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The iconic Palace pier in Brighton is an amusing 1722 feet long, making for a delightful but thirsty promenade to the end. So you can understand why the most southerly bar in Brighton, called Horatio’s, always attracts such large crowds from all the pier goers.

If you like drinking in the sun, Horatio’s has it all. It has a beer garden at the back, with a sea view. It also has a beer garden at the front, so you can ‘people watch’ all the holiday goes on while you drink. But, most popular is the Big screen on the left-hand side.

Horatio’s Bar & The Big Screen

The Big screen Plays all the main sporting events from the world cup to Euro 2020. There is no better way to celebrate (or mourn) your favourite team than sitting on a deck chair with a cold drink in your hand, the blazing sun over your head and your favourite team on the big screen in front of you.

Inside Horatio’s bar, there is also another (slightly smaller) but still, a giant screen to watch the footie indoors when it’s raining outside. The indoor screen is located at the back of the bar, behind the stage.
Where live bands play in the evenings at the weekends and when there’s no doing Karaoke. Lol Karaoke at Horatio’s brings back some funny memories for me.


Of course, you could skip all that above and head right for the Cocktail menu where you can enjoy a wide selection of Brighton Beach and Palace Pier-themed cocktails like Sex on the Pier, Pier Iced tea or my favourite, Espresso Martinis.. mmm see you there.

Brighton Beach Map – Bars and more

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Breakfast is served from 10 am until 12 pm serving a hangover-curing full English Breakfasts, meat and vegetarian. Or the hair of the dog, sausage or Bacon bap if you’re starting light.

Lunch & Dinner

Horatios is one buzzing bar with three beer gardens, as mentioned earlier, and an extensive drinks menu, so it’s not too surprising to see that its food menu is basic. Basic, but still delicious, offering traditional Fish and chips, that must be had, when at the seaside. They sell dough pizzas as well. Its menu also provides battered sausages, hot dogs and coffee and cake for dessert.

Kids Menu

There are three options for kids’ meals, all priced around £6

  • Fish fingers – served with fries
  • Mac & Cheese – served with fries
  • Sausage – served with fries

Strolling along the historic Brighton Pier is a must-do when visiting Brighton and the beachfront, but along with the sun, the walk to the end of the pier can take it out of you. Horatio’s is a bar that suits any age and is big enough to be football and family-friendly simultaneously. (not saying that couldn’t usually work) But at Horratios, there are many areas and corners to fit any mood.

Trading Times

Horatio’s Bar Opening Times
Saturday12.00 pm – 8.00 pm
Sunday12.00 pm – 8.00 pm

Contact Details:


tel: 01273609361

web: www.horatios-bar.co.uk

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