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Fancy coming to Brighton with a big group of people, but you’re worried that you might not find enough places to accommodate that group? Don’t worry. Brighton has plenty of things to do for large groups of people. You won’t be bored, but you might need to book ahead as it can take a little bit of organizing to ensure big groups have the best time possible at each activity.

We have 14 awesome big group activities in Brighton that you can tackle with groups from a couple of dozen friends to as many as 60 people! These include a Brighton bike tour, Gin mixing and tasting, dancing classes, ten-pin bowling, Go Karting, water sports, dodgeball, archery tag, pub crawls, a ghost walk, a fishing trip, a champagne flight at the i360, a private movie screening or a pizza party. We’ve also rounded up some excellent places to eat, drink and stay when you visit Brighton as a big group.

A Note On Big Group Activities Before We Begin

Before we start looking at all the wonderful things there are to do in Brighton for large groups of people, it’s best to acknowledge that not all of these activities can accommodate 60 people in one sitting. In many cases, it’s probably best to break a group of 60 into three smaller groups of 20 and tackle three different things at any time.

That way, you can do three different activities with each group and then as each finishes, they can move on to the next activity on the list. At the end of the day, you can then all meet up for one really big group activity before moving on to some food and drink.

1. See Brighton In The Best Way Possible With A Brighton Bike Tour

Call Brighton Bike Tours

You might think I’m biased because I run Brighton Bike Tours, but TripAdvisor agrees with me, and its users say that this is the best outdoor activity in the city. If you want to get to know a city properly, you need to cover some ground, and the best way to do that is not on foot or in a car but on a bike.

You also get the benefit of being able to pick the brain of somebody who truly knows what’s what and isn’t trying to sell you something – which means you can have a deeper, richer experience of Brighton than the average tourist can.

The Grand Brighton Bike Tour: The Perfect Introduction To Brighton City

I’d recommend that every visitor to our city goes on The Grand Brighton Bike Tour, it’s the ideal introduction to the city, and it’s long enough to touch on all the highlights and short enough so that it won’t wear anyone out physically and gives you plenty of time to do other things during your trip to the seaside.

It’s very reasonably priced at between £19.50 and £22.50 ahead. That fee includes your bike hire, safety kit and also a nice secure luggage facility if you need one – so you can cycle without worrying about carrying anything.

Brighton’s my home, and I am passionate about the city. I’ll introduce you to the city and share with you some of the real inside knowledge on everything we come across. I’d be happy to chat with you about your time after the tour, too – if there’s something you want to know about Brighton, this is the time to find out.

We’ll stop for tea in the Pavilion Gardens, which are perfect for people-watching, and maybe a slice of cake too if you’re feeling a little decadent before we head down onto the seashore for which Brighton is justly famous.

  • Brighton Dome
  • Brighton Pier
  • Brighton Rock Garden
  • British Airways i360
  • Eagle – Great Eastern Pub Stop
  • East Street- Brighton’s oldest street
  • Fishing Quarter
  • Graffiti Adorned back streets
  • Graffiti adorned Kensington street
  • Grand Hotel
  • Grand Parade
  • Icons Wall – Banksy
  • Little St Peters church
  • Pavilion Gardens
  • Pavilion Gardens Cafe
  • Pet cemetery
  • Poppy Filled Wild meadows
  • Preston Manor House
  • Preston Park
  • Preston Twins
  • Royal Pavilion Palace
  • Secret Garden
  • St Bartholomew’s church
  • St Peters church
  • Sydney Street
  • The Lanes
  • The Level
  • The North Laine – Bohemian Quarter
  • The Railway Viaduct

The Grand Coast Bike Tour: Take In The Shoreline All The Way To Hove And Back

Brighton is a seaside town, and while there are many amazing things to see and do in the city, many visitors want to spend as much time on the shoreline as they can during their visit. For them, The Grand Coast Bike Tour is a perfect way to combine fun, group bonding and lots of seaside wonders.

The tour costs between £19.50 and £22.50 per person, and the fee covers everything you need to cycle safely. That includes the bikes, safety equipment and secure baggage storage (if it’s needed), so you can focus on taking in the sights, smells, and sounds of the seashore.

The tour begins in the city but quickly moves onto the beach and then crosses over the boundary line from Brighton into Hove. You’ll be pleased to know that if you have a few people who haven’t cycled regularly, much of this route is downhill and can be freewheeled without any real effort.

There’s a stop for some food in Fat Boy Slim’s café. Brighton’s megastar DJ is also a café owner, and it’s really good. You can also see the i360 as our last stop on the way back into Brighton.

  • Beach Huts
  • Big Beach Café – Fat Boy Slim’s place
  • Brighton Dome
  • Brighton Pier
  • Brighton/Hove boundary
  • British Airways i360
  • Eagle – Great Eastern Pub Stop
  • East Street- Brighton’s oldest street
  • Fishing Quarter
  • Graffiti Adorned back streets
  • Graffiti adorned Kensington street
  • Grand Hotel
  • Grand Parade
  • Hove Lagoon
  • Hove Lawns
  • Hove Promenade
  • Icons Wall – Banksy
  • Pavilion Gardens
  • Pavilion Gardens Cafe
  • Peace statue
  • Queen Victoria Statue
  • Royal Pavilion Palace
  • St Bartholomew’s church
  • St Peters church
  • Sydney Street
  • The Lanes
  • The Level
  • The North Laine – Bohemian Quarter
  • Victorian Birdcage Band Stand

Big Groups And The Brighton Bike Tours

In order to make sure that the tours are safe and that everyone can ask their questions and get the most out of the personal touch included, there is a limit of 25 people on each tour. However, it is easy for me to structure the day so that we can run three back-to-back tours for a big group. So, the theoretical maximum number of people who can enjoy a Brighton Bike Tour is 75 people in a day.

That would involve times such as:

  • First tour from 10.30 a.m. running to 1 p.m.
  • Second tour from 1 p.m. running to 3.30 p.m.
  • The third (and final) tour of the day starts at 3.30 p.m. and finishes at 6 p.m.
  • PLEASE NOTE Shorter tours are available. Contact us for more information

This means you have an opportunity to pick a couple of other events from the list of 14 and rotate them throughout the day so that everybody gets to enjoy a tour of Brighton as well as a few other things.

You can then meet up in the evening for dinner, drinks, or something similar.

2. Try Your Hand At Gin Mixing (And Tasting) With The Gin Tub

16 Church Rd, Hove BN3 2FL

Tel: +441273772194

This may not be appropriate for every group, and it’s a good idea to make sure that if somebody doesn’t drink that they’re not going to be offended if you go on drinks mixing course but as long as this is the case – Gin Mixing which, of course, goes hand-in-hand with gin tasting can be a lot of fun for a group of people and the alcohol can act as a “social lubricant” if you’re trying to break the ice with each other.

The Gin Tub offers personalized mixing glasses, and we found booking services that say they can accommodate up to 50 people. We imagine that if you got in touch directly, 60 wouldn’t be too big an ask, either.

You’ll learn why gin is the most popular white spirit in the world and how to mix it effectively to get the right taste for the right person. You’d be amazed to find out how many gins there and how many different brands of tonic they can be paired with too. Not every gin should be doused in Schweppes and have a slice of lemon thrown in the glass with it.

3. Get Down And Dance With Sashay Dance

It’s a little bit unusual for sure, but dancing is a great fun exercise, and it can really help you bond and enjoy yourselves with the right group of people. It doesn’t have to be ridiculously energetic either – if you plan the day right then, you won’t have everyone trying to learn all the moves from Breakdance the movie in an hour.

A dance party class involves picking a style of dancing (either by actual style or by the artist) and then everyone gets some tips on how to strut their funky stuff. Sashay Dance accommodates Dirty Dancing (the movie), the Charleston, the Spice Girls, Burlesque (which may not be appropriate for mixed groups, mind you), Beyonce, the 80s, 90s, moves from the movie Grease and much more.

If that sounds up your street, you might want to consult everybody on what they’d prefer and then go ahead and book yourself a session. The prices are very reasonable (and the organizer goes free), and they can accommodate a 90-minute class any day of the week between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. They will also be happy to photograph or video the event for you to keep too.

4. Slam Down Some Strikes With Ten Pin Bowling

Marina Way, Brighton Marina, Brighton BN2 5UT

tel: +44 844 477 0484

You can’t get 60 people bowling on the same lane, but you can certainly hold a bowling tournament for 60 people at the same time easily enough. However, you’re going to need to book well in advance if you want the bowling alley in Brighton to accommodate a group of that size – otherwise, you may find you’re all crammed into two lanes on opposite sides of the building.

The good news is that nobody needs any expertise in bowling to enjoy the fun. Bowling is incredibly easy to pick up and enjoy, even it is also very difficult to master. When you’re looking for a  great group day out – bowling is just about perfect as it fits into almost everyone’s lifestyle without difficulty.

The Hollywood Bowl is our pick of places to get your pins knocked down, and not only can they organize an area for your big group of friends or colleagues, but they can also offer some basic catering for them too if you’re in need of a drink or a bite to eat. Just make sure everyone cuts their nails. Long fingernails and bowling balls don’t mix very well.

5. Enjoy A Go-Kart Grand Prix

You can’t get 60 people in go-karts simultaneously, but you can run a mini-Grand Prix event where everyone gets a go at carting and you all enjoy some friendly competition. You don’t have to be able to drive legally to go Go-Karting, but it may not be the ideal activity for people with limited mobility or serious eyesight issues.

It’s important not to go drinking before you jump into Go-Karts, though, while these may not be full-sized cars, you can get seriously injured if you aren’t careful in Go Karts. So, leave the Gin Mixing until after you’ve hit the tracks, please.

The folks at Brighton Karting can ensure a group of “any size” has a day to remember, according to their website. They have an 800-metre course for you all to get to grips with and can provide safety equipment for everyone plus some basic instruction for anyone who hasn’t been Karting before. They can also help you score some VIP tickets if your group wants to go out nightclubbing later on in the day.

6. Go Out On The Water For Some Fun

We wouldn’t recommend that you all try to learn to surf at the same time in a big group, we don’t think that there are enough instructors available at any of the local surfing schools to accommodate that and we’d think that might make it a bit of a dangerous way to spend some time. However, there’s nothing to stop you from mixing and matching your water activities to form some smaller groups.

Brighton is a brilliant place for water sports (well, at least during the Summer months, you can always go out in the sea in the depths of December, but it’s going to be a bit cold for most folk). And Brighton Water Sports offers a range of different water sporting activities for groups.

You can do some kayaking, wakeboarding, surfing, water-skiing, etc.; if you mix them up a bit, a big group can have a really good time. It is worth noting, however, that for safety’s sake, they can’t guarantee the right weather for these activities. The sea needs to be relatively calm, and if it’s not, they may have to cancel at the last minute.

7. Go Lethal With A Little Dodgeball At Bubble Soccer World

If your group likes to compete, they might enjoy a dodgeball session. Dodgeball is a very common sport in the USA but isn’t as well-known in England. The principles are really simple. Each team throws 8.5-inch rubber balls at the opposite team with the objective of hitting them. When everyone has been hit – that team is out, and the team with any remaining players wins.

It sounds easy, but it’s actually quite skilful. The good news is that it’s no longer painful as they have moved to “no sting” rubber balls in the last few years which don’t hurt and don’t mark on contact. It’s very easy to learn because the rules are very simple, but if you want to play professionally, it might take a long time to master.

Fortunately, you don’t need any professionals or any experience at all to have a good time playing dodgeball at Bubble Soccer World in Brighton. They provide the balls, the instruction, and the place to play; you provide the people and the enthusiasm. They can also provide large group catering services after the match, and if you want food and drink arranging at some point during the day, this can be a very cost-effective place to do it.

8. Try Out Some Archery Tag

You won’t get to do this every day: pick up some bows and arrows and shoot your friends with them. The good news is that it won’t hurt a bit because the arrows are specially made to bounce off gently rather than to skewer Sandra from accounts. This is good because otherwise there’d be nobody to pay for this activity at the end of it.

Archery Tag is a great fun group activity, and they can cater for really big groups. In fact, they say that the larger the group – the more fun you can have. Each session lasts for about 90 minutes which might sound a little long, but it goes by in the blink of an eye. As you’d expect, they provide all the equipment plus some training and safety instruction.

Archery Tag South is the best place to go to get into this sport, and what could be more “British” than playing with bows and arrows? Robin Hood might not have hailed from Brighton, but there’s a long history of Brits being good with bows across the nation.

9. Go On A Pub Crawl

It is fair to say that a pub crawl won’t suit all large groups of people coming to Brighton, it’s probably not appropriate if you’re organizing your corporate away day, for example, because there are some fairly obvious behavioural worries and it’s quite probable that the company’s insurance scheme’s computer will say “No” too.

But for other groups, such as friends, stag dos, hen dos, drinking associations (we imagine the folks at CAMRA quite like a good pub crawl), etc. Then a pub crawl can be a great way to see the city and enjoy a few pints of good British ale.

If you went on a Brighton Bike Tour earlier in the day, you probably had some help sketching out a good route for your crawl, but if not, you can probably start with the five pubs we recommend for big groups a bit farther down this list or go on an organized pub crawl, like this one. Just try not to overwhelm smaller pubs; you should be welcome all over the city.

Please remember to drink sensibly, you don’t want a great day out with friends turning unpleasant. A pub crawl can be an awesome way to bond as a group when done right.

10. Book A Private Ghost Walk Through The City

Brighton has a long and splendid history and something of a grisly one too. Not only are there an incredible number of blue plaques decorating the city’s buildings to pay glowing testimony to the people who have lived in Brighton & Hove, it’s said that the spirits of some of the departed residents are restless and miss Brighton so much that they want to come back from beyond the veil.

If you contact Ghost Walk, Brighton, they can help bring the darker side of Brighton’s past to life with an informing, educational and highly entertaining walk around the city. This is, of course, best done in the early evening when the light adds a certain amount of extra “atmosphere” to the proceeding, but you might be able to enjoy this at other times of the day too.

You’ll want to book a private tour which can cater exclusively to the needs of your group, and the guides will walk you through The Lanes (one of the best-known areas in Brighton), regaling you with spine-chilling tales and occasionally stop for soul-warming drinks in some of the finer watering holes in the area. Just don’t bring anyone with a dicky ticker. Surprises are a guarantee on a ghost walk.

11. Go On A Sea Fishing Trip

In the right weather, there are very few activities more pleasant to pass the time as a group than fishing. Sea fishing is very different from fly fishing, which is common on Britain’s rivers, and it requires much less time to learn, and there’s less chance of jabbing yourself with a fishing hook too.

Of course, it still requires some learning to get the hang of things, and that’s where Brighton Charter Fishing comes in. They arrange the boat, the rods, the bait, the driver and anything else you need to have a good time. Then your responsibility is to turn up and see how many fish you can catch.

There are several fishing scenarios that they can arrange, depending on the time of year, and you could do anything from cod fishing over deep-sea wrecks to reef fishing for Bream, Plaice, Mackerel and much more. You can, of course, eat what you catch and you should talk about how to prepare your catch on the day.

This is a super way of connecting with each other and with mother nature. The sea is full of surprises.

Try Out A Champagne Flight At The i360.

The i360 is run by and sponsored by British Airways, and the objective is very simple: to take you up into the skies above Brighton and let you see the land from a completely different viewpoint. It’s an unmissable feature of the Brighton skyline, and if you go on The Grand Brighton Coastal Tour it’s something you will get a close look at even before you ride to the top.

Now, it’s entirely possible to jump on the i360 and go and get that majestic view of The South Downs (and on clear days – you can see all the way out to the Isle of Wight over the water, too) without a glass of champagne to keep you company but we’d ask, why would you want to? A little bubbly adds a certain frisson of excitement and luxury to the whole experience, and it’s not very expensive either.

You can book the i360 via Tripadvisor for about £15 a person, including the champagne. It’s safe for everyone of all ages to enjoy, though those under 18s may not partake of alcohol on offer.

Check Out A Private Movie Screening At The Duke Of York’s

Now, you’ll have to book in advance if you want to do this, but it’s worth it. The Duke of York’s Picturehouse is arguably the oldest cinema in the country and one of the oldest in the world. It was originally owned by an actress though today it’s actually owned by a major movie theatre chain, which has, wonderfully, maintained the original art house appeal rather than converted it to another place showing blockbusters.

It’s also available for private hire, and if you really want to relax in the company of a large group of friends or you want to show your staff a corporate video or two, this is the perfect place to do it. You can rent out the whole cinema and have a private performance. It’s great fun and the sort of activity that makes everyone feel special. It’s also suitable for all ages (though this depends on selecting a movie for all ages too).

Have A Pizza Making Party

They do say that the universal bonding experience is eating together. So, why not take everybody for a pizza-making party? Not only will everyone get exactly the pizza they want to eat, but they can have a ton of fun in the bargain. This is the ideal lunchtime activity for a big group because it gets everyone talking and feeling invigorated again before you go out and do more things in the afternoon.

It’s surprisingly cost-effective and pizza-making classes begin at just £22 per person, which includes all the ingredients, the cooking lesson, the actual cooking (because raw pizza is no fun at all) plus a few drinks (alcoholic if you’d prefer). That means all you have to supply is the guests and their imagination. It’s the tastiest group activity in Brighton!

5 Pubs For Big Groups In Brighton

Not every pub in Brighton can fit in a large party of people, and even the biggest pubs might struggle at certain times, so while we’ve picked big-ish pubs here – you might want to give them a call before you turn up, just to make certain there’s room at the bar for you all.

The Hobgoblin

Address: 31 York Place, Brighton, BN1 4GU                                          

Call: +44 1273 682 933

If the weather’s right, you can’t beat a pint in the sunshine, and The Hobgoblin offers Brighton’s largest beer garden to do just that. They have live music every Thursday night. If you’re not entirely certain what you want to drink, just ask a staff member, and they’ll be happy to walk you through your options. –

The King And Queen

Address: 13 Marlborough Place, Brighton, BN1 1UB                  

Call: +44 1273 607207

The largest pub in the city, they say, and we can confirm it’s a big place. The pub has been around since the 16th Century (though thankfully, it’s been decorated regularly through the years), and they have a superb collection of lagers available. It’s also one of the more affordable watering holes in Brighton.

The Royal Pavilion Tavern

Address: 7-8 Castle Square, Brighton, BN1 1NX                    

Call: +44 1273 735819

Given the location, you might expect The Pavilion Tavern to weigh heavily upon your wallet but, in fact, it’s one of the cheapest places to sink a pint in the South of England. It’s a great place to stop and have some fun, particularly if it’s your round.

Molly Malones

Address: 57 West Street, Brighton BN1 2RA                         

Call: +44 1273 822555

Molly Malones is a large comfortable bar which can be a good place to finish up or to kick the night off. They have live music most nights of the week, which can inhibit conversation, but definitely adds to the atmosphere. It was not too expensive either.

The Craft Beer Company

Address: 22-23 Upper North Street, Brighton, BN1 3FG                  

Call: +44 1273 723736

The Craft Beer Company is a decent-sized pub with the largest collection of craft beers in the city. According to their advertising, we have no reason to disbelieve them as we’ve seen it and it is an impressive variety of beers. This is a good place to begin or end a night out in the city and a group of any size should fit comfortably inside.

5 Restaurants For Big Groups In Brighton

Everyone’s got to eat at some point, and it can be a real struggle to get a place that can accommodate a big group. We’ve got some great restaurants that are happy to take large parties but please call and book in advance, they’re not likely to be able to help if you just turn up on the day.

Bayleaf (Indian, Asian & Balti)

Address: 49 St. James’s Street, Brighton, BN2 1RG                        

Call: +44 1273 626900

You can’t beat a good curry, and Bayleaf does a great curry, and it’s happy to see you in a large group too. The nature of the dishes means that they can be quickly served to a crowd which is nice because it means nobody has to sit there waiting forever to be fed, watching everyone else tuck in.

Adelfia (Greek)

Address: 13-14 Preston Street, Brighton, BN1 2HN                      

Call: +44 1273 933620

The best Greek restaurant in town is the Adelfia and it is incredibly vegan and vegetarian-friendly. They get great reviews for catering to large parties and we can’t imagine you’d leave feeling anything other than full and happy.

Olive Grove (Mediterranean, European)

Address: 15-18 Meeting House Lane, Brighton, BN1 2HN                               

Call: +44 1273 722325

This family-run place offers excellent vegetarian and vegan options and a wonderful selection of dishes from around the Mediterranean. You’re sure of a warm reception at the Olive Grove and if you’re looking for a home away from home to eat in – this is surely it. Great stuff.

The Old Bank Steak & Ribs (Steak, British)

Address: 120 St. Georges Road, Kemptown, Brighton, BN2 1EA   

Call: +44 1273 682200

If you want something a little more traditional, then The Old Bank Steak & Ribs might be just what you’ve been hankering for. Vegans are out of luck here, but vegetarians are catered to in this steakhouse but are warned, it can get a little pricey though the food is exceptionally good.

Ephesus Brighton (Mediterranean, Turkish, Middle Eastern)

Address: 80-82 Preston Street, Brighton, BN1 2HG                       

Call: +44 1273 329989

They’ll have to shift the seats around for larger groups, but Ephesus is a great place to choose and again, they cater well to both vegans and vegetarians. They have an excellent reputation for service, and if you like Middle Eastern food, there are few places as authentic anywhere in England.

5 Great Places To Stay As A Big Group In Brighton

Not every hotel can accommodate large groups many of Brighton’s hotels don’t even have 20 rooms – let alone 60. So, you will want to think about this and organize it in advance, but there are some great options for large groups all the same, and they include:

The Old Ship Hotel

Address: King’s Road, Brighton, BN1 1NR                                              

Book Here

One of the finest and most iconic hotels in Brighton and it’s also one of the biggest. As long as you make reservations in advance, you should have no real problems getting a big group in here unless, of course, it’s on a bank holiday weekend, in which case you might need to book a very long time in advance.

My Brighton

Address: 17 Jubilee Street, Brighton, BN1 1GE                   

Book Here

A large warm, and cosy hotel gives super access to the North Laine area and isn’t a long walk from any major attractions.  They also have a decent number of accessible rooms if your party has any mobility-impaired guests.

Jurys Inn Brighton Waterfront

Address: King’s Road, Brighton, BN1 2GS                              

Book Here

Right on The Lanes, this is a fairly luxurious hotel, and rooms aren’t cheap, but the facilities are great, and there’s a multi-gym, sauna, pool and much more. Unusually for a British hotel, there’s air conditioning throughout – which can come in handy during the summer.

Hilton Brighton Metropole

Address: King’s Road, Brighton, BN1 2FU                                              

Book Here

Victorian charm is readily apparent at the Hilton Metropole, which might have a big chain’s backing but still delivers individual and outstanding service. It’s also very reasonably priced given the quality of experience that it provides.

Kings Hotel

Address: 139-141 King’s Road, Brighton, BN1 2NA                     

Book Here

Possibly the best value hotel on our list, the King’s hotel is right on the seafront, and it harkens back to the days when Britain’s seaside towns were the envy of the world. We love having a trouser press in the room; the welcome trays are nice.


As you can see, there are numerous splendid options for a big day out in Brighton with a big group of people. It’s always best to start your time in the city with a bike tour because it gets you in touch with the heart of things and lets you ask any questions you might have.

After that? Everything from tag archery to pizza making keeps you entertained, which we’ve noted in our 14 awesome big group activities in Brighton. When you want food and drink there are pubs and restaurants that are used to big crowds and there are plenty of excellent options for you to lay your head down at night too.

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