 degrees, then the Brighton Beach Club is the venue for you.

Their menu offers good honest dishes like Smoked Mac and Cheese, Longhorn Beef pie, to Grilled Beef Cheeseburgers with Chips.

But this delicious, honest food also comes with reasonable, fair prices. Making the Brighton Beach Club one of the best bangs for your buck venues along Brighton beach.

The Brighton Beach Clubs’ drinks menu may be slightly on the high end. However, it is an extensive menu offering soft, hot drinks and wines, draught beers and ciders, low and non-alcoholic beverages, wines, cocktails, and craft beers.

The extra pennies spent on the drinks are quickly forgotten, though, once sunset draws near. The seafront sky starts to tune reddy gold as the twilight hour of sunset starts, and the starlings take flight and start their murmuration dance.

If you are not exclusively looking for a dinner date and prefer something more casual. I highly recommend the Brighton Beach Club, and you will be pleasantly surprised and unexpectedly wowed and whoowed

Shelter Hall – Brighton Food Hall

inside Shelter Hall on Brighton beach

Out of every venue on this list, this is by far the most sociable one. Shelter Hall is a seafront food hall located directly on the beach, just below the Riddle and Finns Champagne and Oyster bar.

It often has live music and a vibrant social scene, mainly because of the food from your chosen vendor. Everyone sits together here on long wooded tables, just like in the food halls in Japan and other parts of Asia.

More importantly, the great thing about this place is that you can if you want to have a variety of foods from the seven different vendors here.

The seven vendors housed within the shelter hall are, The Lost Boys Chicken, Kenny Tutt, Hanoi Kitchen, VIP (Very Italian Pizza), Crab Shack, Sugardough and the New Venture Kitchen. So you have a fantastic selection to choose from, a great atmosphere to enjoy it in, with live music to the eyes and an impressed date smiling at you from across the table.

So, here are seven excellent places along with Brighton beachfront for a romantic meal. No matter which one of these restaurants you choose. They are guaranteed to titillate your taste buds, satisfy your senses, and delight your date, most importantly.

Trading Times

Brighton Shelter Hall Opening Times
Monday9 am – 11 pm
Tuesday9 am – 11 pm
Wednesday9 am – 11 pm
Thursday9 am – 11 pm
Friday9 am – 12 am
Saturday9 am – 12 am
Sunday9 am – 10 pm

Address: Kings Road Arches, Shelter Hall, Brighton BN1 1NB

Tel: 07903 284511

Web: shelterhall.co.uk

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