Know it All Brighton Beach Map

Know Brighton Beach, UK! – The Ultimate Guide for 2022

Brighton beach in East Sussex, also known as London by the sea, is a guaranteed fun day out for sun-seekers and daytime drinkers and clubbers. But there are critical elements to a great day in Brighton you must know, so as not to waste time looking, or worst-case scenarios, get fined. This ultimate guide will […]

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16 Exciting Sport Related Activities to Enjoy along Brighton Beach

While a day at the beach can be fun, it would really be a shame to make your way to Brighton Beach and not venture into the world of the exhilarating sports and activities offered in the area. For those adventurous at heart, this list will provide you with 16 activities that are sure to […]

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Ice Cream Detail on Brighton Beach

9 Amazing Places to Enjoy Ice Cream on Brighton Beach

A visit to Brighton Beach will be incomplete without treating yourself to some of the amazing ice creams that they have available. Naturally, there are many different vendors along Brighton beach, spaced just a melted ice cream away from each other. KNOW IT ALL – Brighton Beach Map I have created a super helpful bespoke […]

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Dead Zombie Walk on Brighton Beach

8 Bizarre and Historical Events that Occurred on Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach has seen its fair share of historical and bizarre events. Some of these events have forever altered the Brighton seafront and the locals’ consciousness. And yes, This transient city has a few old-timers (I mean that most respectfully) that have known Brighton since the 1940s. KNOW IT ALL – Brighton Beach Map I […]

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detail of flint grotto on Brighton beach

7 Bizarre & Fun Constructions Found on Brighton Beach

Over the years, Brighton Beach has managed to become the centre of several different unique constructions that are usually amusing and sometimes border on the bizarre. Visiting these attractions can be an interesting way to spend your day while on Brighton beach, but the odds are they will find you before you find them. KNOW […]

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Shelter Hall on Brighton beach

8 Mouth-Watering Venues To Enjoy Lunch On Brighton Beach

Sunbathing can take it out of you, and so you will be glad to know that Brighton beach caters very well for keeping the Hangry (hungry + angry) away. Be it a quick and easy portion of chips or a proper sit-down lunch somewhere nice. You are in the right place, As Brighton has some […]

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Detail of food inside Shelter Hall on Brighton Beach

7 Restaurants along Brighton Beach for an Exciting Date

When it comes to romantic dates choosing between taking a stroll down the beach or going to a nice restaurant can be challenging. But what if you didn’t have to choose? KNOW IT ALL – Brighton Beach Map I have created a super helpful bespoke Google map for all the essentials you need, not only […]

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Lex's Cafe Flag on Brighton beach

Why We Love Lex’s Cafe on the Hove End of Brighton Beach

The beautiful Lex’s Café is by far one of my favourite cafes along Brighton beach. Because this cafe is positioned further away from the more bustling touristy part of Brighton city coast. (This may be part of its charm) And it is further west in a more tranquil part of the Brighton city shoreline. Not […]

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Fat boy slim's VW Van at The Big beach Cafe next to Brighton Beach

Big Beach Cafe – Brighton Beach at its Loudest

The Big Beach cafe is by far one of the coolest cafes in Brighton. It is located at Hove Lagoon, making it the most westerly seafront Cafe in Brighton city. Most famous for being owned by the super loved Brighton’s superstar musician and DJ, Mr Norman Cook, AKA DJ Fat Boy Slim. KNOW IT ALL […]

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Hove Lawns Cafe over seeing Brighton Beach

Hove Lawns Cafe – An Oasis Along Hove Promenade

The Hove Lawns Café, much as its name suggests, belonged historically to the town of Hove. After merging the two seaside resorts, Brighton and Hove, into one city, the area became unified. Now we can officially say that the Hove Lawns Café is located on Brighton Beach. This small and dainty café is the perfect […]

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