is london a city is London a state


After diving deep into the subject a few days, hundreds of tabs opened, and Google asked me if I was not a robot. I finally have an answer! London is not a city. London it’s not technically a city as it does not have a city charter. However, it has two little cities inside it:…

Bikes Shops in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Bike Shops – The Complete Guide for 2023

Cycling has always been a very popular sport and means of transport, but since the Covid-19 Pandemic, cycling has grown exponentially. Edinburgh has a large student population and has, over the years, become very cycle friendly, so it isn’t surprising that the city has many bicycle shops. To help you decide, we have gathered and…

Is Cambridge a City

Is Cambridge a City? What makes a City in 2023?

I was born in Cambridge, England. And as far as I am concerned, it is a city. But others have argued that Cambridge isn’t actually a city. It doesn’t have the population, density or industry to justify being called one. So what is the verdict? Is Cambridge a city or not?  Let’s settle this debate…

Best Art Galleries in Edinburgh

15 Awesome Art Galleries in Edinburgh – Guaranteed to Make your visit

Edinburgh is the cultural capital of Scotland! It’s a bustling centre full of museums, history, and art. If you’re planning a trip to Edinburgh or you’re thinking of venturing up north, these are the best art galleries to visit while you’re there! 1. Scottish National Gallery  The Scottish National Gallery is just that! The national…

7 Inspiring Art Galleries in York

7 Inspiring Art Galleries in York that will Complete your Visit

York is a city world-famous for its rich history and heritage. However, it is certainly not stuck in the past. Boasting the status as the UK’s first UNESCO Creative City of Media arts, York is renowned for its culture and contemporary approach to creativity. As a unique and vibrant city, innovation is at its heart….

Is Bath a city

Is Bath A City? & Other Interesting Things About Bath

The City of Bath. The place where Roman Emperors once bathed in luxury and the birthplace of modern tourism. It’s a beautiful city, full of gorgeous architecture and lovely people. Bath is located in the United Kingdom, and it’s known for its Roman-built baths. The city became a World Heritage site in 1987. Bath is…

Is Bournemouth a City Bournemouth beach and pier

Is Bournemouth a City? – Finally Answered

Did you ever wonder if Bournemouth is a city? Well, you’re not the only one, recently, I got into an argument over whether Bournemouth is a city or not and I decided to do some research on the subject. It turns out that the answer is not as simple as you might think, and there…

Nearby Free and Cheap Parking in York UK

Nearby Free Parking in York – Helpful Guide for 2023

Free Parking in York is possible; let me tell you that straight off. Even though you may think that parking your vehicle in the city of York is a Shambles. It is not; Read this article so we can get you parked up quickly, for free, so you can start enjoying the stunning sights the…

Is Oxford a City

Is Oxford a City? An In-depth Look

Oxford has the distinction of being officially designated as a city and a town, and it’s one of the few places in the world with this dual designation. People are often curious about Oxford, England – it’s a university, a city or a town? The answer is all three! Oxford is a unique and special…

Brighton and Hove Bus on map

Brighton & Hove Bus Routes All on 1 Easy Page

The fairly new city of Brighton and Hove may not be as large as other cities in the UK yet, but it has a lot going on and even more people to transport to and from their destinations. To greatly help with this, there are over 90 bus routes, The online data on these buses…