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Brighton Beach in East Sussex, also known as London by the Sea, is a guaranteed fun day out for sun-seekers, daytime drinkers, and clubbers. But there are critical elements to a great day in Brighton you must know so as not to waste time looking, or worst-case scenarios, get fined. This ultimate guide will set you up on the right path for an unforgettable trip to Brighton Beach.

Checking the weather report before heading for a day on Brighton Beach is a must. Here is the weather forecast in Brighton City for the next seven days.

Sourced from: Brighton Weather Forecast – Historical Data and All You Need to Know

Brighton Beach Post Codes

What is the Postcode for Brighton Beach, UK?: The Postcode for Central Brighton Beach, UK is BN1 1NB

Brighton Beach,
UK Postcodes
Central Brighton Beach, UKBN1 1NBBetween the Palace
& West piers
East Brighton Beach, UKBN2 1PSBetween Palace Pier
& the Marina
West Brighton Beach, UKBN3 2FRFrom Hove Promenade
& Hove lawns
Brighton Beach by
the Western Lawns
BN3 4FAStretch of beach,
from Lex’s café to
Hove Lagoon

Car Parks near Brighton Beach

It’s all very well knowing the postcodes of Brighton Beach, but once you get there, assuming it’s by car, you will need a car park to park in. Here are the nearest and then the cheaper options for parking your car for a visit to Brighton Beach, UK.

Where are the nearest car parks to Brighton Beach? The nearest Car Parks to Brighton Beach are:

  • The Lanes Car Park
  • Regency Square Car Park
  • NCP – Brighton Centre
  • Churchill Square – Car Park 1
  • Churchill Square – Car Park 2
  • Black Rock Car Park
  • Brighton Marina Car Park – Free
  • King Alfred Car Park

The above list may be the most central and closest to Brighton Beach, but this also means they are the most expensive and first to fill up. Here are cheaper car parks within a 15-minute walk of Brighton Beach, UK.

Norton Car Park – Cheapest Car Park in Brighton City
  • Trafalgar Street Car Park
  • London Road Car Park
  • Norton Road, Hove Car Park
  • King Alfred Car Park
  • Brighton Marina Car Park – Free

These car parks may be a slightly longer walk away from the seafront car parks than others, but they will be cheaper and more importantly, there is a greater chance there will be available parking spaces in the high season. So no waiting for you.


Do not just Google ‘Brighton Beach Car Park’

The best way to ruin a day trip to Brighton Beach is to think nothing more about parking than to just go with the top results of Google search for such a broad search.

If you Google ‘Brighton Beach car park,’ Brighton Beach car parks,’ ‘Brighton Car Park’, or ‘Brighton car Parks’ as thousands of visitors and beachgoers do every single day. The same result will come up even more so on sunny days, summer days or bank holidays. This is the Lanes Car Park

Do not get me wrong! the Lanes car park is a very nice, well-located multi-storey secure car park, with 355 parking spaces, and just a 1-minute walk from the busiest strip of Brighton Beach. But, I am warning you off using this car park because, in the summer’s height, 355 parking spaces get filled up very quickly.

After the Lanes car park is full, it is then one car out, then one car in. This is the main cause of the queues and traffic tailbacks that can reach 4 miles long, right up to the A23. So unless you fancy sitting in a 2-hour traffic jam, choose an alternative car park and an alternative route to it.

(You can save even more time & up to £32 a day on parking fees by Downloading our bespoke Google Map of the Best Free Parking Spots in Brighton)

On the Beach – Brighton Beach Life

Brighton Beach UK - Seascape

Brighton Beach Essentials

The beach is a lovely fun place to spend the day, but with a few simple items, it can become a grouping and harmful slog. Here are the 10 Essentials for a successful day of sunbathing on Brighton Beach

  • Towels
  • Suncream
  • Drinking water
  • Sunglasses
  • Music or a good audiobook
  • Headphones
  • Snacks
  • A little money
  • Sandals or Flipflops
  • Hat or Cap

All the other things you will possibly need are nearby, but when there are 40,000 other sun-seekers around you, they may be hard to find. For the best Brighton Beach experience, Download the KNOW IT ALL BRIGHTON BEACH MAP.

Sun Beds and Deck Chairs on Brighton Beach

Can You hire deck chairs, sun loungers, and sunbeds on Brighton Beach? Sun Loungers, otherwise known as deck chairs, sunbeds parasols and windbreakers can be hired all along the main stripe of Brighton Beach on a daily or part thereof basis, between the months of May and September at the prices listed below:

  • Deck Chair – £4.00
  • Sun Bed – £8.00
  • Parasols – £7.00
  • WindBreakers – £5.00
  • Deck chairs on Brighton Palace Pier are FREE

You are asked to collect them yourself at the allocated points all along Brighton Beach, pay the official collector for tickets, and then return your items when you are finished with them.

PLEASE NOTE: Tickets are not transferable.

Are there Showers on Brighton Beach?

Does Brighton Beach have showers? Public open showers are located on the beach just south of the Brighton Food Hall. Please keep your costumes on as these are open-air and uni-sexed showers.

Is Brighton Beach Sand or Pebbles?

holding a hand full of pebbles over the Pebbles on the beach in Brighton UK

Is Brighton Beach sand or pebbles? Brighton Beach is a pebble beach made of flint rocks that are too hard to break down into sand granules. These flint rocks were originally embedded into the chalk cliff faces seen all along the south coast. As the sea erodes the cliff face the chalk dissolves away, leaving a beach where only flint rocks remain.

For more information, see: Does Brighton in England have a Sandy Beach?

Cash Machines on Brighton Beach

Cash machine by palace pier entrance on Brighton beach

Where are the nearest cash machines to Brighton Beach? There are Cash machines conveniently located all along with Brighton Beachfront. Please note that they all charge between £1.95 and £1.99 per withdrawal. These cash machines can be found:

  • To the left and right of the Palace Pier entrance
  • On the Palace pier at the end
  • The amusement Arcade on the lower promenade to the right of the Palace Pier
  • Madeira Drive by the public toilets
  • The righthand side of Black Lion Street

If you don’t wish to pay the charges of the above-listed cash machines, the nearest alternative cash machines are at Natwest and Lloyds bank on North street, 10 minutes from Brighton beach.

Are Dogs Allowed on Brighton Beach, UK

Are dogs allowed on Brighton Beach? Dogs are allowed on all parts of Brighton and Hove beaches in the low season between the 1st of October and the 30th of April. But in the High season, between the 1st of May and the 30th of September, dogs are only allowed off the onto:

  • West Hove – Beaches in front of Hove Lagoon from beach hut 457, east to beach hut 376.
  • Central Hove – Beaches south of the bowling greens from beach hut 212, east to the beach hut 153 (Hove Street South).
  • East Hove – One beach in front and one beach to the east of Hove Lawns Cafe.
  • West Brighton The beach in front of the Peace Statue and Meeting Place Cafe, and east to the large groyne with the life-ring.
  • East Brighton – South of the Volks Railway Aquarium Station and running east, all the way to the Marina wall.

Sourced from & click the link to see map: brighton-hove.gov.uk

Vegetable/Mineral Oil

If you have a dog, please be aware of the oil that you might find on our beaches. Look out for white lumps that look a bit like candle wax, which is likely to be oil. Dogs will often eat this if given the chance, making them ill.

If you see something that might be congealed vegetable/mineral oil, please keep your dog away and report it to the Seafront Office.

Sourced from & click the link to see map: brighton-hove.gov.uk

Best Legal BBQ Locations on Brighton Beach

BBQ on Brighton beach

Can you have a BBQ on Brighton Beach? You can have a BBQ on Brighton Beach after 6 pm on the following Brighton beaches:

  • East Brighton Beach – From the Zip wire to Black Rock
  • Central Brighton – From West Pier to Fourth Avenue
  • West Brighton – from Lex’s cafe to Hove Lagoon, Hove

WARNING: As of writing this article, Brighton Council are looking into banning disposable BBQs on Brighton Beach as part of their fight against climate change. It is still unknown if they will go ahead, but please do Google it before purchasing your disposable BBQ.

Getting Sporty on Brighton Beach

Being on Brighton Beach is one thing, but at some point, you will have to get into the sea to cool off, and I’m talking deeper than ankle-deep. Swimming in the sea is one of life’s simple pleasures, made more pleasant when escaping the blazing sun above. The water temperature at its height can be 18 degrees (for your information, it can drop to 8 degrees in February)

But now you are in the water, there are many more things you can do than just swim. Check out these water sports you can find along Brighton Beach.

Water Sports of Brighton Beach

Stand Up Paddle Boarding at Hove Lagoon next to Brighton Beach

Brighton Watersports of Brighton Beach

  • SUP – Paddleboarding
  • Kayaking
  • Wakeboarding

Hove Lagoon off from Brighton Beach

It’s stunning here, and I had a paddleboarding class here by a lady called Zoe. She was brilliant, it was all brilliant and very well priced. the activities they offer are:

  • Standup Paddleboarding
  • Wakeboarding
  • Windsurfing
  • Sailing

Brighton Swimming Club – East Brighton Beach

Brighton Swimming Club brags about being the oldest swimming club in England, having been founded in 1860. To put things into perspective, that is before both the West Pier and the Palace Pier were even built. Even though they are still based on Brighton Beach, Sea swimming isn’t the only type of water activity they offer.

They also offer tuition in

  • Competitive swimming
  • Water Polo
  • Masters Swimming (need only apply if you can swim 100 meters in under 2 minutes)
  • Synchronised Swimming

Please note the above-listed activities are done in a swimming pool, not the English Channel.

Martlet Layak Club – East Brighton Beach

Martlet Kayak Club near Brighton Beach

They are a very friendly bunch at the Martlet Layak Club. Funny enough, I went on a date with a girl who has been a member for many years. The date, Kayaks, people and place were amazing. But all I will say is if it’s your first time in a kayak, maybe choose calmer waters than I did when you go out.

Martlet Kayak Club

Brighton Sailing Club – Central Brighton Beach

Brighton Sailing Club

Sporting Activities on and along Brighton Beach

A Couple Enjoy the Grand Bike Tour of Brighton

Fun Brighton Beach Festivals

Purchasing Food & Drink on Brighton Beach

Brighton Seafront has around 2 miles of pure bliss when it comes to places for you to consume food and beverages. You can find everything on Brighton Beach, from a Mr whippy ice cream to lobster.

Ok, you can’t get lobster ice cream just yet, lol. But watch this space. we have put together a series of articles highlighting the best places to go on Brighton Beach for the best unforgettable experience. You can see the summary of these posts below or just buy our map that highlights these best eateries for you

9 Fresh Fish & Chip Vendors on Brighton Beach

Fish and Chips at the zip wire on Brighton beach
  • Fish & Dips – By Volks Club
  • Captains – East Brighton
  • Palm Court – Fresh Fish & Chips on Brighton Palace Pier
  • A Pier View Brighton – Fish & Chips
  • Snack Bar Fish & Chips
  • High Tide Restaurant – Bar – Takeaway
  • Beach Break Fish & Chips
  • Mama Fish – fish & Chips
  • Regency Fish & Chips & Seafood

For more info, see our 9 Fresh Fish & Chip Vendors on Brighton Beach article

9 Delicious Ice Cream Vendors on Brighton Beach

  • Joe Deluccis Gelato Ice Cream
  • Day Trippers Ice Cream
  • Mama Brum’s Cafe
  • JJ’s Award-Winning Ice Cream
  • Beach Walk Cafe
  • The World Famous Pump Room
  • V360 Plant-based Cafe
  • Gelato Gusto
  • The Meeting Place cafe

8 Places to Get Some Breakfast on Brighton Beach

For more info, see our 6 Places to get a Hangover Curing Breakfast on Brighton Beach article.

9 Scrumptious Lunch Locations on Brighton Beach

Cafe De La Mae on Brighton Beach
  • Jack & Linda Mills Smoke House
  • The Brighton Shellfish & Oyster Bar
  • Shelter Hall – Brighton Food Hall
  • Cafe De La Mer
  • V360 Plant-based Cafe
  • Vegan Gelato Ice Cream – Made in Brighton
  • The Flour Pot
  • West Pier Bar & Kitchen
  • Break Point

For more info, see our 9 Scrumptious Lunch Locations on Brighton Beach article

6 Restaurants on Brighton Beach to Enjoy a Romantic Dinner

Shelter Hall on Brighton beach
  • Riddle and Finns – Champagne and Oyster Bar
  • The Copper Clam
  • Murmur
  • Lazy fin
  • Due South
  • Brighton Beach Club

For more info, see our 6 Restaurants on Brighton Beach Romantic Dinner article

12 Buzzing Brighton Beachfront Pubs & Bars

Upstairs the Brighton Music Hall on Brighton beach
Brighton Music Hall

For more info, see our 11 Buzzing Brighton Beachfront Pubs & Bars article

10 Best Night Clubs on Brighton Beachfront

Concorde 2 floral sign on Brighton Beach

For more info, see our 10 Best Night Clubs on Brighton Beachfront article

7 Historical & Events That Came to Pass on Brighton Beach, UK

  • Mods & Rockers Riot of 1964
  • Big Beach Boutique – Fat Boy Slim Free Gig 2002 in Brighton Beach
  • The Brighton Wheel
  • Volks Electric Railway
  • The Opening of Brighton West Pier
  • The Brighton’s West Pier fire
  • Brighton Beach Ship Wrecked Athina B
  • The Brighton Beach of the Dead Zombie Walk

For more info, see our 7 Historical Events that Came to Pass on Brighton Beach article.

8 Bizarre & Fun Constructions on Brighton Beach, UK

Beach huts over looking Brighton beach
  • Beach Chalets
  • Colourful Beach Huts
  • Brighton Beach Bandstand
  • British Airways i360
  • Upside Down House
  • Zip wire
  • Beach Flint Grotto & Rory McCormack, the last fisherman working on Brighton beach
  • Volk Railway

19 Brighton Beach Public Sculptures and Creative Art Galleries

  • Two Kats and a Cow
  • Brighton Photography
  • Martin Thomas Gallery
  • Afloat – The Doughnut
  • Passacaglia
  • Steve Ovett statue
  • Kiss Wall
  • Hove Plinth
  • Kings Arch Gallery
  • Zorian Artworks
  • Rare Art Brighton
  • Cici’s Gallery & Workshop
  • Feel Good Gallery
  • JAG Gallery
  • Tina Davies Art
  • The Arch
  • Daniel Laurence Home & Garden
  • Nigel Rose Gallery
  • Unlimited

19 Brighton Beach Public Sculptures and Creative Art Galleries

Brighton Beach Clean Up

Keep Brighton beach Clean - Litter Bin on Brighton Beach

There is no better way to enjoy the sun than on Brighton Beach. No matter if you just want to bathe and take in the sun rays, BBQ with family or decide to have a full-on beach party, Have Fun! Keep Safe! and Please take your rubbish with you.

the easiest way to do this is to take some plastic bags onto the beach with you, then just fill them up as you go or have a quick pick-up session before leaving the beach. There are large Bigs dotted all along the beachfront for all your waste and rubbish.

Every Year the locals welcome 15 million visitors to the Brighton coast and it seems every year the local paper comes out with the same headlines like


The Argus

Beach Cleaning Organisations

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