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Sooner or later, you’re going to want to grab a cup of tea or coffee in Brighton and while the city has many excellent coffee shops, tea rooms and cafes, not all of them are on a par when it comes to their visual appeal.

We’ve got 8 Pinteresting Cafes in Brighton England which you’re going to want to visit and take photos of for Pinterest and possibly Instagram too. They are the Red Roaster Café, Café Marmalade, Presuming Ed Coffeehouse, The Flour Pot Bakery, Pelicano Coffee, Twin Pines, The Plant Room and Nowhere Man, Brighton. Let’s take a quick tour of each of them.

Red Roaster Café, Kemptown, Brighton

This may be the most over-designed café in the world but it’s not a bad thing. The Stella Collective is responsible for the plush interior which they call “Botanical Punk”. And you simply can’t help but take photos of everything inside from the toilets to the food.

Speaking of food, we love their brunch menu and what you get is always something with just a little twist which gives it a Red Roaster Café identity. Don’t worry though, it’s always an enhancement. The coffee’s very authentic too as they do all their own roasting in house.

Interestingly, the Red Roaster Café turns into a Thai restaurant in the evenings called Lucky Khao and the coffee disappears in favour of more sophisticated evening drinks. All the food they serve is locally grown from sustainable sources. You simply can’t go wrong whatever time of day you arrive there.

Café Marmalade, Eastern Road, Brighton

If you’re looking for something a little more casual and scruffier around the edges for your Pinterest vibe then you can’t beat Café Marmalade which gives a very specific air of the familiar within its carefully crafted walls. In fact, we’d be willing to bet that the hardest part of a visit here is putting your phone away for long enough to eat and drink rather than photograph things.

It’s not the cheapest place in town but this is Brighton, and everything is locally sourced and lovingly selected to deliver a top-notch taste. Bread comes from the Real Patisserie, for example. Their juices are from Wobblegate Farm and so on.

One word of warning though, Café Marmalade is popular, really popular and it may be a bit of work to get a seat at the busiest times of day. It can pay to get there early on weekends too. It’s worth it though and we think they have some of the best customer service in the city. Check it out yourself to see why.

Presuming Ed Coffeehouse, London Road, Brighton

Before you even get inside Presuming Ed’s Coffeehouse, you’re going to find yourself camera in hand trying to find the best angle to incorporate their storefront in because it’s a wonderfully whacky bright fronted building with a giant-sized mural on it. 7

They take their coffee seriously and it’s always a crafted and curated experience which makes you feel like you got real value for money. If you’re not into coffee, then you might want to grab one of their hand-selected teas or just go for a draft beer. There are no bad drink options here.

Vegans and vegetarians are well catered for at Presuming Ed too and you can find an amazing range of cakes and snacks to get stuck into. If you’re looking for something a bit more substantial their toasted sandwiches are excellent.

One thing we really like about this place is the beer garden and their pop-up DIY shops. You’re going to get plenty of awesome images from a trip here.

The Flour Pot Bakery, North Laine, Brighton

There are several branches of The Flour Pot Bakery and they’re all quite wonderful to behold. You won’t be sorry if you visit each of them with your camera held up high to capture their unique charms. However, for the purposes of this review – we’re talking about their North Laine location which is the “flagship” for Brighton.

Whilst it is true that their primary purpose is as a baker and you can pick up cakes and bread galore (and if you turn up at Xmas their Christmas hampers and preservative selections are quite simply to die for) that’s not all they’re about and you can happily grab a coffee or a meal too.

We love their breakfasts which are extremely popular, in fact, they’ve initiated a pre-ordering service for breakfast if it’s really important to you what you get because they can sell out very quickly. They also have a superb range of vegan products and are one of the few places in town to have a menu designed for VLG (Very Low Gluten) diet followers too.

Pelicano Coffee, Sydney Street, Brighton

Pelicano is an absolute gem in Brighton’s bright and vibrant coffee scene. You’ll find their store at the top of North Laine on Sydney Street. The first thing you’ll notice when you get through the door is how much you want to take a photo of their countertop food display. The second is how much your mouth is watering for all that tasty grub.

They roast their own coffee onsite and that means you can get the perfect blend for each beverage. They pay strict attention to everything from ground size to the overall dose per drink. It’s as much a science as it is an art form and we’ve got to confess, we love this approach to things. If you like hot chocolate this is the best place in town for it because they pop a small flake on the side of each order!

Yes, it has a bit of a hipster vibe but fortunately, it hasn’t fallen too far over the line and you’ll find a warm welcome and some light jazz rather than pretentious plonkers taking up space. The furniture is a little basic, but we feel that just adds to the charm of Pelicano Cofee, one of the city’s greats.

Twin Pines, St James’s Street, Brighton

Twin Pines is all about getting away from it. As their owner William Howell says, “We try to remove you from an ordinary street in Brighton. It’s about escapism, attention to detail and a well-curated stereo. We create an antithesis to High Street chains where atmosphere, service and coffee are paramount.”

We like to get there during the day and position ourselves by the window so that we can do some people-watching in this extraordinarily busy part of the city but we know many people prefer to head down the stairs and grab a comfy chair with some nice lighting, so they can read a book and escape the noise.

Their house blended coffee is excellent, and they own the very first Slayer coffee machine in the town. Their guest coffee options are always interesting too. We thoroughly recommend that you grab your camera and head to Twin Pines as soon as you can.

The Plant Room, Brighton Square, Brighton

The Plant Room is over on the boundary between Hove and Portslade and you’re going to probably need to make a trip of things to get there but it’s very much worth it. If you want to get some super snaps and enjoy some excellent vegan/vegetarian food.

Yes, it’s in the name but you won’t be buying a bacon sandwich at The Plant Room. You can, however, sit back and enjoy a beautiful interior which is lavishly decorated with plants and the outside is worth stopping to take a glance at too.

When they opened their coffee wasn’t much to write home about, but they’ve made a real effort in recent years to deliver a superb set of blends that really do offer a highlight of the city’s coffee-drinking scene.

Nowhere Man Brighton, Upper North Street, Brighton

All we can think of when we think of Nowhere Man is their incredible pancakes. It’s not that the rest of the menu isn’t up to scratch (because it very much is), it’s that their pancakes are just too good. If you’ve ever wondered why Americans love pancakes at all times of the day – Nowhere Man will teach you why

It is one of the most chilled destinations in the city and we absolutely love spending time over a coffee here. You’re going to take a lot of pics of the interior which is visually very appealing. We can also vouch for their staff who always have kind words and time for a chat. It’s a great place to spend some time chilling in Brighton.


So, there you have it, 8 pinteresting cafes in Brighton, England. Not only can you sate your thirst, but you can also satisfy your urge to make beautiful photographs for your social media at the same time. You can’t say fairer than that, can you?

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