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Shelter Hall on Brighton beach

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Sunbathing can take it out of you, and so you will be glad to know that Brighton beach caters very well for keeping the Hangry (hungry + angry) away. Be it a quick and easy portion of chips or a proper sit-down lunch somewhere nice. You are in the right place, As Brighton has some of its nicest restaurants on its beachfront.

Brighton Beach Map – Restaurants, Pubs & Bars

I have created a super helpful bespoke Google map for all the essentials you need, not only when on Brighton beach, but when organising a great day trip to Brighton beach as well. Set yourself up for a stress-free day trip and save some pennies in the process.

8 Scrumptious Restaurants of Brighton Beach, UK

I have listed some of my favourite places to eat on Brighton beach and the unique reason why. I hope this will help you decide where to eat, so make the best of your lunch choice when visiting Brighton.

1. Jack & Linda Mills Smoke House

Jack and Linda Mills Smoke house on Brighton Beach

Jack & Linda have been professionally fishing The Brighton channel for most of their lives. In 2010, they started their journey to learn how to traditionally smoke fish. They built a little black smokehouse on Brighton beach, where they smoked some of the freshest fish in Brighton.

It wasn’t long before their smoked fish, fresh crab sandwiches, fish soup, and, most famously, hot mackerel sandwiches became known as some of the best in the area. What’s more, Jack & Linda are actively keeping the traditional methods of smoking fish alive. And giving you the tastiest traditional fish sandwiches Brighton beach has to offer today.

They also have unique daily specials. You can find out what these are by observing the A board outside their shop, so it is always worth checking the daily specials if you want something different. So for a quick and easy bit of history, Jack and Linda Mills Traditional Smokehouse is the perfect place for you to enjoy an alfresco lunch right on the seaside.

2. The Brighton Shellfish & Oyster Bar

Speaking of tradition, a day in Brighton Beach would not be complete without visiting the area’s oldest takeaway shellfish and oyster Bar. Located in the historic Fishing Quarter, the Brighton Shellfish and Oyster Bar was founded over 35 years ago. It has since established itself as the go-to place on Brighton beach for selling the freshest seafood to nibble on.

Their selection of over 20 different seafood items, including cockles, whelks, mussels, octopus, fresh oysters, and prawns, is truly to die for, and while their seafood selection is exquisite. What makes this vendor even more unique is their wide range of homemade sauces that perfectly complement all of their dishes.

Most of their dishes are served in little tubs with tooth pics to handle the food to your mouth and are a perfect place to visit for a light lunch or a traditional snack when visiting the UK coastline.

3. Shelter Hall – Brighton Food Hall

Shelter Hall is a new vibrant food hall that has recently opened on Brighton Beach. It is a great place to grab a quick lunch while immersing yourself in the rich social scene found in the area. What is particularly unique is that this venue offers seven wholly different and unusual kitchens, each led by a Sussex chef.
This means that if you are looking for a fun lunch spot for even a larger group, the Shelter Hall is a safe bet, as everyone gets to choose something different and still all sit together. As here at the Shelter hall, everyone sits in the middle on long tables.
The added fun part is that strangers will be sharing conversations in no time as you are all sharing tables. It’s a lovely place and a whole lot of fun. You order your food from your table through their app. This makes ordering that much easier, and your food is more than not served promptly, hot and tasty.

Apart from the excellent food selection, there is also an impressive drinks menu with a wide selection of craft beers, wines, and cocktails to choose from. Finally, just when you think it can’t get any better, it does as there is also live music on most days, which adds to a great dining experience.

4. Cafe De La Mer

Café De La Mer may be one of the priciest lunch spots on Brighton beach, but when you try the food, you will realise that its money is well spent. The food options available are also some of the healthiest available between the piers.

Their traditional fish and chips are great, but I just love their halloumi salad; it is just exceptional. Saying that I also recommend that you try their grilled sardines, for those are also delightful and so delicious.

From salads to seafood, it is all exquisite; in fact, anything you order in this restaurant is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and perfectly cooked. Their plates are not only tasty but healthy too and will keep you wanting to come back for more.

The wine selection is also one of the finest along the lower promenade of Brighton beach. So if you want to have a fine wine to accompany your food, this is the place for you. Pairing the delicious food and drink with the excellent view and the ability to sit overlooking the sea and you genuinely have a winner for one of the best lunch spots in Brighton Beach.

5. V360 Plant-based Café

If you are vegan or follow a plant-based diet, there is a lovely little cafe called the V360 Plant-Based Cafe for lunch. This pop-up cafe is open seasonally, but that doesn’t stop it from creating a name for itself as one of the best vegan lunch spots in the beach area of Brighton.

Located under the promenade arches, this shop is one of the best places for vegan (dare I say) fast food. Still, if I am being honest, the main reason to select this lunch spot is the possibility of having a Vegan Mr Whippy as dessert.
Apart from their fantastic gelato and Mr Whippy, you will also find incredible Hot Drinks, shakes, and several plant-based snacks, wraps, burgers, and chips with a few different toppings.

If you are looking for vegan food and don’t mind wandering a bit further in and off Brighton beach, then this cafe can be the perfect spot for your lunch break.

6. The Flour Pot

The Flour Pot Bakery is one of the most phenomenal bakeries in the area, and some of the creations you will find there are sure to make your mouth water. Founded by Oliver Hyde, this bakery showcases his commitment to artisanal and delicious food.

Since its initial opening, the Flour Pot has developed into a chain. Many different stores can be found throughout the Brighton area.

If you choose to go to the Flour Pot, whether you are looking for something sweet or something savoury, you are sure to find it in their shop. In terms of savoury, their BBQ pulled pork focaccia roll and their Thai Chicken Focaccia Rolls are indeed fan favourites and for a good reason. They are both tasty and hearty, and they are sure to leave you satiated for hours.

In terms of sweet delights, you can’t go wrong with any of their pastries or cakes. What is even more exciting is that some of their sweet offerings are also vegan, catering in this way to those with specific dietary requirements. Finally, you will also find some coffee and tea available for those days that you need a little extra pick-me-up during lunch hours.

7. West Pier Bar & Kitchen

If you are looking for beachfront dining or lunching, the West Pier Bar and Kitchen is one of the best locations for eating right on the seafront. All of their dishes are freshly prepared with locally sourced ingredients from farmers and suppliers across Sussex.

Their hard work to find ethical and sustainable sources for their animal products and produce makes this restaurant exceptional. They are dedicated and committed to supplying the best food possible and making the planet a better place.

Their menu is comprised of different dishes, some of which are vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free. You will find traditional British foods and more unique dishes within their menu that draw inspiration from multiple cultures and places.

Their buffalo cauliflower wings, chorizo scotch egg, and Buddha Bowls are particularly great choices for those who want to try something different during their visit. There are several other dishes with the pickled seafood bruschetta, Cajun chicken, and the Croque Madame favourites in this restaurant for the more adventurous. They also offer children meals for those travelling as a family.

8. BreakPoint – Brighton Beach

This lovely little seafood restaurant is also ideally located right on Brighton beachfront. Their menu mainly consists of seafood dishes and is quite extensive, which means that even the pickiest of eaters should be able to find something to satisfy them.

The restaurant is particularly well-known for its large fish and chips portion, which has been characterised by some as the best fish and chips they have ever had. The prices are also reasonable, making this restaurant a prime contender for those seeking an affordable but good-quality lunch in the area.

Putting aside the excellent quality of food served here and the exceptional location. This restaurant also has some of the best service and staff found in the area. They tend to be extremely quick and efficient, which means that you will be able to get your meal in no time. If you are looking for a quick but great lunch, the BreakPoint Beach Café is your place.

Getting good quality lunch on Brighton beach is one of the easiest things on Earth. Most of the stores and vendors really value customer service. They are actively trying to ensure that all of their food items are both carefully, and where possible, locally sourced.
The superb quality of produce and food items, combined with the creativity and passion of the chefs working in the area, allows them to offer the best dishes possible at affordable prices to beach-goers. No matter which one of the restaurants and cafes you choose to visit, you are guaranteed a delicious lunch that will leave you satiated for hours.

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