Best Brighton Language Schools – A Complete Guide For 2022

If you’re thinking of studying English in the UK, then Brighton ought to be one of the top places on your list of potential destinations. The city is one of the most diverse and interesting in England and it’s a stone’s throw from the capital, London, but without all the costs of living in London. It has a pleasant beach and has amazing cultural highlights, endless food options, and great nightlife too.

There are 19 language schools in Brighton giving you plenty of choices to find the school that suits your particular learning needs

Here are the 19 Language Schools in Brighton:

  1. Brighton Language College
  2. Language Studies International Brighton
  3. Oxford International English Brighton
  4. EC English Language Schools
  5. LAL Brighton
  6. Interactive English Language School Ltd.
  7. Alapdia (Juniors) Language School
  8. Home Language International
  9. Eurocentres Brighton
  10. Sprachcaffe Brighton
  11. Kings Brighton
  12. Greater Brighton Metropolitan College
  13. Regent Language Training
  14. Castle School of English
  15. St Giles
  16. ISE
  17. IH InTuition Languages
  18. Nike Camps At Lancing College
  19. Bucksmore Education

Read on for more details on each of the 19 language schools in Brighton to choose from

English Conversation About School

1. Brighton Language College

Courses Starting from £179

Address: 7 Old Steine, Brighton, East Sussex, England, BN1 1EJ, UK


Tel: +44 1273 647370

E-mail: information:

E-mail: admissions:

E-mail: host family registration:

Average Review Rates: 88% Positive
Best Review5 Star“It was a very cool experience”

Anastasiia Safronova, a student from Germany

Well, in order. I liked the lessons, but some teachers followed the textbook too much. It so happened that I had 5 teachers and most of all I liked Fred and David. Brighton, itself, the location of the school and everything I liked so much. Very short distances and you can walk everywhere. Activities I also really liked. Brigitta, David and Reza made them amazing.
Worst Review3 Star“The Brighton Language College need to invest in media tools and other materials for teaching”

Susana Blasco, a student from Spain

I really enjoyed my time in Brighton, it is a beautiful place.
In relation to Brighton Language College, I am a little disappointed. Once I arrived, people there informed me About where to take part in the English classes (a specific classroom). Then my teacher arrived (Mark). He was very polite, but unfortunately, no one had informed him about the specific subjects related to the classes I had asked for, previously (financial and tax issues). He had not even been informed about the previous questionnaire I fulfilled. So, the first two days, the English classes were very general for me (Mark try to focus them on financial and tax issues, but there was no material related to such specific subjects).
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2. Language Studies International Brighton

Courses Starting from £225

Address: 13 Ventnor Villas, Brighton, East Sussex, England, BN3 3DD, UK


Tel: +44 207 467 6500


Average Review Rates: 100% Positive
Best Review4 Star“It was a very nice experience”

MACARENA GONZALEZ, a student from Spain

I was there for five days. I could learn a lot of words to increase my vocabulary. In addition, I improved my listening and only a little my speaking.
Worst Review4 Star“Beautiful”

Gianluigi Cafiero, a student from Italy

I was in LSI Brighton only for 2 weeks, it was a little time to have a lot of information.
For me, this was a beautiful experience because I came back to the past when I was young without the problem of young people.
About the school, I liked the teachers and their methods, mainly Rachel and Jhon.

Note: LSI has many different locations to learn English in the United Kingdom and in other countries. LSI also offers a “Junior” set of programs aimed at children who wish to learn English in the summer holidays/vacation time. These programs include a homestay element with a local family.

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3. Oxford International English Brighton

Courses Starting from £265

Address: 10 Brunswick Place, Brighton, East Sussex, England, BN3 1NA, UK


Email the Brighton school by clicking Here

Average Review Rates: 100% Positive
Best Review5 Star“A short and intense experience”

Salvador Moreno Gutiérrez, student from Spain

I’ve had a very valuable experience at ISIS Brighton. The classes are nice – most times I didn’t notice that I was having class. In addition, the teachers were great! It’s very well-located, just in the middle of Brighton; you can walk easily to most of the places from the school. On the other hand, my host family was very kind to me during my three weeks there.
The only thing I didn’t like was the high prices of transport and even food at the supermarket. You have to keep your eyes peeled!
Worst Review4 Star“It was great”

Abdulmajeed Al Abri, a student from Oman

The school was the best unit the last week, a teacher came and he doesn’t look like he wants to teach.
The homestay was good but it was far from the school.
It was a good experience, I hope to do it again

Note: Oxford International also offers courses in other locations in the UK, USA and Canada.

Contact the Head Quarters of Oxford International English

Address: 259 Greenwich High Road, Greenwich, London, SE10 8NB

Tel: +44 208 293 118


Average Review Rates:
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4. EC English Language Schools (Brighton)

Courses Starting from £360

Address: Dolphin House, 2-5 Manchester Street, Brighton, East Sussex, England, BN2 1TF, UK


Tel: +44 1273 694 618

Email & Request Information: Click Here

Average Review Rates: 80% Positive
Best Review5 Star“This magic trip”

Anna Kryukova, a student from Russia

It was my third time in England that’s why I knew what to expect from the trip. I liked the place where the school was situated, I mean the town, Brighton. As for disadvantages, I can name the morning way from the residence to the school building. It took 15 mins by bus. After two weeks in residence, I moved to a host family. That was a real experience for me. I suppose the time I have spent with them helped me to improve my speaking and listening abilities. By the way, I still keep in touch with my host family. As for activities, I would say that the list of them is too short. I would add some more excursions. Apart from all the disadvantages of the program I have been to, I made lots of friends and enjoyed the time.
Worst Review3 Star“3 weeks in England”

Sarah Cadotsch, a student from Switzerland

I went to Brighton for 3 weeks. It was very nice. I met a lot of new friends from all over the world. I learned a lot about a new country and other cultures. My English is also much better than before. 🙂 It’s just my 3rd year learning English and I can speak and read and write so much. The classes were very funny and I met some other people from my country, too. The teachers were very friendly and they explained everything exactly so that the whole class understood it. The locations were ok. The PUB was a meeting point for the students. Most of the activities were good. I liked to go to the cinema and to watch some films in English (Harry Potter & Cars 3). The food at the school was sometimes not so good but it was ok. The host family, where I lived was very far from the school. That was sometimes a little problem. The family was very nice and we had a lot of fun together. So I really liked the trip to England, Brighton. I also liked when we went one Saturday to London, which was amazing.

Note: EC Language Schools is a large chain that offers English lessons in more than 20 locations around the world.

Note: There is also a junior program run by EC English Language Schools in Brighton which specializes in teaching English to under 18s.

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5. LAL Brighton

Courses Starting from £220

Address: Fulton Building, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton, East Sussex, England, BN1 9NZ, UK

Website: Brochure: LAL Brighton – Welcome

Tel: N/A

Contact: Click Here

Average Review Rates: 100% Positive
Best Review5 star“It was a great, funny, and good experience. I liked it very much and I recommend it. LAL summer school was fantastic, I liked it very much”

Maria Valeria Rodriguez Vanoostende, a student from Spain

I had fun. It was a great experience. I like the school teaching, the teachers were very helpful. The food was also good. I like the activities in the afternoon and the excursion. I met many friends. The people on the staff were very great. I have very fun in LAL summer school. I like also the place. The place is very beautiful and very great. LAL summer school was a very good experience for me and for many people. No
Worst ReviewOnly 1 Review

Note: For some reason, Brighton is not listed on the LAL website but there is, as you can see, a full program for Brighton released for the year 2020.

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6. Interactive English Language School Ltd.

Courses Starting from £175

Address: 94 Church Road, Brighton, England, East Sussex, BN3 2EB, UK


Tel: + 44 1273 202 081


Average Review Rates: 100% Positive
Best Review5 star“An unforgettable trip in an amazing city”

Camille, Clémence Charousset, student from France

My friend and I enjoyed everything during our trip to Brighton. The teachers Nadia, Graham, and Alex were so friendly and helpful. The city of Brighton is really pretty and the population is young. We felt welcome in our Host family, even if they didn’t live in
the centre (fortunately we had 2 buses to join the school). I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to improve and practice his English in a great place!
Worst Review4 Star“Interesting”

Hebah A H M F Alshammari, a student from Kuwait

My experience in the school was wonderful,
The teachers also were sincere in delivering information.
School’s location is good and has good services.
I am thankful to everyone for their help.
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7. Alapdia (Juniors) Language School (Brighton)

Courses Starting from £895

Address: Roedean Way, Brighton, East Sussex, England, BN2 5RQ, UK

Website: Brochure: Free Brochure

Tel: +41 21 621 88 88

Contact Us: Contact Us Form

Average Review Rates: 100% Positive
Best Review2 star“More aspects of fun activities than teaching conversational English”

Amanda Jüngling, a student from Switzerland

I have been on a two-week-day camp course plus an intensive course.
The organization seemed to be very spontaneous and “on the spot”, without plans for more than a day in advance.

The first day of teaching was a short test for English level and expectations, but besides that completely useless and would have been a lost day if it hadn’t been for the single lesson intensive course.

I didn’t get well around my regular teacher who seemed to openly dislike me. Although my father complained and told several members of staff including Sebastien (who called himself the main organizer) on Tuesday, and a swap to another group had been promised, nothing happened. Most pupils in my group came from Spanish-speaking countries and were at a very lower level than myself. The second week was no better.
Worst ReviewOnly 1 Review was given

Note: Alpaida only offers summer camp tuition to under 18s in its locations around the world. Brighton is one of about 20 options that the company offers its students.

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8. Home Language International (Brighton)

Courses Starting from £805

Address: N/A


Tel: +377 97 70 74 72

Contact Us: Contact Us Form

Average Review Rates: No Reviews

Note: Home Language International’s students live with a tutor on a full-time basis, they do not attend a college or school. The fees include room and board as well as lessons.

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9. Eurocentres Brighton

Courses Starting from £75

Address: 20 North Street, Brighton, East Sussex, England, BN1 1EB, UK


Tel: +44 20 7963 8474

Contact Us: Contact Us Form

Average Review Rates: No Reviews

Note: Brighton is one of 20 destinations globally that provides English lessons under the Eurocentres brand.

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10. Sprachcaffe Brighton

Courses Starting from £155

Address: 24 Holland Road, Brighton East Sussex, England, BN3 1, UK

Website: Catalogue: Free Catalogue

Tel: +356 25 70 1000

Contact Us: Contact Us Form

Average Review Rates: 100% Positive
Best Review4 Star“The best experience that I’ve ever had in my life.”

Katherine Dubraska Vega Avariano, a student from Venezuela

The teachers were so kind and friendly. I think the best teachers were Tony and Keirse. They taught really well and everything was easy to understand. I would recommend this school if you are a beginner because they don’t have any advanced classes. The location is perfect, it’s near the train station and you have many restaurants nearby to choose from. I stayed in the hotel provided by the school. It was okay if you only stay for less than one month because is quite expensive.
Worst Review1 Star“Not good”

Mohammed Nassir Alkhaldi, a student from Saudi Arabia

Not good since they didn’t teach very well. They didn’t look after the students and they mixed beginner students with high-level students. They only did lecturer and looking after the payment.

Note: Sprachcaffe is a global brand offering English lessons in 4 different countries including the United Kingdom.

Thinking about Booking a Course During Covid-19

Due to Covid-19, the school is temporarily closed.

We will reopen as soon as the regulations and the pandemic situation allow us to do so.

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11. Kings Brighton

Courses Starting from £701

Address: 27-33 Ditchling Road, Brighton, England, BN1 4SB, UK


Tel: No Number to share

Contact Us: Contact Us Form

Average Review Rates: No Reviews

Note: Kings is another international provider of English courses and you can choose Brighton among the many locations that they have available.

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12. Greater Brighton Metropolitan College

Courses Starting from £250

Address: Pelham Street, Brighton, East Sussex, England, BN1 4FA, UK


Tel: 01273 667788

General enquiries email:
Course advice email:

Average Review Rates: 100% Positive
Best Review4 star“Small group. Very interesting. Good teacher.”

Catherine Van Langendonck, student from Belgium

Some of the students hadn’t the same level than me so maybe we couldn’t get a little bit further (e.g. in grammar). The same thing in the communicative classes (afternoon) However the teachers were very friendly and competent. The interactive whiteboard is very efficient. Everything was OK. (cafeteria, library, personnel, …)
Worst ReviewOnly 1 Review

Note: The Greater Brighton Metropolitan College is one of Brighton’s largest learning providers and has more than 9,000 students from both the UK and abroad studying there.

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13. Regent Language Training (Brighton)

Courses Starting from £402

Address: 18 Cromwell Road, Hove, East Sussex, England, BN3 3EW


Tel: +44 1865 258 333


Average Review Rates: 100% Positive
Best Review4 Star“Very interesting and international students in an interesting school”

Oliver Huber, a student from Switzerland

International students from different countries.
The school is situated in the city centre. Good traffic connection with the bus.
You can book guided tours for the weekends in the school.
Every week the school organized social events for the students in the evenings.
The host was very interesting and I discovered something about the English culture.
The host was situated in Hove and the bus to the school took about 20 minutes.
Worst Review4 Star“Regent Brighton do a very good job!”

René Schädeli, student from Switzerland

The classes were just the right size and quite active. The teachers are very motivated and very motivating. Although Regent Brighton is situated on a very busy street, the noise did not harm the good learning atmosphere. Compared to Swiss schools, the equipment is rather old-fashioned – but the teachers are the best! My host family was excellent! Very warm-hearted, lovely!

Note:  Regent Language is a UK provider of English language training and they offer 5 other places to study in the British Isles as well as Brighton.

14. Castle School of English

Courses Starting from £200

Address: 12 Dyke Road, Brighton, East Sussex, England, BN1 3FE, UK


Tel: +44 1273 748 185 


Average Review Rates: No Reviews
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15. St Giles (Brighton)

Courses Starting from £322

Address: 1-3 Marlborough Place, Brighton, East Sussex, England, BN1 1UB


Tel: +44 1273 682 747

Email: Accommodation:

Email: Student Services:

Average Review Rates: No Reviews

Note: Brighton is one of many locations around the world that St Giles offers English language tuition.

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16. ISE (Intensive School of English) Brighton

Courses Starting from £204

Address: 34 Duke Street, Brighton, East Sussex, England, BN1 1BS, UK


Tel: +44 7554 233233


Average Review Rates: 100% Positive
Best Review5 star“I improved my English very fast with excellent teachers”

Laura Marco

I studied at ISE Brighton 3 years ago and the experience was unbeatable. I went to the UK with the intention of improving my English and I got ISE with the help of excellent teachers opening doors in the workplace. It was worth it since now I have a great job in the UK.
Worst Review5 Star“Great teachers, very friendly atmosphere:)”

Zeynep Takmaz

Very central located so after school you can enjoy lovely Brighton city life. Plenty of housing options for English families. I really enjoyed the social activities that ISE arranged for us for almost every day. The staff was always helpful and caring. Great place to learn and improve your English.

Note: ISE also has a presence in Hove which can be found at this website:

Thinking about Booking a Course During Covid-19

During the ongoing Covid pandemic please contact us regarding school opening on WhatsApp: +447554233233 or email us. We will reply as soon as possible. 

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17. IH InTuition Languages (Brighton)

Courses Starting from £1,070

Address: N/A


Tel: +44 207 739 4411


Average Review Rates: No Reviews

Note: IH InTuition programs in Brighton are offered on a homestay basis only. There is no classroom to attend but, instead, all lessons are delivered on a 1-to-1 basis by the student’s host.

18. Nike Camps At Lancing College

Courses Starting from £1,325

Address: Lancing, Brighton, East Sussex, England, BN15 0RW, UK


Tel: +44 203 889 6236


Average Review Rates: 100% Positive
Best Review5 star“Great experience!”

Armando Simone, a student from Italy
There were a lot of guys from all over the world. The teachers were very nice and the lessons were informative. The activities were challenging but funny. The counsellors were serious but nice. The Nike Tutors have taken care very carefully, in particular Jay, that was very friendly. The location was wonderful! The Lancing College was far from Brighton city centre and there wasn’t a daily shuttle.
Worst ReviewOnly 1 Review given

Note: These camps are primarily aimed at youth sports tuition and they come with optional additional English lessons. They should be chosen, first and foremost, if your child wishes to learn tennis, football, or golf and for English skills as a secondary priority.

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19. Bucksmore Education

Courses Starting from £2,200

Address: Village of Plumpton, Brighton, East Sussex, England, UK


Tel: 020 8312 8060

Live Chat: Click Here

Average Review Rates: No Reviews

Note: Bucksmore is a Summer School program aimed at juniors only. In addition to English, they also offer computer programming and animal care programs. These are intensive courses from a reputable private school and the price of the courses are in line with this.

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What Are The 10 Best Reasons To Learn English In Brighton?

International Students enjoying a Brighton Bike Tour

There are so many great reasons to study in Brighton that it would be impossible to list them all, but we’ve got 10 that you simply can’t ignore:

  1. It’s a student city. There are two universities, several colleges, and a lot of private learning providers in Brighton. That means you’re going to find it easier to make friends and enjoy a social life while you study.
  2. The beach. Brighton has a pebble beach rather than a sand beach but that hasn’t stopped Brighton from becoming one of Britain’s favourite summer destinations. It’s always nice to walk down the prom or onto the pier no matter what the time of year is too.
  3. The food. Brighton’s got one of the finest food cultures in the UK. Whatever you like to eat you can find it in Brighton and if you’re an adventurous eater there’s always something new to try. Better still, you can always find something tasty no matter what your budget is or dietary requirements are. take a look at our Guide on Halal Food in Brighton
  4. The Brighton accent. It’s a surprising truth about learning English but it is easier for an ESL learner to understand a regional British accent than it is to understand “received pronunciation” the “accent-free” version of English that is used in British public schools and on television.
  5. Brighton Marina. The marina is a beautiful modern destination with plenty of sailing to get involved with plus restaurants, bars, and the biggest names in shopping. You can also go bowling or relax at a movie in the cinema there.
  6. The international community. People come to Brighton from all over the world, that’s really important when you’re studying away from home because it means you’ve got a great chance of finding others who speak your language when you’re feeling a little homesick.
  7. The beautiful countryside. Not only can you take beautiful long walks or bike rides on the coastal paths, but Brighton is on the edge of the South Downs which are some of Britain’s most green and pleasant land.
  8. The Lanes (including North Laine). If you like a more Bohemian feel to your cities, Brighton has you covered. The Lanes offer up-and-coming artistic talent, unique shops, and a vibrant Saturday market. This is where the independently natured folk of the city congregate and it’s awesome.
  9. It’s near to London. You can jump on a train or a bus and be in London within an hour. That makes it very easy to explore the most exciting capital city in the world but without having to spend the money it requires to live there.
  10. The “live” scene. Brighton is home to an active arts scene that regularly holds live events (including an annual arts festival and an annual fringe festival). There are also live music gigs galore in the city. You’ll never be bored in Brighton.

You can learn English at nearly any decent school with a reputation for good teaching but it’s better to learn in a place like Brighton with many additional benefits, to make your time studying memorable and fun.

How To Choose A Language School In Brighton

We think there are four key ingredients that you ought to pay attention to before you sign up for a language school in Brighton and they are:

  1. What are your goals for your language program? Maybe you want to become fluent in English (awesome and Brighton’s a great place to do that)? Maybe you’re just looking to pick up some English so you can travel more easily? Maybe, you’re trying to add a specialist vocabulary to your already strong English skills? If you know what you want from an educational program, it’s much easier to narrow down your options.
  2. What style of program do you want? There are a few styles you can choose from
    • Study Abroad. These programs are normally heavily structured and may include both classroom tuition and homestay options. They can often act as feeder programs to attend university and they are usually a lot of fun. One advantage of this style of program is you are likely to be matched with other students with similar abilities to you and that means it’s easier to make friends too.
    • Private language School. A private language school will tend to offer a “crash course” in English. They tend to be more driven than study abroad programs and you will spend several hours each day drilling vocabulary and grammar. They tend to be cheaper than study abroad programs too because you don’t pay for all the extra stuff – just the language lessons.
    • Home Study. Why not study in someone else’s home? These programs offer complete one on one private tuition and the chance to see what it’s really like to live in England. They’re not cheap but they can really boost your ability to pick up the language quickly. You can also agree with your tutor to learn specific things (such as specialist vocabulary for the industry) more easily than you can in other types of study.
  3. What length of program do you want? If you want our advice – you want the longest program possible, that is if you’re serious about learning English to a high standard. Not only does this help you get the most out of your host city, but it also ensures that you develop real English skills that last a lifetime. A year is not too long to spend in Brighton on an English course.
  4. How much can you spend? We all have budgetary constraints. You ought to make a careful plan of how much you can afford to spend too. Please remember that some courses don’t have accommodation included, so you may need to budget for this on top.

12 Questions You Should Ask Before Selecting An English Language School In Brighton

When you select a school, you are entitled to ask them questions and to expect a response. Before you pick your language school in Brighton you should be asking plenty of questions. We’ve got 12 good ones to get you started:

  1. What is their accreditation to teach English as a foreign language? English training companies should have certifications from English institutions and that means they should hold accreditation from The British Council in association with English UK, ABLS (the Accreditation Body for Language Services), BALEAP (the accreditation for English for Academic Purposes body), or something similar.
  2. Do their teachers have teaching qualifications? The best English teachers have more than a degree and a TEFL certificate. They hold actual teaching qualifications such as a bachelor’s degree in Education, a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE), or a master’s degree in Education. This means that they are much better qualified to provide learning support for you and to manage your learning needs effectively.
  3. What are the academic objectives of the course? Not every language school offers an academic certification (and that may be fine if you’re just looking to have fun and learn a little English) but many do, and it can help to understand what you are expected to achieve before you select your course. An academic qualification helps you to understand the standard of English you will be expected to be able to handle by the time the course finishes.
  4. How long have they been in business? There are no “fly by night” organizations in the United Kingdom’s teaching environment, thanks to strict regulation, but the longer an organization has been in business, the better you can expect them to understand your learning needs and the more likely it is they will stay in business throughout the course of your study.
  5. What are the group sizes for classes? This can range from anything from one-to-one right up to 30-to-1. The bigger the group size, the harder it can be to learn and the harder it can be to get support from your instructor while you are learning. We would recommend that you choose a group size of around 6-10 people unless you have very specific learning needs that you feel would be best met 1-on-1. However, the smaller the class size, the higher the cost of the program and you may need to balance your desire for attention with your financial circumstances.
  6. Do they understand what you are looking to gain from studying? This is a big deal. You are entitled to have the learning provider spend some time with you to determine if their programs are the right fit for your needs. If you find yourself sitting with a salesperson who has a lot to say but isn’t listening to you – you might want to move along to a place that cares more about what you have to say.
  7. What kind of availability is there in the learning environment? Some places will offer 24/7 access to libraries, online material, forums for support, etc. as well as the teaching environment and others will not. If you like to work hard outside of the classroom as well as in it – you might want to pick a place that supports your desire to study round the clock.
  8. How will your learning be assessed? We don’t mean “how will they test the learning at the end of the course?” but we do mean “how will they monitor your progress as you do the course?” It is very important that they have systems in place to track your progress and plans to step in if they find you are falling behind or if the course is simply too easy for someone of your abilities.
  9. How will your learning be tested? What is the format of the end-of-course assessment? Is there a verbal or written component? Are they a recognized and accredited testing center for a recognized qualification provider? If not, where will you have to go to take your assessment? You’d hope that this information was easy to find on the company’s website but in our experience, it isn’t always like that.
  10. What kind of social and cultural activities do they offer as part of the program? It can be really useful to put your learning into practice locally, but it can be very intimidating to go out and do this by yourself. A good school is going to have activities organized that give you this kind of practice in a structured way until you feel ready to go out and do it by yourself.
  11. Can they teach any specialist vocabulary? Not every student will need this, but some will be looking to gain an overview of a particular subsection of the English language such as “English for the law” or “English for medicine”. You cannot rely on a school being able to teach all specialist ranges of vocabulary, so you must check before you pay for your course.
  12. What guarantees do they offer? If a provider is willing to offer a money-back if you don’t pass the exams or free retests or more tuition for free, then you’re gaining an assurance that they believe their education is of a high standard and will get you where you want to be with your English program.

3 Warning Signs That You Shouldn’t Ignore When Choosing An English Language School

We don’t think that you’re likely to encounter any problems choosing an English language school in Brighton. That’s because schools in the UK, even private ones, are well-regulated and assessed as to their suitability. However, that doesn’t mean that issues can’t come up and if you find yourself running into any of these 3 things – choose another school:

  1. The costs seem way too high or way too low. In general, it costs roughly the same to educate someone in similar types of schools. Really high fees can be an indication of the fact that a school wants to take a foreigner for extra money and is relying on a nice website to sell “advantages” that don’t exist. Similarly, fees that are too low tend to mean substandard tuition or other fundamental problems with the school.
  2. The content of the course. Want an easy way to reduce costs? Cut the amount of classroom time or tuition time you give to students. If you find that most of the program is spent in self-study, excursions, tours, etc. rather than learning English – it may be fun but you’re not going to learn as much as you want to either.
  3. They have no website. The number one sign of a scam is a college or learning center with no website. In today’s world, it takes almost no money to build a website and it’s very easy to do. There is no reason that a reputable education provider would not have a website.

Who Comes To Brighton To Study English?

The United Kingdom is the home of the English language, whatever the Americans might say, and that means it’s one of the world’s most popular destinations to study English as a foreign language.

In 2018, more than half a million students arrived in England to get their English up to scratch. The Chinese spend the most hours studying English but the nation which sends the most students is Italy!

London remains the most popular place to study in the country but as costs grow ever higher to stay in the capital, more and more students are choosing to study in towns and cities near London, such as Brighton and Bournemouth, which help keep costs down while still providing access to London on days off.

Brighton English Language Students: The Numbers

It was estimated that over 50 thousand students chose Brighton & Hove as their home to learn English in 2018. They spent over £200 million in the local economy while they did so. This may help to explain why Brighton is so welcoming to overseas students.

However, when we look at the numbers a little more closely, we find that there’s a pretty even split between adult learners in Brighton & Hove pursuing ESL studies and children on summer school programs to learn English in downtime from their studies overseas.

It won’t surprise you to learn that because of this, adults spend twice as much time on their English studies in Brighton, on average, when compared to the children who come here to study.

Set Yourself Realistic Goals To Study English In Brighton

When you start studying a language abroad it’s vital to set yourself realistic goals. If you do, they will help motivate you to study and help you keep track of your own progress. If your goals are unrealistic, however, they may not help you very much. So, here’s a quick guide on how to set realistic goals when you study English in Brighton:

  • Stay specific. A goal must be specific. You can’t say “I will learn English” because that’s a goal that you’d never know when you’d finished. “I will pass my end-of-unit test” on the other hand, is specific. Pass and you’ve succeeded. Easy, right?
  • Understand your final objective. You know how long you’ve got and how much money you can invest – now decide what your goal is with reference to these two things. Nobody becomes fluent in 2 weeks on a shoestring but plenty of people can learn some basic travel-friendly conversational English in that time.
  • How will you measure your progress? You can document your learning through social media, practice it with friends and seek feedback and you can look at how your education provider will help you measure progress too. These are “mini-goals” which you can use to get to your main goal.
  • What other activities will help? You may be going to school, but there’s nothing to stop you from watching local TV, listening to local radio, going to cultural activities, using other online language programs, etc. You can greatly expand your learning if you plan to do so.
  • But your goals into the present tense. “I will” is a dream. “I am” is real.

When you can clearly articulate what you want from learning English, it becomes much easier to decide on the right program for you and to see whether you are getting what you want from your program as you move forward with it.

What Visa Do You Need To Study English In Brighton, England?

At this moment in time, if you come from the EU, EEA or Switzerland, you do not need a visa to visit Brighton to study. However, this is likely to change if/when the UK makes good on its stated intent to leave the European Union.

It is not, yet, understood what the arrangements for foreign students will be going forward following Brexit but it is reasonable to assume that if you have started a program of study, you will be able to finish it though you may have to do some paperwork along the way.

The same is true regarding the length of time you may stay in the UK, if you come from the EU, EEA, or Switzerland at the moment – you have the right to work and the right of abode (that is to live in the UK)). But again, this may change following Brexit.

Students from outside of the EU

Students from outside of the EU will need a visa. There are currently two options for this:

  • The short-term study visa. For programs up to 6 months or up to 11 months. You can apply for a study visa. They cost £97 or £186 respectively. This visa can be extended for another 30 days if you are still studying when it expires. You may not bring your family to the UK and you may not receive any state benefits or assistance from the UK while using this visa.
    • Please note: You should apply for this visa at least 3 months before you come to the UK and should get a decision within 3 weeks following your application. You cannot start any program of study without this visa and you should ensure that any fees you have paid are refundable if you are not approved for the visa.
  • The Tier 4 (General) student visa. For this visa, you must be able to demonstrate that you have a place to study, enough money to fund your studies and that you have already achieved some proficiency in English. It costs £348 and lasts for as long as you are studying. You can take up part-time work on this visa and may be permitted to bring your family (as long as they qualify) but you are still forbidden from taking any benefits from the UK state.
    • Please note: You should apply for this visa at least 3 months before you come to the UK and should get a decision within 3 weeks following your application. You cannot start any program of study without this visa and you should ensure that any fees you have paid are refundable if you are not approved for the visa.

Your education provider should be able to explain what visa you need and help you with the paperwork.

If you are from the EU, EEA, or Switzerland you should assume that if your program of study begins in 2021 or beyond that you will need a short-term study visa or Tier 4 (General) student visa (or their equivalents at that time) to study in the UK too.

Will I Need Travel Insurance To Study In Brighton, England?

You are not legally required to take out any form of insurance before you visit Brighton, England. However, you should give some thought to arranging insurance for the period you intend to study for and may want to consider:

  • Travel insurance. This is best used to cover you, your flights, and your goods while you are traveling from one country to another. Travel insurance may not last long enough to cover you, your health, and your possessions while you are in the UK. Typically, it will last for a month, but some providers offer coverage of up to 12 months. However, they normally forbid you to “take up residence” in another country for the coverage to remain valid.
  • Health insurance. The UK has a wonderful health service in the form of the National Health Service and while visitors to the UK are welcome to use this service, which costs less than private healthcare, they must pay for their treatment (though there are exceptions for some EU nationals using an EU health insurance card, the EHIC) and this can be very expensive. It’s best to have health insurance to cover you in an emergency so that you don’t have to pay for health care when you really need it.
  • Household insurance. This kind of insurance covers your property while you are in the UK. It ensures that in the event of fires, floods, theft, burglary, etc. that you do not have to pay to replace your goods. You may be able to arrange this kind of insurance in your home country, but it may be easier and almost certainly cheaper to arrange it in the UK when you arrive. If you don’t know how to go about this – you should talk to your education provider.

Do Language Schools In The UK Provide Accommodation?

Some of the language schools in Brighton provide homestay accommodation and this is included in the cost of your course. However, this is not typical. Most language schools will be happy to arrange accommodation for you if you ask them to help – but this will come at an additional cost over and above the fees that you have agreed for the course.

Homestays For the English Language In Brighton

By far, the most common accommodation provided on an English language course in Brighton is the “homestay. That is, you are provided with a room and often some meals too in the home of a local family who agree to have you live with them and to spend some time with you and some meals with you.

This is a nice way to start your time in Brighton because it means you will not be lonely (thanks to your host family) and you have some instant opportunities to start practising your English (it is unlikely that the host family will speak your native language).

It can also be a bit of a problem to stay in homestays because it’s possible that you won’t like the family that you have been assigned to stay with or that the room you are given isn’t to your liking. It’s worth talking to your education provider if you encounter any issues with your homestay – it’s in their interest to keep you happy, after all.

Campus Style Accommodation In Brighton

It was once fairly traditional for colleges, universities and even some learning providers to offer “campus-style” living, particularly if the course ran over the summer or winter breaks from university.

Unfortunately, this kind of accommodation has become much rarer now that universities are under pressure to maximize the use of their space and because of the high running costs of campuses.

You may find some residential courses still operate in these settings, though, and your fees will typically include your meals as well as your room.

The downside of this style of accommodation is that it can often feel a little remote from the rest of Brighton. Sometimes, it’s just nicer to live in the thick of things in the city.

Private Accommodation for English Language Students in Brighton

Most students who come to Brighton to study English for a long period of time will normally arrange their own accommodation.

This can mean anything from a homestay arrangement to a shared house or flat or even if you have the budget, a private apartment or house.

These accommodations can vary immensely in quality and price and you should always inspect property before agreeing on any kind of rental terms.

You should also give careful thought as to how close the accommodation is to your learning provider as public transport can start to get expensive if you use it all the time.

Brighton is waiting for you


Brighton is the second most popular place in the United Kingdom to study English and for good reason. The city is a bright and cheerful cultural melting pot with lots to see and do. There are many different options for language tuition, and they are reputable and meet the expected standards of the UK government.

The city has many students from all around the world and great food and entertainment options too. Better still, it’s also only a short distance from London, the place that every visitor to the UK wants to see.

You will never be bored in Brighton and you will surely get real value for money out of learning English in the city.

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