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While a day at the beach can be fun, it would really be a shame to make your way to Brighton Beach and not venture into the world of the exhilarating sports and activities offered in the area. For those adventurous at heart, this list will provide you with 16 activities that are sure to leave you feeling thrilled by the end of your trip.

Water Sports Activities on Brighton Beach

As you will be right on Brighton beach, you can try out some exciting water activities and water sports available. Depending on your skill level, there are many water sports activities to choose from. No matter which activity you choose, you are guaranteed to have a thrilling adventure.

Swimming – Brighton Swimming Club

If you are an avid swimmer, then the Brighton Swimming Club is the place to be. They offer swimming lessons for those above the age of 5 and carefully assess your abilities when placing you in a group. They also have more pro training available for those who are pre-professional or professional swimmers. Apart from offering swimming lessons, they also have water polo, synchro and masters’ classes so if you are looking to try different water sports this is your chance.


Brighton Beach Activities Map

I have created a super helpful bespoke Google map for all the essentials you need, not only when on Brighton beach, but when organising a great day trip to Brighton beach as well. Set yourself up for a stress-free day trip and save some pennies in the process.

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Brighton

Paddleboarding has become more and more popular in the past few years. In Brighton, you will find that you can rent out a paddleboard and try the sport for yourself. While Paddleboarding, in general, may appear easy.
Stand Up Paddleboarding actually requires great balance, so if you are uncertain of how to start. Then don’t worry because both the staff at Brighton Water sports and the coaches in Hove Lagoon have years of experience that they can use to guide you through the proper way of paddleboarding in the sea.

The activity can be a great way of interacting with the sea and your surroundings, and it can provide you with the opportunity to just enjoy the view from Brighton beach.


Surfing in Brighton

While Brighton may not be one of the first places that spring to mind when thinking of surfing in the UK. But I’m happy to say Brighton beach, especially by the marina, has some great surf in the Autumn months that are perfect for surfers.

Some of the best locations for surfing in Brighton include the Brighton Marian, one of the few locations that can provide you with enough power to surf on a shortboard.

East of the West Pier, which tends to have gentler waves and is thus ideal for beginners. But, For the more advanced surfers, the Wedge and the Hot Pipes can also provide some great waves, but these locations are not suitable for beginners.

If you plan to go to Brighton to surf, check which hours of the day work in each spot, as the waves and tides only tend to work for a couple of hours per day, so come prepared. Check out the tide times in Brighton Here. Also, see our post on Best Places to Surf along Brighton Coast for more information.

Sailing – Sailing Club and Hove Lagoon

At the Hove Lagoon, there are many sailing classes available. However, most of them are targeted at children or those who have already mastered the basics of sailing. If you or your child are interested in sailing, you can contact the sailing club, where they will advise you on hiring equipment or taking classes appropriate for your level. On days when the wind cooperates, sailing can be one of the most relaxing water activities available at the Hove Lagoon.


Wake Boarding in Brighton

If you want to try Wakeboarding, Hove Lagoon is a great place to learn the basics. The lagoon is a calm, controlled area of water, allowing you to pick up the needed water sports skills without dealing with the turbulence of the sea winds and waves.

No, there isn’t a boat on the lagoon pulling you along. The lagoon uses the Wake-Up Brighton System 2.0. This is a pulley system controlled by your instructor, so you will never be pulled along uncontrollably. This system is a safe and enjoyable way to build up your confidence and skills before getting out on the sea behind a speed boat to show off your skills to the onlookers on Brighton beach.


Brighton Windsurfing

The waters along Brighton beach don’t lend themselves to Wind Surfing. However, the Hove Lagoon is ideal for novices and those with experience in the sport. If you have taken Windsurfing classes before, you can sign up for one of the Windsurf Improver, Intermediate, Private, or Practice courses available.

Occasionally you will also be able to see some pros windsurfing in the area, which really is a phenomenal sight even for those who are not familiar with the logistics of the sport.


Brighton Kayaking

Based on East Brighton Beach, down from Kemptown, just under the slope that leads into Madera Drive. You will find the Martlet Kayak Club, nestled within 3 arches opposite the road of Brighton beach.
Martlets Kayak club is open to newbies and novices as well as enthusiasts alike. They even offer a fun trial session so you can suss out if it’s the new sport for you.

They will supply you with a kayak, life jacket and changing room, all for around £12 for a trial session. So even if you are a nervous beginner, there is nothing to stress about, as the volunteers who run this club will be able to assist you through everything you have about your kayaking adventure.


Along Brighton Beachfront

For those seeking to explore what Brighton has to offer outside of the water, you will be happy to know that your options are ample. From biking to abseiling, there is something available for all thrill-seekers in Brighton.

Brighton Bike Tours

But also, this Grand tour continues along the coastline into Hove. All while your guide shares with you the eccentric and often fantastical tales of Brighton city. Apart from the Brighton coastal ride part of the tour, this tour also leads you through the best the city centre has to offer as well. So you get some serious buck for your money.

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Brighton Beach Bike Hire

Mark, who runs Brighton Beach Bikes, is a great guy who offers beach cruiser bikes. Like the bikes they have in California with the cool oversized wide handlebars and comfy saddles, that’s right. Apart from the standard single-speed cruiser bikes, there is also a tandem for hire and children’s bikes and a tow-along children buggy.


Brighton Bikeshare

If you want a cheap and cheerful tank on two wheels to shuttle you along the coastline and into the city centre. There are 600 heavy as hell, rust buckets on wheels to hire, courtesy of Brighton and Hove council in the form of the Brighton Bikeshare.

Where I do like the idea, the bikes I’ve hired have all had issues, and the irony is wasted on me of how I’m spending my money only then to spend my time filling out the app to inform them of maintenance that needs doing. But it is what it is, and you get what you pay for, and at just £1 to unlock a bike. Then 3p per minute after that, who really cares if your brakes hardly work and your tyres are half flat.



If you want to play some bowls, then the Brighton & Hove Bowling Pétanque Club is for you. Players of all ages and levels are welcome to their events, which are always social and sometimes competitive.

Those who choose to join are offered access to all the necessary equipment, so there is no need to fork out for your own set of balls. Plus, if you are simply visiting Brighton, joining in on the fun will be an easy experience.

The Brighton & Hove Bowling Pétanque Club is located just east of the Peace Statue and is one of the largest and more picturesque in the country. Cause it would be with Brighton beach and the coastline to frame your bowling shot.

Brighton & Hove Bowling Pétanque Club Facebook page


In as early as 1928, the Croquet Club was established on Hove Lawns. Since then, it has been replaced by the Hove Beach Croquet Club, and it has become one of the more civilised activities to be found along Brighton Beach.

As a visitor, if you would like to reserve one of the pitches for a 90-minute session, you will need to pre-book in advance. Your reservation and booking will include all of the required equipment, as well as a little bit of coaching, so, even if you are new to the game, there is nothing to fear as you will be taught all the essential basics of playing.

Please Note: The reservation slots for visitors are only open on Saturday and Sunday between 9 am and 12 pm, so reserve your spot well in advance if you are interested.


Abseiling from the i360

If you are a thrill-seeker, this is an absolute must experience you need to seek out during your time along Brighton beach. It is known as the iDrop Abseil, and it is a rare and unique experience to abseil 450 ft down the world’s tallest moving Observation tower.

What makes this activity even more unique is you are abseiling in a completely open space. There is nothing at all in front of you to hold into like a wall. It is just an exhilarating drop down to the ground, but, must be said, with a splendid view of Brighton beach and the sea.

It is a challenge, but one that most thrill-seekers will jump at the chance of doing, as they will get to experience one of the best drops in the country.


Beach Tennis

Table Tennis and Beach Tennis near the bandstand that you don’t want to miss. There are 3 outdoor table tennis tables available for public use. If you are a fan of the sport or just fancy a ping pong about with friends, this is your opportunity to have some fun free of charge on Brighton beach.

If table tennis is not your thing and you would prefer to play beach tennis, you will be happy to know that there is a designated sand court area where you can beach tennis. All you will need is to bring your rackets and a ball, and you are ready to start the match of a lifetime.


Located right on the lower promenade of Brighton beach is a basketball court. The concrete court has 2 NBA Height hoops and is perfect for those who want to engage in a friendly game with either their peers or other beach-goers.

The sea view makes this one of the more unique basketball courts is probably the south coast, and it is for that reason we absolutely recommend that fans of the game take the time to go down to these courts to either participate in or simply watch one of the ongoing games.

But If you go to watch, odds are you will be asked to join in. There is a great community feel here, and although there is a hierarchy on this basketball court, it’s a lot of fun.


The Hove promenade is perfect for roller skating, and all are welcome beginners and those who have a little more experience. Skatefresh is a quirky organisation offering beginner classes for both Inline (rollerblades) and quad/ roller skates, and with their assistance, your first skating steps are guaranteed to be a success.

Your instructor Asha Kirby will teach you all of the basics during your lessons, and they will help prepare you for your skating journey. If you are more advanced, you can bypass the classes and simply enjoy the mile-long flat of Hove Promidade running parallel to the beach.


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Final Thoughts

Brighton beachfront has multiple sports and experiences to offer its visitors both on land and in the water when it comes to activities. All you need is an adventurous soul and sometimes a brave heart and the will to try new things during your visit to Brighton. Have Fun!

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