Best Way to Explorer Brighton – Bike Tours vs BikeShare

Why do you want to hire a bike in Brighton? So you can explore! Right! Hiring a bike may sound like an excellent idea especially when you keep seeing the Brighton Bike share bikes dotted all over the city. But there is a better way, especially if you only visiting for a short time.

I’m here to share with you, that there is a better way to experience this buzzing coastal city, that will not only make your visit a more fulfilling one but way more enjoyable too.

Brighton Bike Hire or Brighton Bike Tours? Brighton Bike tours show to be an overall more fulfilling experience when the below 12 main factors are taken into consideration.

In the above chart, we can see how Brighton bike tours wins 10 to 3 over the Brighton bike hire scheme, and 11 to 3 if you take into consideration the Bonus pointer at the end of this article. Read on to find out in more detail why this is.

1. Booking – How Easy is it to Book?

Brighton Bike Share

  1. Go to the Brighton bike share website
  2. Down load the app
  3. Register as a member
  4. Put your bank details in
  5. Get setup
  6. Reserve a bike
  7. Find a bike hub with a spare bike
  8. On the back of the bike, enter your mobile number or your account number
  9. Enter your PIN.
  10. Unlock the u-lock and take it with you, and you are on your way.
  11. When finished, Find a hub
  12. Lock up the bike, and you’re finished

Brighton Brighton Tours

  1. Go to the Brighton Bike Tours Booking page (or Call 07914786843)
  2. Choose your tour date and time and Pay for your booking
  3. You will receive a text with directions to the meeting point
  4. Your guide and your bike will be waiting for you and correctly set you up on your bike.
  5. Then your tour begins at the same place to where it ends.

2. Pricing

Btn Bike Share Btn Bike Tours
Easy Rider PAYG£1 + 3p per minute
150 min Grand Tour£25.00 per person
Please note The £25 bike tour price is only valid when booked direct at 00447914786843

The Brighton bike-share wins hands down for the price. But is it really all about the money? How often do you visit Brighton? If not often, should it not be all about achieving the best experience possible.

Was £3.49 – Now Only £1.79

3. Time Managed

Brighton Bike Share

The odds are you are only visiting Brighton for a day or two so your time is valuable while in the city. Not knowing where you’re going could be fun, but may take extra long and still there is the fear you have still missed a vital part of the city experience. You just don’t know!

Brighton Bike Tours

A Bike tour, especially when taken in the morning or beginning of your visit will cover all the top sights and locations the city has to offer you. So you can enjoy the rest of your visit, or go home assured that you haven’t missed anything out.

Your guide will also recommend great places to go after your tour so to make sure your visit is as filled with the best content the city has to offer.

4. Bike Set-Up

Brighton Bike Share

There is no one to set your bike up for you. If you do not know how to properly adjust your saddle correctly to your height, it could result in aching legs and overall unpleasant riding experience.

Brighton Bike Tours

Your tour guide will make sure there is a bike to fit you and will adjust the saddle correctly to your height for the optimal riding position for you.

5. Bike Comfort

It is #1 All here as both Brighton bike Share and Brighton bike tours give the rider an upright position on their bikes. This is a comfortable position and this upright posture makes it a comfortable way to leisurely see the city and enjoy a coastal bike ride.

6. Sights Seen

Brighton Bike Tours in front of Brighton Pier

Brighton Bike Share

You are not guaranteed to catch all of the best sights and locations of the city without researching beforehand.

Brighton Bike Tours

Brighton Bike tours have created a tour especially to give its customers the best Brighton experience in an affordable amount of time.

7. Helmets Provided (Optional)

Brighton Bike Share

BtnBikeshare does ask you to consider wearing a helmet but do not supply them. So if you want to wear a helmet and Hire a bike. Rember to bring your own helmet.

Brighton Bike Tours

It is not the law in England to have to wear a helmet, But Brighton Bike tours do give you the optional at the beginning of each tour and do provide helmets if you choose to wear one.

8. Luggage Storage Provided

Brighton Bike Share

The Brighton bike share bikes have metal baskets at the front of them, so you can put a small bag and carry it with you on your ride. However, any larger items such as shopping or luggage will have to be left somewhere safe.

Brighton Bike Tours

Brighton bike tours have a safe lock-up where your bags, shopping and luggage can be left, so your bike ride will be free of the burden of additional weight. (Please note: Items are left at your own risk and Brighton bike tours will not be held responsible for any loss or damage)

Was £3.49 – Now Only £1.79

9. Freedom

Brighton Bike Share

You Pick up the bike, You can ride it anywhere, for as long as you want. This is freedom!

Brighton Bike Tours

The bike tour starts and finishes in front of the Unitarian church on New Road, Brighton. Tours start at 10.30 to 1 pm and again at 2.30pm to 5 pm. This structure loses the Freedom category to Btn Bike share

10. Personalised Map Drawn Out

Brighton Bike Share

At the end of your ride, unless you have researched where you want to go, what you want to see or where you would like to eat, your visit is very much left to chance.

Brighton Bike Tours

During your tour, your guide will ask you what kind of things you like to do and what food you like to eat. During the break, your guide will markdown on a map some great tips and recommendations as to where you could go and see and eat after your tour. This would only furthermore enrich your Brighton visit.

11. Group Bookings

Brighton Bike Share

The maximum number of bikes one person can hire per Brighton bike share account is 2 bikes.

Brighton Bike Tours

Brighton Bike tours can take private bookings of up to 25 people per tour. Discounts apply.

12. Guided V Non-Guided

Brighton Bike Share

Non guided, Please remember to cycle on the left in the UK. Get ready to work out where the cycle paths start and where they stop in the city, and to stand your ground amongst the rambling pedestrians on the cycle paths on the seafront. All whilst sightseeing.

Brighton Bike Tours

Your tour guide with not only give you a quick rundown on the ways of the road (and cycle paths) in England but they will also navigate you swiftly through the city while keeping you safe from potential threats.

You won’t even notice how your guide will clear the cycle path on the seafront from Pedestrians, leaving a smooth clear path for you to enjoy; not to mention the great locations you will be taken to and the humorous, cultural and historical dialogues that will be shared with you.

12A (Bonus Pointer) Photography

Brighton Bike Share

The odds are you have probably mastered the selfie by now. But without that selfie stick you not always get the best shot. Or let’s hope there’s someone savvy nearby.

Brighton Bike Tours

Your tour guide (Carlo) is also a trained photographer, so make use of this as he will not only show you all the best sights but also is more than happy to take pictures for you. It’s all in the service : )

Are You Convinced? Which Do You Choose?

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The Electric Bikes Sussex shop on Brighton Marina has a great range of electric bikes to hire starting from just £40 a day.

Where is the Best Secure Bike Storage in Brighton?

Brighton Cycle Hub is a 500 space secure storage facility next to Brighton Station.

Five Great Places to Cycle Outside of Brighton

  1. Seven Sisters – The UK’s tallest chalk cliffs
  2. Lewes – A quaint little town just 6 miles northeast of Brighton
  3. Charleston House – Once home to the Bloomsbury Group.
  4. Brighton Velodrome – The oldest working velodrome in the world.
  5. Devils Dyke – Legend says it’s devil made.


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