The Beach House Cafe – A Great Kid-Friendly Place on Brighton Beach

If you are looking for a cute place on Brighton beach to grab a bit of breakfast while the kids are kept safe and entertained, The Beach House Cafe on Kings Road is the perfect place for you. It is a small family-run business with a fantastic location to serve food and coffee that will rejuvenate you for your day ahead.

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The Beach House Cafe on Brighton Beach, UK

Where is there a cafe on Brighton beach where children can play? The Beach House Cafe is located just of Brighton Beach and is just meters from The gated Kings Road Playground and paddling pool. This means you can both enjoy a coffee or bite to eat while your children play safely and securely within eye distance.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of visiting the Beach House Cafe for your morning breakfast is that it is located right next to both the King’s Road playground and paddling pool. If you travel with children or visit Brighton with your family, this cafe will give you the best of both worlds.


On the one hand, you will be able to sit and relax overlooking Brighton beach, and on the other hand, your children are going to be able to spend their day playing in the playground or paddling in the pool. The paddling collection also has many water features and space, so your children will be able to play in the water while also in a secure environment.
Because of the close proximity of the cafe to the pool and playground, this location is ideal if you are looking to please and accommodate people of different age groups. At the same time, the adults can supervise from the cafe while drinking their coffee and eating breakfast.
The children will be able to entertain themselves within a safe environment and secure surround.

The Cafe

Because of the terrific location that the cafe is situated in, overlooking Brighton beach and close to the playground and pool, you need to ensure that you go relatively early or when the beachfront is not yet busy if you want to sit down at the cafe.
It has been said that there is minimal seating outside The Beach House Cafe, and more would be ideal. At the moment, there is only a couple of tables available, so we always recommend that you head over during the quieter hours when the beachfront won’t be too busy to avoid missing out.

Trading Times

Beach House Cafe Opening Times
Monday9 am – 6 pm
Tuesday9 am – 6 pm
Wednesday9 am – 6 pm
Thursday9 am – 6 pm
Friday9 am – 6 pm
Saturday9 am – 6 pm
Sunday9 am – 6 pm

Beach House Cafe Food & Drink

The Beach House Cafe has a great selection of sandwiches, snacks, hot dogs, and many other breakfast and brunch foods. In contrast, the menu offered at the Beach House Cafe might seem a bit limited. Compared to other restaurants and cafes on Brighton beach, this particular place has often been recognised for the excellent quality of the food they provide.

Where this particular beachfront cafe shines, though, is in their drinks. They are known to have some of the smoothest coffee in the area if that’s your thing.
I highly recommend trying their Greek iced coffee, which is just perfect for any hot day. The Beach House Cafe also have a selection of smoothies, slushies, and milkshakes, so whether you are a coffee drinker or not, you are guaranteed to find the perfect drink to combat the heat of the summer while watching the kids play safely in the playground opposite

Contact details:

28 Kings Rd, Brighton BN1 2LN

tel: n/a

web: n/a

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