Brighton Music Hall – An Outstanding Place to Visit On Brighton Beach, UK

Brighton beach in East Sussex is well known, Not for its endless sunshine and golden sands but for all its buzzing breach front bars and restaurants. Among them, is one that stands out over all the rest, this is the Brighton music hall.

Not only is it the largest outside terrace on the Brighton seafront. But it’s also the loudest, with live music playing all day and all night long. The Brighton Music Hall is the place to be if you, love live music, drinking by the beach and fancy the unique combination of a rocking buzzing bar vibe, but in the sun, and with a sea view.

KNOW IT ALL – Brighton Beach Map

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Brighton Music Hall on Brighton Beach

One of the Brighton Music Hall main attractions is its location, and in the height of the summer drinking while taking in the sun rays is almost a must. But, there are also so some very cool beach huts located on the east side of the terrace that are available for hire.

This gives you some well-deserved shade as well as I slightly more intimate environment, amongst what is a very public and open place, not only to other people but to the elements as well.

These cute little chalets come in bright colours and they are well in demand, so if you fancy one, it’s highly recommended to book it in advance. The Brighton Music hall is also set in two stories of 5 of the largest arches along the beachfront, carved into the Brighton chalk cliff face.

Whether you want to have a drink while admiring the ocean or simply wish to enjoy the summer weather while it lasts, their terrace will prove the perfect setting to take advantage of your summer days. 

Saying that Even during the winter the Brighton Music Hall remains a hip place and keeps on attracting drinkers and music lovers as they have a heated igloo out for you to use before heading onto the Brighton beachfront clubs. These igloos also need to be booked in advance.

Brighton Music Hall Stage

Much like its name suggests, Brighton’s music hall is a prime contender for the best and most consistent live music available on the coastline of Brighton city. The venue hosts both touring bands as well as, large local bands, solo singers and even stand-up comedians.

If you are lucky, you might even see some of your favourite artists right on that stage. Speaking of the stage. The stage follows the beach hut design, I don’t think it’s very attractive but it serves its purpose well.

The Menu

A good bar restaurant is nothing without its menu and Brighton music hall does not simply offer one or two menus, but rather they boast to have three separate impressive menus that will cover all of your food and drink needs.

The street food menu has some classic British pub food alongside Japanese Kebabs, burgers, and different meat and vegan options. It is safe to say there is something for everyone available, even the kids, as they have a curated kid meal selection within their menu.

Their drinks menu also has an extensive curated list of beers, ciders, and wines for those in the group who like to drink. Soft drinks and hot drinks are also on offer, so you are certain to find something for everyone.

Their most unique menu is known as The Fallen Fairy cocktail bar menu and is only open from 18:00 Wednesday to Sunday. Their selection of whimsical cocktails is not only going to satisfy your palate but is guaranteed to garner some laughs within the group. This is also their most unique menu so for those adventure seekers this is the menu for you.

Trading Times

Brighton Music Hall Opening Times
Monday9:45 am – 11 pm
Tuesday9:45 am – 11 pm
Wednesday9:45 am – 11 pm
Thursday9:45 am – 11 pm
Friday9:45 am – 11 pm
Saturday9:45 am – 11 pm
Sunday9:45 am – 11 pm

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