19 Great Hen Do Activities in Brighton in 2021

  • By: Carlo
  • Date: June 16, 2021
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If you’re thinking of Brighton for your hen do, then you’re making the right decision. There are so many things to do here that can make your day a special one that you’ll be making your booking as soon as you’ve heard about them.

We found our top 19 bonding hen activities in Brighton which include making some chocolate, going on a pub crawl, a handmade mystery, binging on bottomless pizza, seeing The Dreamboys, enjoying a hen party dance class, learning life drawing with a hunky male nude, combining nudity and chocolate, engaging a hunky butler, shooting each other with bows and arrows, VIP night club experiences, body painting, hitting up a casino, shivering on a ghost walk, getting your hair done, hiring a private photographer, making your own perfume and best of all taking a bike tour of Brighton to get things rolling.

Our Top 20 Bonding Hen Activities in Brighton  

Make Some Chocolate With The Girls

We’ll be looking at another more intimate chocolate workshop a bit later on in this list but this is the chocolate making workshop without nudity and we’ve found that it’s probably the better chocolate class even though it’s not quite as raunchy as the other one.

They do offer a specialist hen party bonding activity day at Chocoholly and we’ve heard it’s very good. Sadly, they don’t specify their latest pricing on their website, but we understand it’s around £20 per person which is a great value.

Why not try your hand at something completely new and exciting on your hen do and make some chocolate? It’s a sweet way to start the weekend. Sorry, we’ll go and hang our heads in shame at that pun, now.

The Classic: Go On A Pub Crawl

There are so many bars and pubs in Brighton that they say you can visit a new one everyday for a year and still have more to visit the year after. That means if you’re looking for a standard hen night experiences there are plenty of pubs you can fit into a pub crawl tailored to your hen party’s tastes.

However, we’d like to point out that we’re not recommending a pub crawl, alcohol isn’t always the best way to spend your leisure time and if you want to do a pub crawl, you ought to at least do a few other things on our list as well to get the most out of a hen party in Brighton.

If you want some ideas for possible pub crawl routes, you can find some experiences on BarCrawl (along with user ratings) to give you some ideas.

Try A Handmade Mystery

In the World’s End Pub in Brighton, you can take part in one of Lady Chastity’s Reserve mysteries. The idea is simple, you take a group of up to 6 players, they provide you with an hour of very entertaining clues and mysteries.

Your objective? It’s to solve the clues and puzzles and find that bottle of fabled “aphrodisiac wine” and once you’ve found it, it would be a shame not to drink it, right? This is a lot of fun and we’ve found that there’s a huge dose of humour involved in the mystery.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to complete this mystery, it’s for fun and it’s nothing like an IQ test.

Binge On Bottomless Pizza

Make sure you book directly with Cosmic Pizza to get the best price on this, their official charge is £25 per person but you can find a lot of “services” online offer it at £40 or more per person! It’s the perfect way to spend an evening where everyone knows how much they’ll spend before they begin.

What’s included? Well as you’d expect you can eat as much pizza as you like and this is no Pizza Hut style pizza but a collection of quality stone-baked pizzas. There are vegan and vegetarian options and we believe (but haven’t confirmed) that they’ve also recently introduced a gluten-free option too!

On top of that, there’s free flow bubbly and other drink options. You can’t really argue with that and it can make for a very fun hen do without breaking the bank.

See The Dreamboys

It doesn’t have to be The Chippendales for a hen do, their biggest competitors are The Dreamboys and they’re available in Brighton for your delight (if you like that sort of thing).

For £30 you can see the strip show, enjoy a top drag queen performing, be escorted to your seat personally by a dream boy, enjoy a cocktail, get into a photo session with The Dreamboys, meet them all and get into an nightclub (before 3 a.m.) for free. They also provide some discounts on dining options in Brighton as part of the package.

An extra £10 guarantees front row seats and the chance to jump the queue when you arrive. We’re not sure that represents much value but it’s your hen do and your call!

Get Your Groove On At Hen Party Dance Classes

You don’t need to be worried if you have two left feet, Sashay Dance can teach anyone to dance and they know what it takes to make a hen party fun too. They’ll be happy to instruct you in every possible kind of dance that you might want for your wedding day.

Their options include 80s, 90s, Thriller-style, Disney, Steps (the band), Britney, Mamma Mia, Strictly Come Dancing, Grease, Chicago, Sizzling Salsa, Greatest Showman, Burlesque, Beyoncé, Spice Girls, Charleston and Dirty Dancing. And if you can’t see what you like? Ask and they’ll fix it for you.

Hens go free on these hen party dance classes which can help keep the costs down before your big day.

Learn Some Life Drawing Skills With A Hen Party Life Drawing

This is a 90-minute class where you choose the hunky model and then you and the girls get to draw him in all his *ahem* “glory”. It’s important to note, however, that the model is not a stripper (you need The Dreamboys for that) and you can’t touch even if you want to.

There are games throughout to keep things interesting and the model will act as butler at points during the event to keep the drinks flowing (assuming the venue allows them) and the fun well-oiled.

The bride-to-be will get a copy of everyone’s creation at the end to keep, to remember for the rest of her life. Check out Nudelife in Brighton, if this sounds like your cup of tea.

Have A Naked Chocolate Party

The Naked Chocolatier is one of the more unusual hen party concepts in Brighton. At a cost of around £40 per person, you get endless chocolates and naked hunks to help you design your own chocolates.

They’re happy to act as butlers/waiters too for the whole party. They are experts in creating chocolate flavoured alcoholic drinks as well. This might be the perfect warm up even for a bigger night out in Brighton as it only lasts for a couple of hours.

They also provide a huge list of hen party games that you might want to incorporate in your special weekend – they’re a lot of fun (or so we’re told).

Get A Buff Butler With A Bum

The flamboyance for which Brighton is justly famous is reflected in the Buff Butler With A Bum service from Butlers with Bums. The service provides you with an attractive and hunky man with “a bum” (as though men come without them – we assume this means an “acceptably alluring bottom”).

They are happy to act as your butler on an hourly basis for as long as you want to engage them for. They will wander round scantily clad and pour drinks, help with party games, pose for photos, and even make cocktails.

With the service starting at as little as £40, this might be a nice addition to any hen weekend without costing a fortune. We’re told by those who’ve used the service that it’s great value for money.

Shoot Each Other With A Bow And Arrow

No, we’re not joking! Though, we would point out that you’re not going to be using arrows with points that could actually hurt each other, either. Archery tag is a very popular activity (we imagine that Game of Thrones has something to do with this).

You head out into the open, you get bows, your arrows (specially designed not to hurt your friends), and some instructions on how to use them, how to stay safe and just in case, some insurance to make sure that if anything goes wrong – it will be fixed.

It’s great value for money for about £18 per person for an hour and a half but we’d point out that Tag Archery is best when there are large groups of people. You can check out Archery Tag South’s service on their website for all the options they have.

Get The VIP Nightclub Treatment

When you’re on your hen night you want to feel special and while nearly every hen night finishes in a nightclub, it’s not going to be as memorable as it could be – unless you’re in the VIP section.

Then you’re talking endless cocktails and champagne. A space where only the beautiful people can party. Guaranteed seats and the best access to the dancefloor. It’s how celebrities live all the time but how all of us can live some of the time.

Pryzm in Brighton has a long history of helping hen parties have the best end of night party possible and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that VIP treatment won’t break the bank but will put a real shine on your night out.

Make Yourselves Stand Out With A Body Painting Session

If you want to feel amazing, then the easiest way is to give yourself a brand-new look and while buying a new dress is, of course, almost mandatory – you can go one step farther and reinvent yourselves completely.

Orange Purple uses a team of top face & body artists to create absolutely unique looks for hen parties in Brighton. Whatever look you think would make your day, they can help you achieve it. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to have a giggle with the girls before you head off out for the day.

Forget t-shirts with your hen party name on it, that’s so 2019 – it’s time to give your hen party an amazing group identity that you can recognize anywhere. You’ll never forget this experience.

Take A Gin Tasting And Mixing Masterclass

Gin is the classiest spirit around at the moment, but it takes real skill to bring out the flavour of the gin and make sure that the mixer enhances your experience rather than detract from it. The good news is that you can learn how to mix gin drinks like a boss in Brighton.

The Gin Tub offers a mixing course for hen nights that allows you all to sample 8 different gins and their best mixers and garnishes. You’ll come away with a permanent love of gin and a deep understanding of why it’s taking over the world when it comes to the most popular spirits.

Roll The Dice At A Casino

We don’t want to sound like anyone’s grandmother teaching them to suck eggs but we just want to point out that gambling can be addictive and while a trip to one of Brighton’s casinos can be a brilliant experience on a hen do – it’s best to set a time limit and a budgetary limit and stick to it.

If you do go, however, you can expect an elegant experience with cocktails and plenty of different gaming opportunities. If you’re all feeling confident, you might even want to head to the poker room and experience one of the most authentic casino games around.

Feel The Feat On A Ghost Walk In Brighton

You might not know it but Brighton has a long and splendid history and a long and not so splendid history too. Any city with this kind of background is going to attract a number of ghosts and the Ghost Walk Brighton wants to bring you face-to-face with them.

It’s best to book a Private Tour for a hen party (though you’ll be welcome on the public tours) so that you can get the best of the ghosts and the best of the Lanes too (you can arrange for them to stop for a drink or two along the way).

This is a superb experience which relies on amazing storytelling to bring the city’s history to life. There are quite a few surprise along the way too!

Get Your Hair Done In Style

One thing you’re all going to want to do on a hen weekend is get out and paint the town red, and that means everyone will want to look their best. A great way to bond together and to ensure you all look fabulous is to visit a hairdresser and get your hair done together.

Betty Lou is one of Brighton’s best hairdressers and they offer hen party packages with a team of top stylists to give everyone the look that brings out their best. Why not give them a try? Then you can enjoy cocktails and fun while they attend to your hair and makeup.

Hire Your Own Paparazzi

It’s one thing to create an amazing time on a hen do, it’s another to record that amazing time for posterity and to tell your kids about (when they’re old enough). That’s why you need the services of a Brighton Hen Party photographer.

We like Moa’s work and she specializes in working with hen groups and wedding parties to show off all the fun in a way that you can be proud of. Her rates are very reasonable too. Get your own paparazzi and immortalize your hen weekend.

Make Your Own Perfume

This is a hugely entertaining workshop that really brings you together with the people in your hen party. You all get together and try to design a “signature bridal fragrance” for the bride-to-be under the guidance of professional parfumiers.

It’s not the cheapest activity in Brighton but it is one of the best. The Perfume Studio will be happy to talk to you about making your party smell amazing.

The Grand Brighton Coastal Hen Party Tour

The best event we can think of, and we admit a certain bias here, for hen dos is a tour of Brighton by bicycle. Why is this in our number one slot? Because it allows you to get to grips with the city and all that’s on offer here.

It means you get to spend some time with an experienced guide who can open up all the hidden gems for you. Want to know the best up and coming restaurants? Who makes the smoothest Martini in the city? Whatever it is, you’ll get the lowdown from someone who really knows.

Best of all, it’s a lot of fun, your guide is bound to be entertaining and knowledgeable and you can incorporate an interesting stop for food and/or drinks such as Fat Boy Slim’s Café in Hove.


There are plenty of great times to be had on a hen do in Brighton and we’d encourage you to do as many things from our top 20 bonding hen activities in Brighton as you can but if you can only pick one thing – take the Grand Brighton Coastal Hen Party Tour because it’s out in the open, you’ll get to really know the city and have a bundle of laughs.

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