Bike Hire in Brighton in 2023 – Best Options Explored

Bike Rental in Brighton

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Whether it’s Brighton Bike Hire or tours you’re looking for, cycling is the ideal way to get around the city. Brighton is a cycle-friendly place with networks of cycle paths to get you around safely and enjoyably. There are a variety of options for bike rental to extend your adventures out of the city. Cause a bike tour is a way forward to get your baring and make sure you don’t miss anything out.

Free Brighton Bike Hire with your Bike Tours

At Jolly Explorer, bike rental is included along with optional helmets and guides during your tours. Our tours use safe, cycle-friendly routes that share with you the best sights to see across the city. This includes the Pavilion, bustling lanes, Funky North Laine, iconic seafront and idyllic green spaces such as Preston Park. You’ll be surprised at how much you can see on a Brighton Bike Tour.

We have a range of men’s and ladies’ bikes to choose from. All our bikes are well-maintained, modern models, selected by us to be both fun to ride and comfortable.

See our Bikes

Our Ladies Raleigh Chloe Hybrid City Bikes

Our Raleigh Chloe hybrid bikes are great upright bicycles for ladies. These are a very easy and fun ride, with large comfortable saddles and 3-speed hub gears. They also have Raleigh City tyres. These make it the perfect bike for our tours of the city and Brighton beachfront.

We have a selection of 16″ and 18″ framed bikes. They all have extendable seat posts that make them ideal for any height between 4ft 10.3in (148cm) up to 6ft (182cm). These bikes can be ridden comfortably by most people over 11 Years old.

Our Mens Carrera Parva Hybrid Bikes

The Carrera Parva series is a whole lot of bike. They are strong, durable and come with nice wide handlebars for a secure and comfortable ride. We have also modified them by putting extenders on the handlebar stems. This now gives you an upright position making them ideal for taking in Brighton’s, cycle paths, parks, city sites and sea-front.

We have a selection of Carreras ranging from 16″ 18″ 20″ & 22″ frames. All of them also have to extend seat posts that make them ideal for any height between 4ft 10.7in (149.2cm) up to 6.5ft (198.12cm). These can be ridden comfortably by most people over 12 Years old and upwards.

Options for Bike Rental following your tour

Brighton Bike Share

Brighton Bike Share is a new scheme, which offers pay-as-you-go bike rentals around the city. (Registration required) The BTN bike is an ideal option for a quick bike rental. As it allows you to nip across town and along the seafront with great ease. With the knowledge that you can lock the bike up and end your reservation at the other end.

Just around the corner from where your bike tour ends on New Road is one of the Brighton Bike Share Hubs. Here, a city bike will be waiting for you to pick up and keep riding. The BTN bikes are user-friendly, simple and sturdy. They adjust easily for the rider’s height and have 3 gears, sufficient for most people to make it up most hills.

The Easy Ride is easy to register for and set up and can be as cheap as just 3p a minute to use. Go to Brighton Bike Share to register.

Cannonball E Bike Hire

Cannonball Bikes operate a fleet of the latest electric mountain bikes. They offer a selection of tours around Sussex for a more off-road experience. You could be exploring the white cliffs coastline or the rolling Sussex Downs. A 3-hour tour on an E-bike will help you ride to places you may not have thought possible. Cannonball also rent their bikes at hourly rates, independently of the tour packages.

Click Here to see the Cannonball Bikes website

Electric Bikes Sussex

Based in the Brighton Marina Electric Bikes Sussex specialise in E-bikes, from urban commuters, and portable bikes, to off-road. They offer both retail, service and a rental option. An E-bike can be ideal for those who want to cover more distance without exhausting themselves. It’s a good way to conquer some of the steep hills around Brighton and Sussex. Or if you’re just curious to see whether an E-Bike is for you. Why not try a short-term rental that will help you decide?

Click Here to see the Electric Bikes Susses website

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