18 Helpful Brighton Bike Shops that will Fix your Bike in No Time – 2021 Guide

Brighton is home to a lot of cyclists thanks to its bike-friendly cycle paths and massive bike hub at the railway station. That means there’s a lot of choice in Brighton when you’re looking for a new bike and if you’re wondering where you might go, we’ve been out to find the best bike shops in Brighton.

These are the bike shops in Brighton: Evans Cycles, Rhythm & Bikes, Giant Shoreham, Baker Street Bikes, Prestige Cycles, Cranks, Elm Grove Bikes, Rayment’s Cycles, Cyclewand, Hove Cycles, South Coast Bikes, Brighton Beach Bikes, Velo Vitality, South Downs Bikes, The Bike Tailor, Orange Row Speed Shop, Brighton Bike Monkey and Brighton E-Bikes.

Evans Cycles Brighton

Address: 4 Air Street, Brighton, BN1 3FB

Website: EvansCycles.com

Evans Cycles is part of a larger chain of cycle shops that has a national presence in the UK. That can be good news if you’re looking to buy from a retailer that can offer services in other locations from Brighton.

They offer two ranges of their own bicycles Pinnacle, which is their most established brand, and HOY Bikes which were designed in conjunction with Sir Chris Hoy, the Olympic cycling champion, to make commuting, road cycling and track biking more exciting.

They say that you are welcome to test ride any bike they have in store and they offer a full range of servicing options and they can order nearly anything that you need that they don’t currently have in stock. Their “click and collect” service means you can do your shopping online and then turn up at the store to complete the purchase through deliveries can take anything from 2 days to 14 days with this service.

It’s a big shop with nearly 200 bikes on display all year round.

Rhythm & Bikes

Address: 63A Lewes Road, Brighton, BN2 3HZ

Website: Rhythm & Bikes

Rhythm & Bikes does not sell new bikes and it’s not worth a visit if you’re searching for inspiration as to what to buy next. However, it’s one of the best bike service centres in town and if your bike is feeling down in the dumps, they have the technical know-how to get it back up and running at full speed again.

You can get a free bike check at any time from them, just take your bike along, they’ll give it a thorough once over and quote for any work that you need. They also do a bicycle “MOT” which they say is the kind of thorough work over that a bike needs from time to time to keep it ship shape and roadworthy.

There’s also a full-service option if your bike really does need a little TLC after a few months of hard riding without any professional attention. They can also supply most parts and replacement services.

They want customers to know they are not affiliated with any particular brand and can thus offer services for all brands of bikes including e-bikes.

Giant Shoreham

Address: Unit 1 Falconer’s Court, Little High Street, Shoreham, BN43 5JF

Website: Giant-Shoreham.co.uk

As you might expect from a store with “Giant” in the name, Giant Shoreham’s an affiliated store for the Giant brand. Giant is a Taiwanese manufacturer that has really come on over the last decade or two from a “cheap” brand to a quality one. If you’re looking for a Giant bike then this store in Shoreham (which is a bit of a drive from Brighton city centre) may be your best option.

The store offers easy access to the South Downs if you want to take your bike out for a spin in the country after you’ve purchased it.

They stock road bikes, mountain bikes, cross & gravel bikes, e-bikes, hybrid & city bikes, touring bikes and kid’s bikes which covers just about everything a cyclist could ever need. Their affiliation with Giant also allows them to offer a full professional bike-fitting service which is a high tech monitoring system to ensure that the bike you buy, works with rather than against your body over time.

Baker Street Bikes

Address: 7-8 York Place, Brighton, BN1 4GU

Website: Baker St Bikes.co.uk

Baker Street Bikes is a local store which was founded in 2000 by two friends. One has a background in engineering and the other in cycle racing, between them they feel they have the skills to elevate your cycling to the next level.

They’re the first bike shop on our list to have a substantial second-hand bike section and all purchases from the shop are guaranteed – which can be better than relying on the guy you met on Facebook to deliver a refund if things go wrong in a second-hand sale.

They also offer Brompton, Frog Bikes, Ridgeback, Trek, Airnimal, and Genesis brand bikes as well as E-bikes. They have a solid servicing approach which is reasonable value for money and like many other cycle stores in Brighton, they also have a free Bicycle Check-Up option if you want to know how much fixing your current bike might cost.

Their e-bikes are primarily Bosch brand bikes and they can make cycling even more fun.

Prestige Cycles

Address: Stanmer Village, Stanmer Park,  Brighton, BN1 9PZ

Website: Prestige-Cycles.co.uk

It’s right there in the name but in case you were wondering, Prestige Cycles sells the “most amazing bikes from around the world” and yes, they tend to have a price tag to match. This is the serious cyclist’s shop and if you’re just looking for something to use on the weekend, you’d probably be better off seeking out somewhere more casual.

They off a professional bike fitting service, custom-built bikes from nearly a dozen different brands and full servicing facilities for any bike. Though we’d note that there are no “free check-ups” advertised at Prestige Cycles and unlike most cycle shops – services are paid for by the hour rather than on a fixed rate.

What makes them most interesting is that they have a full wind tunnel to use to check your performance on a bike and to ensure that you choose a bike that’s going to complement your riding style and any medical requirements that you might have. They can also optimize the bike you ride to decrease the drag factor on it.

Cranks Do It Yourself

Address: 22 Chapel St, Brighton, BN2 1SU

Website: Cranks.org.uk

Note: It’s important to know that they have “weird opening hours” and you should always check their website before deciding to visit.

If your bike is broken, then Cranks Do It Yourself may be the best value in the city if you want to get it fixed. Firstly, let’s be clear about what Cranks is not: it is not a service centre and they don’t offer any servicing plans at all (they encourage you to go to other bike shops for this) and it’s not a new bike showroom.

They do have some second hand “refurbished” bikes on hand though and these can be incredible value, it’s possible to pick up a bike for as little as £40 for an adult in Cranks and even less for a child.

They are also happy to help teach you how to repair your own bike and therefore save money when compared to other paid-for services in Brighton. You can have access to all their tools and used parts collection for a very reasonable fee.

Elm Grove Bikes

Address: 14 Elm Grove, Brighton, BN2 3DD

Website: ElmGroveBikes.co.uk

Elm Grove Bikes is slightly confusing as the physical branch was once called “Mitch & Granddad’s Bike Repair Shop” and since Granddad passed away in 2016, it’s called “Mitch’s Bike Repair Shop Brighton”.  The business has been in Brighton for nearly 30 years, though it’s been in its current location for about 4 years.

Elm Grove Bikes is all about personal service for your bike. Mitch is a bicycle mechanic and can ensure that no matter what’s wrong with your bike, it can soon be back on the road with a minimum of fuss. In general, it’s a good value service too and can be cheaper than some of the more “polished” stores in town.

They also have a great range of second-hand bikes on the premises and if you’re looking to get into cycling on a budget, you definitely want to check out their store.

Rayment’s Of Brighton

Address: 11-14 Circus Parade, Brighton, BN1 4GW

Website: RaymentCycles.com

Rayment’s Cycles was established back in the 1960s and has been in Brighton ever since. Their facility is half cycle shop and half workshop. The current owner bought his very first bike in Rayment’s and started working there when he was a schoolboy on his Saturday’s. So, it’s fair to say Rayment’s is a place where they are passionate about bikes.

Their servicing charges appear to be lower than many other bike shops in the city but they’re not quite so forthcoming about what exactly is included in each of their many servicing options – you might want to ask them to explain in detail before you commit to servicing your bike at Rayment’s.

They carry more than a dozen major brands of bicycles and you won’t be disappointed in their selection though none of them is “cheap”. They may also be the only bicycle shop in the city with their own range of merchandise and their t-shirts are cheery and fun. Check them out while you’re there.

Cyclewand Brighton

Address: 83 Ditchling Road, Brighton & Hove, BN1 4SD

Website: Cyclewand.co.uk

Cyclewand does sell bikes and e-bikes but its preferred method of trading is to repair and restore your existing bike. They strongly believe that this is the way forward for the environment and for you the rider as it keeps your costs low and your environmental footprint to a minimum.

They’ve also done a thorough inventory of their tooling, oils, sprays, etc. to ensure that their approach to any particular job is as environmentally friendly as it is possible to be. They say that their customers really appreciate the focus on “repair and maintain” and it encourages them to rethink their relationship with their bikes.

The good news is that all this good stuff doesn’t come at crazy prices (which many “eco-friendly” activities tend to do) and the Cyclewand servicing plans are very much in line with the costs of other equivalent plans around Brighton. So you can save the planet without spending extra cash to do so. Win-win.

Hove Cycles

Address: 101 Blatchington Road, Hove, BN3 3YG

Website: HoveCycles.com

Hove Cycles is an old school family business, as you can tell from their website which could use a little coat of polish for 2019. However, they’re a very professional outfit with a genuinely friendly attitude. They’re often very busy as they play a valuable role in the Hove cycling community and there aren’t that many options for servicing out that way.

They offer complete servicing for your bike and are happy to provide free advice if you want a quotation for a repair or modification too. They stock a large range of cycles in the shop and you can always try before you buy.

They are a member of CycleScheme.co.uk which means that they can provide tax-free bikes that are used for work purposes. They are also proud to promote the Green Initiative which encourages people to cycle to work by offering loans and other incentives to commuters to buy their bikes.

South Coast Bikes

Address: 2 Quayside Buildings, Basin Road South, Hove, BN41 1WF

Website: SouthCoastBikes.co.uk

South Coast Bikes is a servicing specialist with the accent on “service”> They are happy to collect your bike from you, take it in for servicing and then drop it back off when they’re done. This can be really handy if you’re not sure that your bike is roadworthy or if you’re struggling to find a convenient time to take a bike for servicing.

They offer a detailed 33 step service which is fully explained on their website (and this is, by far, the best explanation of what goes into service from any bike shop in Brighton). It does cost a little more than some other services but then, they don’t pick your bike up and bring it back.

They provide doorstep estimates for work so that you don’t need to worry about what repairs will cost before saying goodbye to your bike. They want you to know that it’s nearly always better to repair an old well-made bike than to replace it with a cheap new one.

South Coast Bikes is also a building partner for the premium cycle brand, Mason’s Cycles.

Brighton Beach Bikes

Address: 250e Kings Road Arches, Kings Road, Brighton, BN2 1TD

Website: BrightonBeachBikes.co.uk

Brighton Beach Bikes is not a bike sales outlet, but it does offer bike hire services on Brighton Beach which can be very handy if you’re visiting the city and just want to get out and about and see the place.

They do offer services on-site though they don’t do any really complex jobs if you need a little air in your tyres or grease on your chain then you should be OK at Brighton Beach Bikes. They also offer a £5 a day secure parking facility for bikes which given the propensity for theft of bicycles in Brighton – you might find cheap at twice the price.

You can also arrange overnight storage of a bicycle but be aware that you won’t be able to get your bike back outside of the shop’s opening hours. They also have a nice range of cycle-themed merchandise you can buy.

However, we’d note that they are now closed for the Winter and are not expected to re-open until February 2020 at the earliest.

Velo Vitality

Address: Online Only

Website: VeloVitality.co.uk

Velo Vitality is based in Brighton, which is why it makes our list but you can’t wander into their premises and go shopping because they do all their work online.

They do not sell full bicycles or even second-hand bikes and they don’t provide any servicing facilities either. What they do and what they excel at is the sale of parts for bicycles. This includes bells, cages, bottles, brakes, grips, etc.

If you’re looking to upgrade your bike or repair something yourself, you might want to check out VeloVitality’s website before you go anywhere else. They offer free shipping as long as you spend over £30 on each order.

You can use the contact form on their website to ask any questions that you might have about parts and things you need. They don’t have a phone number as the owner says he’s working in the workshop and warehouse nearly all the time and wouldn’t be available to properly deal with queries over the phone.

South Downs Bikes

Address: 301 Goring Road, Worthing, BN12 4NX (also online service)

Website: SouthDownsBikes.com

We include South Downs Bikes for two reasons, though it’s not really in Brighton, but because it has access to the South Downs national park which can be a really nice thing if you’re looking to buy a mountain bike or trail bike and want to see how it handles the conditions.

But also, because it has a very well stocked internet store which offers reasonably fast local delivery and saves you from having to drive to the store if you already know what you want.

They have been in business for over a decade, which is always a good sign, and have a once a month ride from their store which is always followed by beers and burgers! You want to check their social media presence for more details on the ride.

They also have one of the largest selections of bikes and bicycle clothing anywhere in the region and that means if you don’t mind a little drive from Brighton, South Down Bikes can really expand your options.

The Bike Tailor

Address: The Shed, Stanmer Village, Stanmer Park, BN1 9PZ

Website: TheBikeTailor.com

You don’t go to a tailor and expect them to give you something off the peg, do you? Well, it’s the same at The Bike Tailor this is a store for those with very specialized tastes in bicycles.

They’re going to spend a lot of time fitting you for your bike and they want to assure you, that this isn’t a service just for professional athletes, everyone can benefit from a bike tailored to their body.

It’s not a cheap service though and you can expect to spend £200 for a full fitting (though they do include a free follow up, 3 months later to make sure everything is going as planned). It does give you a chance to play in their wind tunnel though and we think that might make it worth your time and money by itself.

They carry half a dozen high-end custom cycle brands from which to build your dream bike. Given that this is Brighton, we’d also recommend that you buy a high-end custom lock system to go with it.

Orange Row Speed Shop

Address: 6 Orange Row, Brighton

Website: OrangeRowSpeedShop.com

Orange Row is all about road bikes and they’ve been operating out of the North Laines in Brighton for about a year now. Their first claim to fame is that they are the UK’s only dealer for Spoon Customs handmade bikes which are handmade Alpine-style road bikes that are actually developed in the French Alps.

They are the only Campagnolo Pro-Shop in the Brighton areas which means if you’re looking for anything from that range, Orange Row Speed Shop can supply it and is fully qualified to install it on your bike.

They say that when it comes to customizing or repairing your road bike that it takes roughly 24 hours from placing an order to fulfilling it.

As you might expect, all this customization doesn’t come cheaply and Orange Row Speed Shop is for genuine enthusiasts looking to make a substantial investment in their bike rather than casual riders.

Brighton Bike Monkey

Address: Collection Service Only

Website: BrightonBikeMonkey.co.uk  

Brighton Bike Monkey is all about servicing and it works on a collection basis from your home or place of work and then the bike is returned to you “gleaming” (as per the Bike Monkey’s advertising).

These servicing options are ridiculously well-priced when you consider what everyone else in town is charging without doing pickup and drop off. However, it’s worth noting that their website is very much an amateur effort and you might be put off (even at these prices) unless you take time to read their customer reviews, which are excellent.

They can also do some custom work on an existing bike and would be happy to provide quotations to ensure you get what you’re looking for.

Students should be pleased to learn that they get an extra 10% off when they present their NUS card to the Bike Monkey.

Brighton E-Bikes

Address: By Appointment

Website: BrightonEBikes.co.uk

Electric bikes were, until recently, a somewhat specialist or even novelty item for cyclists. That’s because they tended to be big, clunky and a little unappealing to ride. But today, the electric bike doesn’t need to look like something out of Robocop’s worst nightmares and can be just as stylish and attractive as any other kind of bike.

The big advantage of an electric bike is that when you’re tackling a stretch that’s just a little bit too much for you, at that moment in time, you can get a little bit of extra power. So, heading uphill, for example, can become a much more pleasant experience than it is on an “ordinary” bike.

E-bikes are, however, something of a specialist toy, even today. If you want to get an e-bike that’s going to really suit your cycling needs then you need to be properly fitted as well as get advice on how to use the bike to its best ability. That’s where Brighton E-bikes come in. You’ll need to make an appointment so that they can walk you through everything you need to know.

They can also help repair or upgrade existing bikes (though this too is a service available only via appointment).


Brighton has enough bike shops to ensure that every cyclist can find the perfect bike for them. We’ve found the 18 best bike shops in Brighton for you but there are almost certainly other bike shops and services out there too.

One thing that we’d recommend after a visit to any of the 18 of Brighton’s best bike shops is that you also pay attention to the security of your bike. Brighton has a high level of bike crime (it’s the most common crime in the city) and it’s important that you invest in keeping your bike safe as well as in making it the fastest and most comfortable ride for you.

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