Mosques in Brighton – An Muslim’s Guide to Prayer

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  • Date: September 12, 2021
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Visiting Brighton and wanting to know where to perform obligatory prayers? No need to worry because Brighton is home to several mosques. From the tourist-laden area to the outskirt of the city, keep reading to find out a list of mosques in Brighton and Hove that Muslim travellers could visit.

Where are the Mosques in Brighton? There are 3 mosques, but 4 options for places a Muslim can pray in Brighton. They are:

  • Al Medinah Mosque
  • Al Quds Mosque
  • Shah Jalal Mosque
  • University of Sussex Prayer Room

Read on, to read more details on these 4 Islamic locations for prayer, lets get started.

Al Medinah Mosque

Founded in 1991, Al Medinah is one of the most prominent mosques in Brighton. This mosque has served, not only as a place to worship Allah but also a place where local Muslim residents gather and celebrate Islamic festivals.

The two-story mosque has a separate entrance for men and women. Each prayer room is facilitated with the ablution area and also toilets. If you visit this mosque on weekends, you may see students reciting the Quran as the Mosque also run madrasa for boys and girls.

Situated on a hill overlooking the ocean, Al Medinah can easily be reached by approximately three minutes walking from the seafront. It is also close to other famous tourist sights of Brighton such as the iconic British Airways i360 and the West Pier. Another great news is that plenty of halal restaurants are located nearby.

Al Quds Mosque

Founded in the late 1970s, Al Quds (also called Brighton Mosque) is the first mosque to be established in the city of Brighton. This mosque serves as an important symbol that promotes the visibility of the Muslim community in the city. It always has its doors open to provide a place of worship for any Muslim group. Here at Al Quds, you can peacefully perform your obligatory prayers as this mosque is located in a quiet residential area. They also have their own parking spaces where you can park your vehicles conveniently.

Shah Jalal Mosque

Shah Jalal Mosque and Cultural centre are conveniently located in the central area of Hove, a constituent part of the city of Brighton. Although smaller compared to previously mentioned mosques, Shah Jalal has enough space to accommodate mass prayers. This newly renovated mosque also has excellent facilities with a peaceful atmosphere. They also host Friday prayers regularly.

University of Sussex Prayer Room

If you happen to be around Falmer, probably after watching a football match in the Amex Stadium, home of Brighton and Hove Albion F.C, you can perform salah at this prayer room managed by the University of Sussex Islamic Society (ISoc). It has separate entrances for men and women. Each is securely locked with passcodes which you can easily get from the reception in Falmer House situated just across the prayer room building. Don’t worry, although situated inside a campus area, the prayer room is accessible for everyone. The bonus is, after completing your prayer, you can explore the stunning South Downs National Park which is only a few steps away from the campus area.

Enjoy your trip and do take a look at our comprehensive guide to Halal restaurants in Brighton. as well as where you can park for free in Brighton

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