Does IKEA Deliver to Brighton? – A Helpful 2021 Guide

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  • Date: April 7, 2021
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If you’re thinking of moving to Brighton, you’re probably thinking of getting some furniture and where better to do it than Sweden’s IKEA chain? There’s just one problem – there is no IKEA store in Brighton. So, can you order from them and get your stuff delivered or will you have to go elsewhere, somewhere without meatballs?

Does IKEA deliver to Brighton? We’re happy to report that IKEA will deliver to Brighton for a fairly substantial cost. You can also engage a local company to do your IKEA shopping on your behalf and deliver for less money. Alternatively, you could explore some of Brighton’s independent furniture stores and buy your furniture there. Let’s take a look at your options in detail.

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Why Is There No IKEA In Brighton?

We don’t have an inside line to IKEA’s headquarters in Sweden, but it appears that Brighton simply wasn’t the chain’s first priority when it came to setting up stores in the UK. In fact, it doesn’t seem like Brighton was their 21st priority either, as their latest store to open was in Newcourt Way, Exeter and that was their 21st in the UK.

However, that doesn’t mean that Brighton won’t ever have an IKEA store. In fact, while there are no plans to open an IKEA in Brighton city, there are plans (which have been fully approved) to open one nearby in the town of Lancing which will serve Brighton & Hove.

There are some Lancing residents who aren’t exactly delighted by this decision but there are now no barriers to the project which is expected to bring 600 jobs to the region. However, it seems unlikely that this store will open before 2024 (as it needs to be built first lol).

Does IKEA Deliver To Brighton?

IKEA Products are generally flat packed which makes them surprisingly easy to throw in the back of a van and deliver to anywhere in the country. We spoke to the IKEA virtual assistant and they confirmed that they are happy to deliver to Brighton.

How Much Does It Cost For IKEA To Deliver To Brighton?

Well, it depends on whether you order online or whether you visit a store. Let’s take a look at the two options:

When Ordering Online

The cost of an IKEA order online to be delivered depends on the weight of your chosen products. “Smaller deliveries,” that is those under 25Kg, are delivered by DPD and their deliveries come from Monday to Sunday.

They cost as follows:

< 5 Kg = £3.95 delivery fee

< 25 Kg = £9.95 delivery fee

Deliveries over 25Kg are deemed to be a “larger delivery”. There is a flat fee of £39 for a larger delivery to Brighton from IKEA. The exact supplier to make the delivery is confirmed after you place the order for these as they require two people to bring the products into your home.

You pay for the shipping fee online when you order the products.

When Shopping In An IKEA Store

There is an assumption that if you’re shopping in an IKEA Store, then you’re going to take home any reasonably light loads yourself. That means you’re going to be paying for a “larger delivery” only.

Peculiarly, you pay a different rate depending on whether they have the item in stock or whether they have to pick it up from their warehouse.

So, if it’s in stock – you will pay £39 for the item to be delivered to Brighton. But if it requires picking and you are prepared to wait for 3 days for the item – good news it also costs £39 but if you’d like the item the same day or the next day – you’re going to pay £53 for the privilege of having it shipped to Brighton!

You arrange the shipping in the store when you buy your items and you must pay for it at the same time as you pay for the products.

Does IKEA Offer Assembly Services In Brighton?

One thing you should be aware of is that IKEA has partnered with Task Rabbit to provide assembly services. However, their service area does not cover Brighton and if you’re buying furniture from IKEA then you will need to assemble it when it arrives at your home or you will need to hire someone else to assemble it for you.

How To Save Money On IKEA Delivery To Brighton

The good news is that while IKEA’s rates for delivery are very high, you can save money on this and there are services which will happily collect your order from IKEA and bring it to your front door for less money.

Total Flatpack Solutions, for example, is a Brighton-based service which specializes in IKEA collection, delivery and assembly in Brighton.

They are happy to collect and deliver products from IKEA from just £15 an item. Other than the obvious advantage of cost savings when you take this route, there is also the advantage of being able to specify an exact delivery time for your items. That means you’re not waiting in all day (and missing a day at work) for your IKEA order – you can get your stuff when it’s convenient to you

They also offer an IKEA assembly service and will be able to assemble your flat-packed furniture for you for an additional fee of £28.

GB Removals in Brighton also seems to offer a similar service for IKEA delivery to Brighton but we would have liked them to include pricing on their website. As it is, you might want to contact them for a quote if you’re not getting what you need out of Total Flatpack Solutions.

Alternatives To IKEA In Brighton

One thing we would remind you of is that IKEA is not the only furniture store available to you in the UK and there are several local options that you might want to check out before you commit to having IKEA deliver to Brighton.

Furniture Village Brighton & Hove

We like Furniture Village Brighton & Hove’s 20-year warranty on all of their products. There’s always plenty of parking available at their store on  Old Shoreham Road in Hove too if you want to have a look. They’d be happy to welcome you with a free cup of coffee and some biscuits too (we believe IKEA charges for meatballs). They also have free Wi-Fi and if it’s hot outside, they have air conditioning too. If you do decide to buy from them, make sure to sign up for their mailing list as they give you a £25 coupon for doing so. Delivery is always fast from here as well.

Barker And Stonehouse

Perhaps, they are a little bit more upmarket than IKEA but Barker And Stonehouse in Hove is a large store with plenty of furniture options for the discerning customer. It’s a fairly recent addition to the city and we think the layout is very conducive to working out how things will look in your space at home. If you do visit, it’s worth timing your trip with a sale as there can be some very substantial discounts on products. As you’d expect there’s free parking on-site and delivery is prompt.


The UK’s biggest sofa brand, DFS, also has a presence on the Old Shoreham Road in Hove. While they don’t seem to have the popularity of IKEA in the media, their products are solid and reliable and there’s always an interest-free credit option if you’re looking to save on your initial outlay too. Our only complaint with DFS is that they don’t offer quite the same range as IKEA does and you may not find everything you need there but it’s certainly worth a look. It’s easy to park there and delivery is easy to arrange too.


You will probably not be shocked to learn that Dwell is also on the Old Shoreham Road in Hove which makes shopping around for your furniture very convenient in Brighton. Dwell’s products are often very similar in aesthetic appeal to IKEA products but tend to be a little bit more durable and built with long-term value in mind. There’s plenty of parking available on site and you can certainly arrange delivery easily in store too.


Does IKEA deliver to Brighton? Yes, it does. However, it can be quite expensive, and they don’t offer an assembly service in Brighton. There are local companies that can collect from IKEA on your behalf and they provide assembly services, which may prove to be your best bet if you really want IKEA products. However, we’d encourage you to remember that there are more options for furniture purchases in Brighton than just IKEA too.

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