This is Why Brighton is Worth Visiting in 2021

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  • Date: June 27, 2021
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We’re feeling bold and confident today and there’s no time for dilly-dallying when you want to tell people about the city that you love. We’ve noticed a few people online wondering whether it’s worth coming to Brighton.

Not only do we say, yes, it’s worth visiting Brighton but this is why Brighton is worth visiting: there’s the beach, the beautiful walks, the Royal Pavilion, Brighton Pier, Hove, amazing nightlife, the tastiest food, a rocking art scene, plenty of live events, great shopping, the i360, the lanes and the oldest airport in the world!

14 Reasons Why Brighton Is Worth Visiting

Yes, we’ve got 14 reasons for you to come to Brighton and, in fact, we think they’re such good reasons that they explain why so many people stay in Brighton too.

The Beach

Brighton’s beach may not be sandy but it’s one of the most popular beaches in the nation. When the sun starts shining millions of Britons and visitors from overseas grab their suntan lotion and a towel and head to Brighton.

The atmosphere is always friendly and fun, and kids love to play on the beach, while adults enjoy soaking up a few rays and wandering around the other entertainment options nearby. It’s quite possible that the British Bank Holiday was invented just so that you could spend a weekend in Brighton.

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The Walking & Cycling

The shoreline paths are among the easiest and most comfortable to walk or cycle anywhere in the world. That means that Brighton is the perfect place to get away from the city and get back in touch with nature.

Get out of the city a little and the South Downs are there for you to revel in nature and that softly spoken green beauty that only England can offer. It’s not dramatic like the Grand Canyon but it will capture your heart all the same.

The Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion is a spectacular homage to the Indian architecture of its era, and it bears a certain passing resemblance to the Taj Mahal though without the heat of India to accompany it. It can get warm in Brighton but it’s rarely scorching.

It was built for George, the Prince of Wales when construction began in 1787, but who would become Prince Regent in 1811. It was his seaside retreat and was designed by John Nash one of Britain’s most daring architects who was also responsible for Marble Arch and Buckingham Palace.

The Pier

Brighton Pier is the last of three piers that once served Brighton. It sees millions of visitors a year and is a throwback to the days of the Great British Coastal Resort town. It has appeared in several major British works including Quadrophenia by the Who.

It is nearly half a kilometre long and you’ll find every kind of legitimate entertainment available on the pier or in the nearby area.


The city, commonly known as Brighton, is actually Brighton & Hove an amalgamation of two British resort towns, but Hove is often overlooked as the name is usually abbreviated to “Brighton”. Hove is a quieter and less brash town than Brighton.

When you want to relax a little, the perfect place to do it is Hove. Head down to the beach and drink in the atmosphere of Hove’s most famous sight – it’s brightly coloured beach huts which are considered something of a national treasure and which everyone in the area is justly proud of.

The Best Nightlife

Whatever you like to do at night, Brighton has got you covered. There are more pubs than you can shake a stick at (locals claim there is more than one pub for each day of the year in Brighton). There is a fantastic range of nightclubs to choose from, no matter your musical tastes or sexual preferences.

If you prefer something a little less alcohol fuelled there are comedy nights, live bands, poetry readings and much more. In short, if you’re bored in Brighton of an evening – you really need to get out of your hotel room and into the city.

The Amazing Food Culture

If you love seafood, then Brighton’s definitely the place to be. It was recently highlighted in the mega foodie blog, Eat Your World, as a food lover’s paradise.

They praised the city for its multi-cultural flavours as well as for its tea rooms, vegan and vegetarian delights and its incredible fine dining scene. It doesn’t matter what you want to eat – Brighton has everything you need and while it’s not always cheap, it’s always tasty.

If that’s not enough to satisfy your palate, we can also recommend that you try the Brighton Food Festival which adds even more choices to the menu in the city.

The Art Scene

Brighton is famous, for its art scene, throughout the country. The city’s North Laine area is famous for its Bohemian feel and you can find plenty of inspiring street art and murals amount the buildings in that area.

The Prince Albert Pub is at the heart of Brighton’s music scene and as you can see from the outside, the art is as strong as the tunes are:

The Live Events

We suppose we could have buried this reason inside “The Art Scene” but it’s important to acknowledge that Brighton is all about live events. Sure, there are artists working full-time in the city but the best time to see their work is during The Brighton Festival which runs during May and which showcases both local and international talent.

If that’s too straight-laced for you then Brighton also has a Fringe festival running at the same time and again, the emphasis is on local talent but nobody is excluded if they have what it takes to catch the public eye.

And that’s just the tip of a very large iceberg, there are dozens of other great live events in Brighton all year round. You’ll never be bored.

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The Best Shopping

Brighton is also famous for its shopping and we don’t mean those big store brands which dominate every city in the country. Sure, they’re all there too but really what Brighton is about is small, independent traders with an eye for the unique.

Head to the Lanes to get a glimpse of what makes Brighton the “most hipster city in England”. You’ll find antiques, artworks and much more in a vibrant setting that’s sure to stay in your memory long after you’ve left Brighton.

The i360

The i360 is a moving viewing platform brought to you by the same design team that brought you the London Eye. On a clear day, you can see all the way to the Isle of Wight from the top and even on more overcast day – you can get a great view of Brighton, The South Downs and The English Channel.

It’s not the cheapest form of entertainment but it is very impressive and the perfect place to take a nice photo from to wow your friends on Facebook.

The Brighton Lanes (including North Laine)

We’ve mentioned them before in other sections but it’s worth mentioning them here in their own category too. The Brighton Lanes are the cultural heart of the city. They were nearly demolished in the 1970s but have since become gentrified and it’s where the new and the old minds of the city collide in explosions of creativity.

We can’t imagine a more pleasant place to stroll around. Particularly, on a Saturday when some of the streets are closed to support a vibrant street market full of the wonderful and the unusual.

Brighton Airport

Now, most places won’t boast about their airports because most airports are awful experiences. The “pack ‘em in cheap” philosophy of the last few decades has removed any pleasure from the act of flying.

Fortunately, most people won’t be flying out of Brighton City (Shoreham) Airport because it deals mainly in private journeys and flying instruction. However, they may be tempted to visit anyway when they learn that it’s the oldest purpose-built airport in the world!

There’s a handy museum onsite and a pleasant walking tour to join if you want to get your slice of aviation history.


Brighton is one of the most diverse towns in England. Its proximity to London means that the whole world visits Brighton at some point or another and the whole world is given a warm welcome too.

The city is famous for its active LGBT scene and up to 20% of Brighton’s youth consider themselves to be part of the LGBT community.


This is why Brighton is worth visiting: the  beach, the beautiful walks, the Royal Pavilion, Brighton Pier, Hove, amazing nightlife, the tastiest food, a rocking art scene, plenty of live events, great shopping, the i360, the lanes, the oldest airport in the world and it’s diverse too!

If you want to enjoy a break in Southern England there are very few places to have as much fun as Brighton. It’s why it’s such a popular place to visit and to live in.

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