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So you’re coming to the buzzing coastal city of Brighton & Hove to fish and need to know the best places to go. This article will break this down for you and share other bits of info like where to park, get bait, what you can catch, and more. So, let’s get started.

Fishing in Brighton

Where are the best locations to sea fish in Brighton? The best places to fish in Brighton City are:

  • West Arm & East Arm of Brighton Marina
  • Black Rock beach
  • Brighton Nudist beach
  • Banjo Groyne / Paston Beach
  • Beach by Flint Grotto
  • Beach East of Palace Pier
  • West Pier & Hove Lawns
  • Hove Beach by King Alfred
  • Beach by Hove Lagoon
  • Beach by Hove RockWater
  • Between the piers

Read on as we point out why you should go to some parts of the beach over others if you know where you’re going and only need some info in that area. See the table of content below. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy this guide to fishing in Brighton City.

Let our bespoke map navigate you to everything you need for the Best Fishing Experience in Brighton

Best Places for Fishing in Brighton

This article is mainly written for visitors to Brighton who don’t know where they can buy tackle, park their cars, etc. For this reason, we have simplified and grouped the 12 potential locations people could fish in Brighton down to just four regions, and these are:

  1. Brighton Marina
  2. East Brighton
  3. Central Brighton
  4. West Brighton (Including Hove)

Below we will go through each region and point out the pros and Cons of fishing in each.

Let our bespoke map navigate you to everything you need for the

Best Fishing Experience in Brighton

1. Brighton Marina

Brighton Marina is in many ways, the best and most stress-free fishing location in Brighton because you can achieve deep-sea fishing from the east wall (also known as the east arm of the marina) without even getting on a boat. There is also a nearby tackle shop, and an added bonus is an abundance of free car parking at the marina multi-story and ASDA car park. Please note both car parks are free, but the ASDA car park is limited to 3 hours.

33 Marina Way, Brighton Marina, Brighton BN2 5WA

Now you’re parked up and need to get some bait. The place to go is a small friendly place called The Tackle Box in the heart of the marina at Marina Square. Once you have got all your tackle, it’s just a 5 to 10-minute walk to the West or East arms of Brighton Marina to set up and start fishing.

You do have to pay to fish at the marina and the prices are displayed below.

Let our bespoke map navigate you to everything you need for the Best Fishing Experience in Brighton

Brighton Marina Fishing Charges

Fishing Charges at Brighton Marina1
Children Under 18£3£4
Over 65£3£4
Bait Collection Nets 7 handlines£2N/A
PLEASE NOTE: Under 18’s MUST be accompanied by an adult at night at all times.

A Vast Array or Species can be found off Brighton Marina

What species of fish can you catch deep fishing from Brighton Marina? Here are 30 species of fish, most commonly caught by anglers from the West and East arms at Brighton Marina, East Sussex:

  1. Atlantic Cod
  2. European Seabass
  3. Dover Sole
  4. Striped Red Mullet
  5. Atlantic Horse Mackerel
  6. Atlantic Mackerel
  7. Common Carp
  8. European Plaice
  9. Whiting
  10. Mirror Carp
  11. Summer Plaice
  12. Alaska Pollock
  13. Starry Smooth-hound
  14. Pinfish
  15. Dusky Smooth-hound
  16. Black Seabream
  17. Ghost Carp
  18. European Conger
  19. Black Bream
  20. Arrow Squid
  21. Common Sole
  22. European Perch
  23. Tub Gurnard
  24. Thinlip Mullet
  25. Cuckoo Wrasse
  26. Sheepshead Seabream
  27. Pouting
  28. Flying Gurnard
  29. Garfish
  30. Common Bream

In total, there are 62 different species that have been caught so far from Brighton marina, according to users stated on the app Fishbrain. Check out this amazing GPS photo tagging app of anglers and their catch at different locations.

See the chart below for helpful and informative info about deep fishing off the Brighton Marina.

Fishing on
Brighton Marina
West & East Arm
of Brighton Marina
Car ParkingMarina Multi-Story Car Park
ASDA Car Park
Free Unlimited Time
Free – Max Stay 3 hrs
Bait & Tackle ShopThe Tackle Shop
01273 696477
The best bait to useSquid, Cell Machins green method GroundbaitVaries
Price to Fish HereWest Arm
East Arm
See the list above for full costs
PopularityPopular with other anglers
Let our bespoke map navigate you to everything you need for the Best Fishing Experience in BrightonClick Here

2. East Brighton

This includes Black Rock and the Naturist beaches as well as Banjo Groyne
Fishing on the west arm of Brighton Marina

In the ‘plaice’ to be one could say If you don’t mind either paying for on-street parking (approx. £4.50 for 4 hours)

Let our bespoke Google map navigate you to everything you need for the most relaxing day fishing in Brighton.

Fishing at the
Beaches East of Brighton
Black Rock
Car ParkingMarina Multi-Story – FreeMarina Multi-Story FreeMarina Multi-Story Free
Nearest Fishing Tackle
the shop is The Tackle Shop
6 min walk
12 min walk
17 min walk
Price to fish hereFreeFreeFree
PopularityMainly other AnglersAnglers & nudistsAnglers, dog
walkers & bathers

3. Central Brighton

Fishing of the groyne to the west side of the West Pier, Brighton

Even though there are one or two spots to the west side of the I360 observation tower where you could get lucky in catching ream, the odds are you won’t be lucky to find a nearby car parking space. for this reason and there isn’t a fishing tackle shop in another mile no matter whether you go North, East or West. Central Brighton isn’t recommended for offshore fishing, and it would be advised to span out to the West or east of the city coast.

In the map above, I have outlined the parts of Brighton Beach that aren’t a great experience for anglers, especially if you had a spring or summer fishing visit in mind. This is because there are many beach bars and clubs under the arches between the West Pier and Brighton piers, and the beaches host around 15 million annual sun worshipers, bathers, drinkers, and clubbers that populate the beaches all day and, to a degree though out the nights as well., especially during the weekends. These not recommended fishing locations are marked out in dark grey and grey.

Fishing in BrightonCentral
Brighton Beaches
ParkingExpensive & hard to find
Bait & Tackle ShopNo nearby fishing shop. You will have to visit The Tackle Shop, a 40-minute walk away (one way)
Price to Fish HereFree
PopularityIt can be quiet during the winter but is heavily populated with bathers, party goers, and holiday makes during the spring and summer especially.
Best Fishing Spots in Brighton

4. West Brighton (Includes Hove)

West Brighton Beach in the far end of Hove is a quiet spot, 5 minutes walk from a fishing tackle shop called Lagoon Bait Shop and also had limited free parking on Wharf Road, (Mon-Sat 8 am-6 pm 4 hours No return within 1 hour)

Fishing in BrightonWest Brighton
& Hove
ParkingPay at Machine
Bait & Tackle ShopLagoon Bait Shop
Price to Fish HereFree
PopularityA nice quiet bit of beach, all is very relaxed in hove

Brighton Tide Times

Or Click Here for Brighton Tide Times

Charter Fishing in Brighton

Even though you can get deep fishing opportunities from the East wall of Brighton Marina, you can’t beat the non-stop manic fun you get from deep fishing from a charter boat on Brighton’s shores. Watch the youtube video above of Grey Viking II on one of their Deep Sea Wreck Fishing trips, where the pollock, Bass, and cod are big and in abundance.

Where can you go charter fishing in Brighton? There are many boats to go charter fishing on in Brighton, and they mostly leave from the Brighton marina. These are:

  • Grey Viking II
  • SeaBreeze3
  • Proteus at Brigand Charters
  • Aqua Vitesse
  • Rossann at Ross Boats
  • Ocean Warrior III
  • Brighton Inshore Fishing
  • Delta Sunrise at Delta Charters
  • Brighton Diver
  • Rough Diamond II at Brighton Lure Boat
  • Piscene Fishing Tours
  • Lady of the Lake at Excalibur Sea Charters Ltd
  • Brighton Fishing Trips
  • Sussex Fishing – Leaves from Shoreham Harbour

Brighton Charter Fishing Comparison Chart

Brighton-based Charter Fishing Companies
Grey Viking II
Brigand Charters
Aqua Vitesse
Ross Boats
Ocean Warrior III
Brighton Inshore Fishing
Delta Charters
Brighton Diver
Brighton Lure Boat
Sussex Fishing

Kayak Fishing in Brighton

If fishing from land isn’t your thing, grab a kayak or even a paddleboard

Brighton Fishing Museum

I can’t leave this guide without mentioning the wonderful volunteer-run Brighton fishing museum.

Come take a journey with them into the rich history of Brighton’s Fishing Community. Discover a Brighton of the past: a bustling little fishing village on the south coast that was transformed into a fashionable seaside resort.

Source: Seafront Heritage Fishing-Museum

Brighton Fishing Museum

201 Kings Rd Arches, Brighton, BN1 1NB

01273 723064

Have a great day and lucky fishing.

Let our bespoke Google map show & navigate you to the best fishing locations in Brighton, as well as tackle shops, car parking & free parking spots, public toilets, and more.

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