Sunset Garden Bar on the Palace Pier of Brighton Beach

Sunset Garden Bar – On the Palace Pier – Brighton Beach

Anyone familiar with Brighton beach will know of the iconic Brighton Palace Pier. The Pier is a unique location that combines the best drinks, food, views, and amusing entertainment. If you visit the Brighton Palace Pier during the early evening you will most likely enjoy sitting down for a cocktail and seeing the amazing view of the sunset that the Sunset Gardens has to offer. 

Where is the Sunset Garden Bar

The Sunset Garden is located in the middle of the Brighton Palace Pier, this makes it an ideal location for visitors who have spent their day visiting the attractions, rides, and entertaining themselves on the Pier. What’s even more ideal is that if your visit to Brighton beach is part of a family excursion, you can sit at the Sunset Garden for a cocktail while your kids can stay entertained in any one of the rides and attractions located at the Pier. 

The location is also ideal for sunset lovers who seek to spend their afternoon looking out into the Brighton beach and enjoying how the sky changes colours as the day turns into night. There is genuinely no location better than the Sunset Garden and its outdoor terrace when it comes to sunsets on Brighton beach. 

Brighton Beach Map – Bars and more

I have created a super helpful bespoke Google map for all the essentials you need, not only when on Brighton beach, but when organising a great day trip to Brighton beach as well. Set yourself up for a stress-free day trip and save some pennies in the process.


The Sunset Garden mainly specialises in cocktails, which means that for the most part, anyone who sits on their premises will need to order a cocktail from their menu. Their selection is excellent, and they really have something for every taste and mood. 

Suppose you are going to be visiting the Pier for a drink. In that case, you must remember that there are separate bars for cocktails and beers.

The Sunset Bar chooses explicitly to specialise in cocktails, so if you are in the mood for something different, its garden – Brighton Pier might not be the best place for you. Still, there are other bars close by that you can order a Pier from while enjoying the view from the terrace.

Often, the Sunset Garden will host its own events. These usually include live music acts and DJ sets that can help build up the atmosphere found in the Pier. Suppose you are a fan of having curated music while watching the sunset. In that case, Sunset Garden is definitely the space for you. You will get to enjoy great music, an excellent cocktail selection, and life at the Pier all in one single location. 

Music and Life on the Pier

Visiting the Sunset Garden is not about that one single location, but rather it is about creating an experience out of spending your day at the Brighton Palace Pier. 

Trading Times

Horatio’s Bar Opening Times
Saturday12.00 pm – 8.00 pm
Sunday12.00 pm – 8.00 pm

Contact Details:


tel: 01273609361


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