20 Awesome Daytime Activities For Hen Parties In Brighton

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  • Date: September 8, 2021
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Thinking about coming to Brighton for your hen do but wondering what you might be doing during the days? Well, you’ve nothing to worry about that’s for sure. Brighton is a brilliant city to go out and do things with the girls during the day and we’ve got a whole bunch of great examples to share with you.

Our top 20 best daytime hen do activities in Brighton include archery tag,  body painting, a mobile spa, chocolate making, abseiling, making your own fragrance, dancing, high-tea, water sports, go-karting, clay pigeon shooting, getting your hair done, making your own lipstick, dodgeball, life drawing, ten pin bowling, getting shot, yoga, a grand bike tour and pizza making.

20 Awesome Daytime Hen Party Activities In Brighton

The Grand Bike Tour With Brighton Bikes

There’s no better way to start a hen do weekend or day in Brighton than on a Grand Bike Tour. It gets you out in the open, you can see the whole city and what everyone finds special about it and you can talk, laugh and have fun while you do it.

You get a guide that knows everything (or almost everything) there is to know about the local area which means they can help you plan the best possible itinerary and map out the hippest clubs, funkiest bars and everything else you might need for the weekend.

You’ll find that you laugh a lot, learn a lot and get to experience some of Brighton that only the locals ever do. When you begin a hen do with The Grand Bike Tour in Brighton – you’re going to be excited to see more and do more in the city.

Scatter Some Pins At Ten Pin Bowling

It’s not every girl’s dream for sure but bowling with your friends can be an enormous amount of fun. You’ve got food, drinks and a lot of healthy competition under the same roof what can go wrong? Well, unless you have exceptionally long fingernails – not a lot.

Hen parties can really have a lot of fun at the Hollywood Bowl and if you book in advance, they’ll make sure to put some special effort into making your day go with a swing (and hopefully a strike or two). And don’t be offended if someone shouts, “you’ve got a turkey”, that’s a good thing in bowling and not invited to discuss your differences in the car park.

Stretch Together At Yoga

What’s the polar opposite of a drunken hen weekend? A yoga hen weekend! Of course, you don’t have to make the whole weekend about working out and stretching but it can be a nice way to get ready for the challenges of a night out or to recover from one, for that matter.

And yes, there are companies which can help your hen do with doing some yoga in Brighton. Karmiyoga is one and Nine Lives Yoga another. It’s 2020, you can do whatever you want to have fun and yoga can make a hen do extra special!

Get Down On The Beach For Some Water Sports

You’re in Brighton and it’s by the seaside! So, assuming that you’re not having your hen party in January or February (it’s a bit cold for swimming for most people at that time of year) you might want to try your hands at getting wet on the beach.

There are plenty of options from wakeboarding to yacht sailing or powerboat rides (where you don’t need to get wet at all). Local company Lagoon has plenty of experience in making these things happen, safely, for hen dos.

Body Painting With Orange Purple

It’s always nice to do something completely different on a hen do and we think the days of making a t-shirt are probably behind most people, so, why not go for the all-over body design, instead?

Yes, body painting isn’t just for Page 3 models and kids at the fair, it can be for everyone and it looks absolutely amazing. If that sounds like it could be fun, you’ll want to contact Orange Purple to talk about your needs.

They can put a whole team of body and face artists on the case to makes sure that your hen party is absolutely extraordinary.

Get Your Hair Done With Betty Lou

You’re going to hit the town with ladies later in the day, why not spend some time making sure you all look like dynamite? After all, you want to remind everyone that your partner picked you because you’re the cream of the crop, right?

That’s where Betty Lou comes in. They’re the people who specialize in making hen party groups in Brighton look at the top of their game. They’ve got hair stylists, beauticians and umm… cocktail makers ready to rock your weekend and give you all the perfect look.

You can have an amazing time bonding and prepare for a final night of freedom at Brighton’s awesome nightclubs.

Try Your Hand At Pizza Making

If you’re in more of a culinary mood for your hen party, why not make some pizzas? It’s not quite as easy as you’d think but it’s not so challenging that anyone will be going home hungry either. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy a chilled lunch laughing in each other’s company.

Pizza making classes aren’t expensive and cost about £22 per person and that includes starters, some wine and the pizza, of course.

Chill With A Mobile Spa Experience

Activities are awesome for hen dos but what about some nice leisurely inactivity? That’s where Brighton Pamper Parties come in. They come to you and bring a full spa experience without you even needing to leave the hotel.

They’re very experienced in working with hen parties and they know what it takes to make everyone feel special and relaxed. This might be the perfect way to wind down the weekend or the best way to begin.

Get a massage, a facial, some reflexology, a manicure, a pedicure or even an Indian head massage. You’ll feel fantastic for it.

Create Your Own Fragrance With The Perfume Studio

Feeling like being a bit different? Then why not create your own special fragrance for your wedding day? No, you’re not going to Paris to spend several years studying with Chanel but the next best thing is to spend a day with The Perfume Studio in Brighton.

They’ll help you and your hens put together a “signature bridal fragrance” under the watchful eyes of people who really have spent years training as parfumiers. We have to confess; it costs a bit more than the other activities in Brighton, but we think it’s very much worth it.

We’d love to hear about your scent when you’ve finished!

Spend Some Time With A Brighton Hen Party Photographer

Moa is Brighton’s personal paparazzi to the hens and while she can really add some awesome value to a night out on the tiles – we think the best time to get your photos done is during the day (and particularly at “golden hour” as the sun starts to set).

Then you’ll be looking and feeling your best without any alcohol (or at least not too much alcohol) to blur your judgement. This can be a huge amount of fun and getting a personal photographer for your hen party can ensure that the memories you make, last a lifetime.

Learn To Make Your Own Lipstick

If you thought the perfume workshop was a little too expensive then you might want to see if you can all create your own perfect lipstick instead, it’s much more reasonably priced. (It’s also an excellent way to refresh a colour that you love that your brand has stopped making anymore).

Get the girls together and head to Brighton’s The Lip Lab and in five easy steps, you can put together the perfect lipstick that’s completely vegan and cruelty-free and still looks absolutely superb on your lips.

Get Speedy At Go Karting

If you want to unleash your inner speed demons in a completely safe manner and establish who is in pole position for the rest of the weekend, then you might want to take your hen party to go-karting at Brighton Karting. They’ve got an 800-meter track for you to race around.

It’s important to remember that you can’t have a drink before this – you can’t drink and drive even in go-karts. They can arrange for a race set up for any group size and if you want they can also help you find VIP nightclub tickets later in the day too.

Enjoy A Stylish High-Tea Experience

High tea is a superb treat and shouldn’t be missed when you come to Brighton. The Hotel Pelirocco recognizes the joys of this and adds the facility to take your hen night into a private parlour for it.

You can go with their light option of scones and tea/coffee or go the full hog with a huge selection of sandwiches, sweets, and as much tea or coffee as you can drink. It’s important to book in advance for this as it’s often very busy in the hotel and they may not be able to accommodate you on the day if you just turn up.

Chocolate Making With Chocoholly

Chocolate and girls go together perfectly and what could be better than a day where you make your own chocolates? Chocoholly is the perfect way to bring the hens together during the day without getting too much alcohol in too early.

There’s a special “hen party bonding” session that you can book. The cost is about £20 per person, we think, as they don’t advertise their pricing on their website. That’s excellent value for a really sweet time.

Most people never get a chance to make chocolate and we hope that most people only get married once, so why not put the two together to create an unforgettable time?

Dance The Day Away With Sashay Dance

If you’ve always wanted to learn to dance or you’re trying to brush up on something specific for your wedding party – this may be the perfect time to learn. It’s so much fun to get together as a group of friends and learn to strut the boards together.

At Sashay Dance they’ve got plenty of choices for you to pick from too including Charleston, Dirty Dancing, Greatest Showman, Burlesque, Beyoncé, Spice Girls, Strictly Come Dancing, Grease, Chicago, Sizzling Salsa, 80s, 90s, Thriller-style, Disney, Steps (the band), Britney, and Mamma Mia.

If there’s something else you want to do that’s not on their menu, just ask and they’ll arrange it if they can. The hen gets free access when the rest of the hen party pays too.

Live Dangerously And Do Some Dodgeball

It takes all sorts and while some hen parties would prefer to be sipping tea and scoffing scones, others would prefer to be hurling *ahem* balls at each other. Though, thankfully for everyone involved, not that sort of balls.

Dodgeball parties are a thing now and Bubble Soccer World can arrange the dodgeball experience of your dreams for you. However, we’d note that you need a fairly large group for this because otherwise, venue hire becomes prohibitively expensive on a per-person basis.

They’d be happy to ensure there’s a bar and some food to cool down with afterwards too.

Climb The Easy Way With Some Abseiling

You’ll need to check in advance if it’s available but if it is – the best place to do abseiling bar none in Brighton is the British Airways i360. Get to the top and see the amazing views over the city and the South Downs and then umm… throw yourself back to the ground on a rope.

If that’s not available then you could always go for a slightly less impressive (but also much less expensive) abseiling hen party at Extreme Ventures who specialize in indoor abseiling (which is good in the Winter in Brighton). Get your adrenalin flowing!

Get The Shotguns Out And Aim For Clay Pigeons

If you’ve always wanted to act like the Queen does on a day off then you might fancy giving clay pigeon shooting a go on your hen weekend in Brighton. It ought to go without saying but this is an activity you want to do completely sober – while you won’t be shooting at living things, the guns are completely real and you need to be safe at all times.

We can recommend Polywood Shooting Gallery which has a lot of experience helping hen dos get the most out of their clay pigeon shooting in Brighton.

Hunky Nude Life Drawing Classes

If you’ve ever wanted to draw a hunky man with no clothes on while having a laugh and a few drinks, then Nude life in Brighton appears to have you covered (unlike the model). They provide the pens, pencils and other art supplies, and the model. You supply the girls.

The model will take up many different positions to encourage maximum creativity and he’ll be happy to act as a butler when he’s not posing, serving drinks to all the ladies (alcohol is available if the venue allows it).

When the drawing’s done, the bride is presented with a keepsake consisting of a drawing from everybody present and we assume that she then has to hide this from her husband throughout her marriage? 😉

Archery Tag Where You Can Shoot Your Hen Party

We think there’s no great symbol of love for your fellow woman than allowing her to shoot you in the back with a bow and arrow. Well, maybe we’ve got that a bit confused, but it can certainly be an enormous amount of fun and that’s what archery tag is all about.

You get out into the great outdoors and they hand everybody a bow and some specially modified arrows that are guaranteed not to do any harm and then they show you how to shoot each other. It’s quite an addictive experience and their 90-minute sessions go by in the blink of an eye.

You’ll want to head over to Archery Tag South to book your hen party in, though we’d encourage you to get as big a group together as possible – it’s just more fun that way.


As you can see there are plenty of things to do during the day if you come to Brighton with your hen do. We’ve showcased our top 20 best daytime hen do activities in Brighton but there are plenty more that you can find. It’s a great city to spend time in with your friends celebrating your impending nuptials.

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