Volks Club and Bar – A Mods Mecca on Brighton Beach

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Volks Club on Brighton Beach, UK

Brighton beach is famous for all the bars and restaurants located on its seafront, but one venue stands apart from the rest. Literally, it’s just on the other side of the road. But the Volks club must be mentioned as it dominates the east side of Brighton beach.

The Volks is an underground club, bar and cafe located right on the coastal road of Madeira Drive, Brighton. Its long history of over 25 years in the underground nightclub scene makes the Club a staple for any passerby that wants to experience a night of unadulterated clubbing. Especially if your taste in tunes is Ska. 

The Music at the Volks Club Brighton

There are many different types of music played at the Volks, from DJ’s playing dub, drum n bass, soul and Ska to 2Tone, Rocksteady, reggae and Bluebeat’s, as well as live music like the Trojan Beats and much more.

Drum and Bass at the Volks Club

“Volks:) Brightons Finest Drum n Bass Venue”

Andrew Compton – youtube comment

Andrew Says it all as today the Volks Club is the go-to place in Brighton to drum and bass the night away, till 5 am the following morning in fact.

The Brighton Ska Train at the Volks Club

” “

No comments on youtube from original mods – They’re just of a different era

But Volks wasn’t always the home to just BnB in Brighton, it used to and on Bank holiday weekends still is the mecca for Ska music as the Brighton Ska Train still play here. Pulling in large crowds of original mods as well as the Great skinhead reunions.

The Venue

Currently, the venue has two rooms that are open to anyone seeking a full night of dancing and an energetic atmosphere that is truly unbeatable. The Club prides itself on the energy that it brings on, and every night at the Volks is an unforgettable one. If you are visiting Brighton and pride yourself on being a die-hard DnB or Sha and often Dub fanatic, then the Volks is where you prove that.

With the long years of experience that the Volks has had in Brighton’s nightlife, it is certain that no matter when you choose to go, you are guaranteed a night of great music and explosive fun.

Volks Drinks Diner

The Club offers most of the classical drinks that one expects to find in such a setting. From Pimm’s to wine to beers and spirits, there is something there for every taste.

The daytime drinking is slightly more orderly during these covid times, and as you can imagine this is nothing like what it’s like at night when the club venue is in full swing. (refer to the above youtube videos)

Volks Drinks Diner

In 2011 the Bar & Club also opened up a Volks Diner addition from March until October. All of the food there is from locally sourced ingredients. Their menu includes quality Burgers, Vegetarian and Vegan options, and a Full English for those who want to go in for breakfast or brunch. The Diner is an excellent addition to the Club. It allows visitors to enjoy its historic location from morning till night.

Opening Times

Volks Club & Bar Opening Times
Monday24 hours
Tuesday24 hours
Wednesday24 hours
Thursday24 hours
Friday24 hours
Saturday24 hours
Sunday24 hours
This is what Google states but I walk past it for my morning walks, and the cafe opens at 8 am and I hear the club closes at 5 am, so there 3 hours of downtime. But I think we can live with that!

Events and Tickets

Many themed events take place at the Volks, so it is always best to check if there are any specific events that you would like to join for. If there is a particular event you want to go to, then we always recommend that you purchase tickets ahead of time using their website, as they are sure to sell out quite fast. If not, you can always just visit the Club during its open hours.

Mob scooters parked up outside the Volk Club – Brighton

History of the Volks on Brighton Beach

The Colonnade where The Volks is located was built over 100 years ago when the nearby Aquarium extended its sun terrace above. The venue’s had a few names over the years including The Chain Pier Bar, as it is situated directly below where the old Chain Pier used to be. It’s currently named after the inventor of the first electric railway in this country, Magnus Volk.

A local entrepreneur, Mr Volk built the railway on the beach opposite where the venue is now and ran the business, driving the trains himself on occasions, for many years. The trains still run during the summer and as we have the same name as the railway, people often wander across the road to ask us what time the trains run…..and in case you’re wondering, we don’t know! We didn’t change the name, the main reason being we found out ‘Volks’ also means ‘For the People’ in German.

This sits perfectly with what the Volks is all about; a place for anyone and everyone, a venue of variation of customers, musical styles, events and staff. The venue was called the Volks Tavern (and still is called this by many ), but we dropped the ‘tavern’ bit a while back as the modern-day Volks evolved into what it is now, and you’d understand where we’re coming from if you’ve ever witnessed the place at 5 am on a Saturday morning……not quite your cosy little village tavern.

Madeira Drive (the road the Volks Club is on!) hosts many events throughout the year including the finish line for the annual London to Brighton Bike Ride, The Brighton Marathon, The famous Ace Cafe Reunion and other motorcycle events including The Brightona and The Pioneer motorcycles run, the Speed Trials, lots of car gathering (Minis owners/ VW campers / MG’s / Historic Commercial Vehicles, Veteran car run) plus loads more. Fat Boy Slim’s beach Boutique and The Radio 1 Dance Party have also been hosted on Madeira Drive. Always something going on down here……

Sourced from VolksClub.co.uk


tel: 01273 682828

Address: 3 Madeira Dr, Brighton BN2 1PS

Web: www.volksclub.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheVolksNightclub

Merch: Check out The Volks Shop

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