Edinburgh Bike Shops – The Complete Guide for 2023

Cycling has always been a very popular sport and means of transport, but since the Covid-19 Pandemic, cycling has grown exponentially. Edinburgh has a large student population and has, over the years, become very cycle friendly, so it isn’t surprising that the city has many bicycle shops.

To help you decide, we have gathered and reviewed all the bicycle shops in Edinburgh city, so you can make a more comprehensive description to what Edinburgh bike shop is right for you. So let’s get started.

There are 36 bicycle shops in Edinburgh, and these include:

  1. Evans Cycles
  2. ProjektRide
  3. Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative
  4. Alpine Bikes Edinburgh
  5. The Bike Station
  6. Soul Cycles
  7. Edinburgh Bike Smith
  8. Edinburgh Bike Shop
  9. Eastside Bikes
  10. BikeTrax
  11. Pedal Forth
  12. Velow Bikeworks
  13. B G Cycles And Blades
  14. Bike And Spanner
  15. Leith Cycle Co
  16. The Bike Smith
  17. Freewheelin Cycles
  18. Gamma
  19. Laid Back Bikes
  20. Pedals Bike Care
  21. Edinburgh Bike Fitting
  22. Wittson
  23. Criterium Cycles
  24. The Wee Spoke Hub
  25. Bike Morning Side
  26. Single Speed Edinburgh
  27. Epic Performance
  28. Blackhall Cycle Repair
  29. The Cycle Service
  30. Bramblers
  31. LAP Bikes
  32. Bike Craft Service And Repair
  33. eBike.scot
  34. Allbikes-Edinburgh Mobile Bicycle Repair Service
  35. Backyard Bikes
  36. Halfords

Have we missed any out? We are pretty sure we haven’t but do let us know if we did, and we shall check it out and add it asap.

Map of Bike Shops in Edinburgh

You may find it easier to choose a bike shop in Edinburgh by its location in the city. Or if you are suddenly caught with a malfunction on your bicycles like a puncher or broken spokes, you may just be thinking, Where is a bike shop near me? This map will help you decide.

Evans Cycles 

Address – Exchange Place, 1A, Edinburgh EH3 8BL

Phone Number – 0343 909 2085

Website – www.evanscycles.com

We have all heard of Evans Cycles, right? The excellent bike shop chain began over 100 years ago in 1921 in Kennington. With a foundation which started in the UK, Evans cycles continue to serve its incredible UK customers today! 

This great bike shop will provide a host of knowledge and experience to assist you in your cycling journey. 

They have a wide range of bikes and cycling accessories to ensure you are fully prepared for your travels! From road bikes to mountain bikes and everything in between, Evans cycles will have something for you! Even fold-up commuter bikes, which are great for heading into the city, or the most rugged mountain bike ready to tackle the trails. Whatever interests you, Evans cycles can help!

It is worth stopping by Evans cycle shop and talking with them to see if they can help with your cycling needs. 


Address – 82 Newington Road, Edinburgh, EH9 1QN

Phone Number – 0131 374 5324

Website – www.projektride.co.uk

Projekt Ride is an incredible passion-led bike shop founded in Edinburgh. It was founded by 2 friends from childhood who shared a love for mountain biking! Today, Projekt Ride serves many customers across Edinburgh. It provides a one-stop shop for all things bikes… from men’s and women’s bikes, road bikes to mountain bikes. Whatever your biking needs demand, you can be sure that ProjektRide has something for you! 

Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative:

Address – 30 Rodney St, Edinburgh EH7 4EA

Phone Number – 0131 557 2801

Website – www.edinburghbicycle.com

Edinburgh bicycle solutions is another passion-led bike shop which began in 1977, founded in Edinburgh. 3 biking enthusiasts decided to set out on a mission to create a bike shop that offered the best service possible to its customers and provided the best products. Since then, the company has grown and has 100 employees across bike shops in Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Newcastle and Leeds! 

So, these guys know what they’re talking about. 

Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative offers a range of bikes and many bike components. This is great for repairs or upgrading your bike. But their services don’t stop there… they are also experts in offering bike services, repairs and custom builds! This is an excellent option for any advanced cyclists out there who are keen to know more and maximise their performance on a bike. So if this sounds like you, we recommend heading to Edinburgh Bicycle Solutions.

Alpine Bikes Edinburgh

Address – 61 Marchmont Rd, Edinburgh EH9 1HT

Phone Number – 0131 228 2041

Website – www.alpine-bikes-marchmont

Alpine Bikes is an excellent bike shop with a range of products to suit your cycling needs. 

Whether you’re into mountain biking or gravel biking. These guys can help you out! With a wealth of experience in mountain biking, you will be in good hands. Or maybe you’re looking for a road bike too. They will be happy to help! Check out their website for articles on cycling so you can learn more about the sport. 

The Bike Station

Address – 250 Causewayside, Edinburgh EH9 1UU

Phone Number – 0131 668 1996

Website – www.thebikestation.org.uk

The Bike Station is a bike charity that prides itself on using bicycles as a vehicle for social change. 

For example, The Bike Station use refurbished, donated bikes and re-use components. Over a year, this saves 10,000 cycles from going to landfill and provides over 2,500 people with affordable refurbished bicycles. 

As a result of this fantastic charity work, they promote access to affordable bikes, mental health and confidence building and skills development, enabling pathways to employment. 

Soul Cycles

Address – 1 Brougham Pl, Edinburgh EH3 9HW

Phone Number – 0131 622 0679

Website – www.soulcycles.co.uk

Soul cycles is a used bike shop in Edinburgh. Whether you’re in the market for a second-hand bike or want to sell your current bike, Soul Cycles is the place for you! 

They have over 50 bikes in store ready to go, so you won’t need to wait for delivery. As well as this, they also offer custom builds to help build the bike of your dreams. Whether you need advice, part sourcing or the build itself… Soul Cycles can help! 

Edinburgh Bike Smith

Address – 120 Causewayside, Newington, Edinburgh EH9 1PU

Phone Number – 0131 622 0679

Website – www.thebikesmithcws.com

An independent bike shop passionate about providing the local community with their biking needs. Initially opened in 2016, Edinburgh Bike Smith has been keeping the locals on their bikes. They offer simple repairs, services, and components and sell fully made bikes! 

Also, they are passionate about getting you back on your bike as quickly as possible, so there is no need to worry about booking repairs or servicing. They will do their best to solve your problems even if you just stroll in. However, if you want to book, feel free to call them.

Edinburgh Bike Shop 

Address – No Address 

Phone Number – No Number 

Website – www.edinburghbikeshop.com

Edinburgh Bike Shop ( not to be mistaken with Edinburgh Bike Shop) has a wide choice of all your biking needs.

Starting with bikes, they have every type of bike you could want. Such as BMX, mountain, road, folding, and even electric bikes! 

As well as readily made bikes, they also offer myriad bike components so you can upgrade and personalise your bike!

Finally, they also have a range of accessories and clothing to compliment your bike. Edinburgh Bike Shop has it all, whether you’re after some cycling shorts or a jersey! 

Eastside Bikes 

Address – 1 Cadzow Pl, Edinburgh EH7 5SN

Phone Number – 0131 466 1740

Website – www.eastsidebikes.com

Eastside bikes offer a range of second-hand bikes of all different types at great value for money! If you are looking at your first step into the biking world, Eastside Bikes may have something for you. 

As well as this, they also offer bike services on 3 different levels. From beginner to pro, check out their website to find out more! They also provide individual repairs, so if you need help with a bike problem, these guys can help! 


Address – 2 Fountainbridge, Edinburgh EH3 9QB

Phone Number – 0131 228 6633

Website – www.biketrax.co.uk

BikeTrax is an independent bike shop in the heart of Edinburgh that prides itself on offering exceptional customer service in various ways. From selling fully built bikes, custom builds, bike fitting, repairs or even bike hire! So it’s perfect for any keen cyclists travelling in Edinburgh who are after a hire bike to keep them entertained. 

As well as all of these incredible services from BikeTrax, they also offer coffee. Yep, you read that right… a coffee shop and a bike shop. All in one. We know! How good is that, so you can grab a morning coffee on your travels to BikeTrax? Cool, right? Got a puncture? Get it repaired while having a coffee. This is the ultimate bike shop for any bike and coffee shop fans! 

Pedal Forth

Address – 17 E Cromwell St, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 6HD

Phone Number – 0131 544 9990

Website – www./pedalforth.co.uk

A bike shop with a mission to be an affordable starting point to get people onto cycling, as well as a place for biking enthusiasts too! 

They are passionate about reducing the human carbon footprint through using bikes and expanding the lifespan of cycles by reconditioning used bikes. 

Pedal Forth currently offer new bikes and used bike plus servicing and repairs. It’s a trustworthy one-stop shop for all things bikes.

Velow Bikeworks 

Address – 19 Windsor Pl, Portobello, Edinburgh EH15 2AJ

Phone Number – No Number 

Website – www.velow.cc

Velow Bikeworks began its journey 7 years ago in 2015, specialising in providing high-quality hand-built custom bikes. No matter what your cycling plan is, they will help advise and assist you throughout the process of building your very own custom bike. You can book a consultation through their website now to begin your journey. 

B G Cycles And Blades

Address – 48 Portobello High St, Portobello, Edinburgh EH15 1DA

Phone Number – 0131 657 5832

Website – www.bgcycles.co.uk

BG Cycles began in 1994 and has continued to offer the best service to each of its customers. They have over 90 bikes on show in the shop but have access to hundreds more from many suppliers. As well as this, they also offer services and repairs from a highly skilled team of mechanics! Check out the website for more details, such as the different levels of service.

Bike And Spanner

Address – 6 Comely Bank Ave, Stockbridge, Edinburgh EH4 1EL

Phone Number – 0131 332 9461

Website – www.bikeandspanner.co.uk

Born out of a passion for cycling, Bike And Spanner is a fantastic bike shop which offers a selection of top-tier bikes from a range of high-end brands such as Dartmoor and Ragley. 

As well as this, there is also a workshop and a 24-hour repair turnaround. So if you need a quick fix… get yourself (and your bike!) to Bike And Spanner. 

Leith Cycle Co:

Address – 276 Leith Walk, Edinburgh EH6 5BX

Phone Number – 0131 467 7775

Website – www.leithcycleco.com

Leith Cycle Co is a family-run biking business established in 2007. They offer a range of bikes for all the family and a fully equipped workshop. If you’re just starting in cycling and want to get your whole family involved… then this is the place for you! 

The gent’s bike section offers a selection of hybrid bikes, which are great for getting you anywhere! A combination between a road bike and mountain bike creates the perfect balance for someone new to cycling and who wants something which can do a little bit of everything! 

Leith Cycle Co offer a selection of women’s hybrid bikes as well. This is ideal if you and your partner or friend want to get into cycling together!

The Bike Smith

Address – 36 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh EH12 5JZ

Phone Number – 0131 538 7974

Website – www.thebikesmith.co

The Bike Smith began with over a decade of experience fixing rickshaws and fitting custom build rickshaws. Today the business has progressed and now offers repairs for standard cycle bikes. With plenty of experience dealing with all types of cycle bikes, they are experts in dealing with bike repairs. 

As well as this, with access to an expansive database of frames and parts, they are more than happy to help with custom builds! 

Freewheelin Cycles

Address – 91 Slateford Rd, Edinburgh EH11 1QR

Phone Number – 0131 337 2351

Website – www.freewheelin.biz

Founded in 1980, Freewheelin cycles are known for their extensive experience within the cycling game. They are incredibly passionate about cycling and are keen to help anyone on their biking journey. 

With a focus on the customer… delivering the best service for the best price, they are definitely a bike shop to stop by! 


Address – 15-24 Comely Bank Row, Edinburgh EH4 1EA

Phone Number – 0131 332 1777

Website – www.gammatd.com

If your bike needs care, these are the guys to go to! 

With a great selection of services from 3 different levels, they will have something for you and your price point. As well as bike servicing, they also offer bike fitting to ensure your bike is set up perfectly for you, your attributes and your riding style. 

It doesn’t just stop there… custom bike builds are also in the array of services that Gamma offer! 

Finally, if you are in the market for a specialist bike build. Then Gamma can deal with that too! Wheel building done right by an expert, what more could you want? Plus, to add to this incredible service, Gamma has an onsite coffee shop so you can grab a coffee while fixing your bike! Cool, right? 

Laid Back Bikes

Address – 14 St Peter’s Pl, Edinburgh EH3 9PH

Phone Number – 07981 430159 

Website – www.laid-back-bikes.scot

Laid Back bikes are not only a place where you can buy your bikes but also a place where you can go on bike tours in Edinburgh. But not any normal bike tour… at Laid Back Bikes, they offer recumbent bike tours whereby you sit in a laid-back position (no pun intended!) And you can enjoy the views and sites of Edinburgh! 

Pedals Bike Care 

Address – 7 Bruntsfield Pl, Edinburgh EH10 4HN

Phone Number – 0131 629 6065 

Website – www.pedalsbikecare.co.uk

Their journey began in 2010 by setting out to offer good quality, high-value repairs. This is still at the heart of what Pedals Bike Care do, but today there are a few more things…

Firstly, they offer a dedicated suspension service department and standard bike repairs. This is great for those advanced cyclists who need to pay attention to the details. 

Moving on, they also have bikes for sale, from fully built bikes to able to help with custom builds. Give them a call for whatever service you need, and they will be happy to help. 

Edinburgh Bike Fitting

Address – 81 Leith Walk, Edinburgh EH6 8LX

Phone Number – 07411 195119

Website – www.edinburghbikefitting.com

Edinburgh bike fitting. The home of bike fitting in Edinburgh. Whether a complete beginner or an advanced cyclist, they can personalise your experience just for you.

They can discover more about your cycling style using modern technology than you think. This helps Edinburgh bike fitting in being able to fit your bike tailored individually to you. 


Address – Dean Park Mews, Stockbridge, Edinburgh EH4 1JL

Phone Number – +370 600 38 775

Website – www.wittson.com

If you’re an advanced cyclist looking at a custom bike build in Edinburgh, definitely check out Wittson. From a host of different products and parts to choose from, you can set about creating your own Wittson custom bike! 

As well as this, they even offer a lifetime warranty and free worldwide shipping! 

Criterium Cycles 

Address – Melville Nurseries, Dobbies Garden World, Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Lasswade EH18 1AZ

Phone Number – 0131 663 6220

Website – www.criteriumcycles.co.uk

Began in 2013 by 2 brothers who set out on a mission to deliver outstanding customer service and be one of the best bike shops in the UK. Providing the best products and having knowledgeable staff enables them to provide exceptional service to anyone who walks through the doors. 

Criterium Cycles are a one-stop shop for cyclist, offering everything from bikes, clothing, footwear, helmets and even parts. They have everything you need!

The Wee Spoke Hub

Address – 13 Guthrie St, Edinburgh EH1 1JG

Phone Number – 0131 220 1884

Website – www.wee-spoke-hub

The Wee Spoke Hub is an Edinburgh-based bike shop with a twist… They are part of the Scotland cycle-to-work scheme and provide free repairs and maintenance to people who need it most. 

It’s funded by Transport Scotland, and they can provide free repairs for up to £50. 

Bike Morning Side

Address – 412 Morningside Rd, Edinburgh EH10 5HY

Phone Number – 0131 447 3686 

Website – www.bikemorningside.co.uk

Bike Morning Side is a bike shop focused on getting you back on the road. Repairs are at the heart of what they do, and they are passionate about getting your bike fixed and back on the road as quickly as possible. 

Plus, they prioritise repair work for NHS staff and other vital workers! 

Single Speed Edinburgh 

Address – 49 Restalrig Rd, Edinburgh EH6 8BD

Phone Number – 07552 239384

Website – www.singlespeededinburgh.com

Single Speed Edinburgh build bespoke, recycled single-speed bikes for rural or urban road cycling. They combine new and recycled parts to create a high-quality but affordable bike. 

If you’re struggling to find the bike, send them an email with your specifications, and they will be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote, free of charge! 

Epic Performance

Address – Sassoon Grove, Edinburgh EH10 5LG

Phone Number – 07787 402914

Website – www.epicperformance.co.uk

Passionate about bikes, cycling and everything the sport has to offer. Cycle servicing and maintenance are what they do best! So if you are nearby and need a bike repair, these guys can help.

With a range of service options of bronze, silver and gold, they have something for everyone. As well as general maintenance and replacements of parts. Whatever you need to do to your bike, the epic mechanics at Epic performance can help… ignore the pun! 

Blackhall Cycle Repair

Address – 15 Marischal Place, Edinburgh EH4 3NF

Phone Number – 0131 538 8580 

Website – www.blackhallcycles.co.uk

Blackhall Cycle Repair is your local cycle mechanic. Run by Derek since 1994, he prides himself in offering every customer exceptional service to everyone that comes in. Quality is a huge part of Derek’s repairs, and he ensures that he is proud to put his name on every bike he leaves. Through careful maintenance and vigorous testing, you are in safe hands. 

The Cycle Service 

Address – 50 W Richmond St, Edinburgh EH8 9DZ

Phone Number – 0131 662 9243 

Website – www.thecycleservice.co.uk

Your go-to bike repair shop in Edinburgh’s southside. Opened in 2014 and run by Chris and Hannah, they aim to keep your bike running smoothly. 

They now have an extensive range of components in stock to repair everything as quickly as possible. As well as this, they even have an online booking system so you can be organised and efficient by booking a slot to save waiting around. They even try to turn repairs around on the same day so if you need some help, definitely give them a call!


Address – 21 Salamander Pl, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 7JJ

Phone Number – 07903 549997

Website – www.bramblers.scot

A modern bike shop… and, umm… a coffee shop. Yep, that’s right! Bramblers is a bike shop and coffee shop all in one. Good, right?

You can grab all of your essentials with an in-store shop with readily available biking accessories. Plus, a fitting bike service can have your bike tailored just for you. All bike fits are a 2 stage process with two appointments to ensure everything is right for you. Give them a call to find out more. 

Plus, a coffee shop inside means you can grab a coffee while shopping or having your bike fit. What more could you want? 

LAP Bikes 

Address – The Art Mart, 21-22 London Rd, Edinburgh EH7 5AY

Phone Number – 0131 380 6354

Website – www.lapbikes.com

LAP Bikes began in 2016 when 2 friends had a vision for the world of cycling. 

A fantastic bike shop that sells many world-class brands of bikes No matter what type of cycling you are into, Lap Bikes offer it all: road, gravel, mountain, electric and urban bikes, so they will definitely have something for you!

Bike Craft Service And Repair

Address 1 – Ocean Terminal, 98 Ocean Drive, Edinburgh, EH6 6JJ 

Address 2 – Cameron Toll, 6 Lady Road, Edinburgh, EH16 5PB

Phone Number 1 – Ocean Terminal = 0131 553 2627

Phone Number 2 – Cameron Toll = 0131 664 3719

Website – /www.bikecraft.co.uk

With 2 locations across Edinburgh, they offer two great bike shops to assist you in either buying a bike, servicing a bike or whatever bike accessories you may be after. From clothing to helmets and lights, Bike Craft Serve And Repair have everything you need to get you safely on the road.


Address – Peffer Pl, Edinburgh EH16 4BB

Phone Number – 07754 145256

Website – www.ebike.scot

eBike.scot is a company that design-builds and retrofits e-bikes. Whether you want to buy a pre-made stock bike, customise your own e-bike or retrofit an existing bike? These guys are the place to go for all things e-bikes. 

Also good to know is that eBike.scot is a family-run business that likes to help as much as possible with your cycling journey. 

Allbikes-Edinburgh Mobile Bicycle Repair Service

Address – Turnhouse Rd, Edinburgh EH12 0BB

Phone Number – 07743 494387

Website – www.allbikes-edinburgh.com

A mobile bike service company based in Edinburgh that makes bike repairs easier than they’ve ever been! 

They will travel to your location and repair your bike there and then (for smaller jobs) take it back to the workshop to fix it, then drop it off once it’s all done! How good is that? Plus, they even have courtesy bikes for when they need to take your bike back to the workshop…so you still have a bike to use! 

Backyard Bikes 

Address – 47 Parkhead Dr, Edinburgh EH11 4SP

Phone Number – 07858 449198

Facebook – www.facebook.com/backyardbikes

Backyard bikes is a bike repair workshop run by Chris. He is passionate about bikes and offers a low-cost, professional service to keep your bike running smoothly. If you are nearby and need a hand with your bike, head over to his Facebook to get in touch. 


Address 1 – Seafield Rd E, Edinburgh EH6 7LD

Address 2 – Unit 2, Hermiston Gait Retail Park, 39 Cultins Rd, Edinburgh EH11 4DF

Phone Number – (Visit their website to see all contact options)

Website – www.halfords.com

We all know Halfords, the UK’s leading retailer of automotive and cycling products. This is your one-stop shop for all things bikes. From readily made bikes to cycling accessories and everything in between! Halfords will be able to help. 

They also offer bike repairs, so Halfords is always there to help with whatever your needs are! 

If you’re new to cycling, this is a great place to get a high-quality bike at an affordable price. With brands such as Carrera and Boardman… you won’t have a problem finding a good bike. 

Edinburgh Bike Tours

It’s not a bike shop, but I have to mention it, as there is no better way to see a city than on a bike tour, and this is especially the case for the large historic city of Edinburgh. Edinburgh Bike Tours offer 8 cycling tours, these are:

  • Discover Edinburgh – City Centre Tour
  • Highlands of Scotland bike tour
  • A Bike Buddy – Solo Tour
  • Beyond Edinburgh bike tour
  • Bike tour for new students
  • City Centre, Holyrood Park, Portobello Guided Tour
  • Coast and Bridges Guided Cycle Tour
  • Family Tour – suitable for kids

The cycling tour I went on and thoroughly enjoyed was the Discover Edinburgh City bike tour. This was sand easy ride designed for cyclists of all abilities and fitness. The ride covered the best of Edinburgh, and the Guide was both entertained and informed in a friendly style. I highly recommend Edinburgh Bike Tours

That sums up our complete guide to Edinburgh bike shops! We hope this shows you all the bike shops in Edinburgh to help you on your cycling journey. Happy Cycling, and if visiting the city for the first time, You must visit a few of the amazing Edinburgh Art Galleries but a bit of Art and Culture to go with your exhilarating day of cycling!

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