12 Hen Party Houses in Brighton to Make your Weekend

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  • Date: June 27, 2021
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If you’re going to get married, then you’ll be looking for the perfect place to hold your hen do and we can’t think of anywhere better than Brighton. The beautiful beach town offers a huge variety of nightlife and things to do and is especially welcoming to hens. So, with that in mind, we want to help you find somewhere to stay when you bring your hen party to Brighton.

Our 12 Brighton Hen Party Houses not to miss include camping, the Beach Boutique, Brighton Neon Central, Number 24, The Toast of Brighton, The House in the Lane, The Beach House, Brighton Big Beach Boutique, Sunshine Central House, Parlourama, The Brighton Candy Box and Gatsby House.

Giant Size It With The Beach Boutique (Sleeps 31!)

It’s worth noting that while the Beach Boutique may be massive, its claim to sleep 31 is only true if there are two people in each bed of which there are 16 and not 31 and please note, they’re bunk beds. However, if you’re trying to get a house in Brighton on a sensible budget for a large group – this may be your lucky day.

There are sea views and you don’t have to walk far to the city centre or the beach.

Marie, the host, is an Airbnb “Superhost” which means that she’s been elected (by her guests rather than Airbnb) as someone who always goes the extra mile for people staying at her properties. This is a good sign that your weekend is likely to go smoothly.

She’s happy to accommodate hen parties and whilst, as you’d expect, you can’t smoke in the house – there is a smoker’s deck out back which is a pleasant way to keep smokers happy too. Just make sure to throw your rubbish in the bins outside when you’re done, and you’ll have a super weekend.

You can find the Beach Boutique on Airbnb here.

Go Regency With Brighton Neon Central (Sleeps 20)

We note that there are only 13 beds in the Brighton Neon Central, so you’ll only get 20 in the house if some people are willing to share. There are 3 decent sized bathrooms which is excellent and best of all – there’s a cocktail bar on the roof (though you need to provide your own booze and if you want one, your own bar staff).

There’s also another bar below the warehouse space that Brighton Neon Central sits in which is a “public” bar called The Rossi Bar which would be delighted to cater to your hen party if you give them a call and book.

Set in The Lanes this is in one of the most desirable places in Brighton and it’s a perfect spot for getting out and about in the city. It’s a very discrete location and one that will really appeal to a hen party with a hankering for something a little more sophisticated. It’s also very reasonably priced for the size.

You can also bring a pet if you want (or pets plural) but they do charge a surcharge for this.

You can find Brighton Neon Central on Airbnb here.

Was £3.49 – Now Only £1.79

Save A Fortune On Number 24, Miami Townhouse (Sleeps 22)

If you’re looking for an absolute bargain in Brighton then Number 24, Miami Townhouse should be your first port of call. The price on Airbnb is so low that we nearly fell over when we found it. However, you should be aware that it’s not so “upscale” as the trade off, which is fine by us – it looks like loads of fun to be there.

It recognizes the irony of what it is and what it does and there’s a lovely neon sign with the words “flashy as *ahem* f***” on the ceiling. But the truth is that while none of the rooms are huge, what it does, it does very well. It’s one of the most popular properties in the city and it’s happy to host a hen night – so book early.

However, you’re not going to get better value on a place anywhere else in Brighton & Hove and for that – Number 24, Miami Townhouse is a massive win for hen parties who don’t have a huge kitty to spend on accommodation.

You can get great views of Brighton from the roof and the “disco shower” (seriously, we’re not making it up) will make your stay a very memorable one.

You can check out Number 24, Miami Townhouse on Airbnb here.

Go Refined With The Toast Of Brighton (Sleeps 16)

This luscious little maisonette on North Laine is a bit more expensive but it’s worth it. The layout inside is very stylish and the big leather sofa makes it all worthwhile in our book. It overlooks Trafalgar Square (please note – this does not mean Nelson’s Column is in sight, that’s the Trafalgar Square in London not Brighton).

They love to welcome hen parties (and sorry to any gentlemen reading this – stag parties are not allowed at Toast of Brighton) and you’re in the ideal location to get out and enjoy the city’s nightlife and best restaurants and bars.

The iPod docks in the living room makes it easy to get the party going with your perfect hen weekend playlist and the fully equipped kitchen is very handy too.

One word of caution though, you can’t make too much noise or the neighbours will be very unhappy with you.

Go modern and check out The Toast Of Brighton on Airbnb here.

The House In The Lane For When You Want Your Own Pool (Sleeps 12)

Sure, it’s not as big as the other properties on our list but who doesn’t want to spend their hen night with their own pool? Well, at least as long as it’s in the summer months, we can’t imagine wanting to go swimming in Brighton during the Winter. Brrr. Actually, you can pay them to heat the pool up if you want to jump in in January and you’d need them to, trust us.

There is a minimum stay of 2 days over the weekend but that seem fair enough to us for this superb place. It’s a complete house which means you can get away with being a bit noisier than most and it’s still right in the centre of Brighton.

You’ve got huge levels of privacy and it’s the perfect place for a small hen party group. It’s worth noting that you can’t invite anyone else to swim in the pool – it’s for residents only. All the bedrooms give a pleasant view over local green land.

The hosts are also super hosts which means you can rely on them to provide a solid experience for your Brighton hen weekend.

You can check out the House in the Lane on Airbnb here.

Step Out Onto The Seafront With The Beach House (Sleeps 20)

This host is hyper-happy to host hen nights and the location really couldn’t be any better, if you want your hen night to feel like its in Britain’s best seaside resort than you want to be able to step out the door and onto the beach in Brighton. That’s the deal here.

The interior is nautically themed, and they’ve got brand new fixtures and fittings throughout. You should be aware that some of the beds are bunk beds which might be problematic if anyone has any mobility issues.

There are also rear and roof terraces so that you can all get together for a private drink in the Great Outdoors when you’re done with soaking up rays on the sand. Feedback on Airbnb from previous hen parties is absolutely fabulous and we feel that you’re going to have a superb time at this wonderful hen party house.

You can check out the Beach House on Airbnb here.

Was £3.49 – Now Only £1.79

Be Bold At Brighton Big Beach Boutique (Sleeps 15)

This place claims the WOW factor in its Airbnb listing, and we can’t help but agree. It’s one of the most popular properties on Airbnb and if you want to book it for your hen party, it’s going to be fantastic in your Instagram feed after the drinking is over

They’re also affiliate with “My Fab Guest” and that means they can provide Afternoon Tea, yoga classes, spa packages and more on site. In fact, if you’re feeling flush, they can even rustle you up a private chef for the weekend! Once you book, the host will be in touch with what they can offer and at what price.

The majority of beds are single beds rather than bunks which makes a pleasant change and means it’s one of the better venues for those with disabilities. The 50” TV in the living room is also eminently watchable if you’ve got some downtime between those hen activities.

There’s also a Dolce Gusto machine available for endless tea and coffee to make your stay in Brighton just a little bit easier. This is one of the most popular places to go though and you’ll need to book early to get the Brighton Big Beach Boutique for your hen weekend.

You can check out the Brighton Big Beach Boutique on Airbnb here.

Stay Central With Sunshine Central House (Sleeps 22)

This is a pleasant centrally located hen party house in Brighton. We would note that it only sleeps 22 if you put 6 people on sofa beds, we don’t think that’s a big deal for a weekend but you’ll want to ask around you hen group before you book because some people may object.

However, if you do decide to go for it – you’ve got a lovely place just 200 metres from the beach slap bang in the middle of Brighton. That means you’re in the right place for shopping, activities, restaurants, nightlife and more. It’s worth paying a little premium for that and even sleeping in a sofa bed.

The décor inside is very tasteful and the fully equipped kitchen is excellent. We really like the marble topped breakfast bar. Guest who’ve stayed there have remarked on how spotlessly clean the place is kept.

You can check out the Sunshine Central House on Airbnb here.

Jump In The Hot Tub At Brighton Parlourama (Sleeps 18)

This striking and pleasant Brighton townhouse has a little something extra to offer your hen party weekend – the use of its own hot tub which is on the private terrace associated with it! You should also take a long look at the Bettie Page mural on the wall there – it’s a real work of art. How the rich and famous live, eh? Well, you can live like that too for a weekend.

They’d be happy to arrange cocktail classes with a hunky butler if you want them to take care of some of your hen night arrangements. They’re only a short walk from the Brighton Ballroom which is a great hen venue and famous for the burlesque and cabaret nights as well as its supper club. There’s a DJ on once the entertainment is finished too.

It’s about a 10-minute walk from the house to the Pier and that means you’re in a great place to enjoy the seashore. You’re also in the heart of Kemptown one of the cities most lively and vibrant neighbourhoods. Though it gets very busy during Brighton Pride weekend.

You can check out Parlourama on Airbnb here.

Get Colourful At The Brighton Candy Box (Sleeps 15)

They have Christian LaCroix wallpaper in this place and yes, that means it’s a little bit more on the upscale side of things. This isn’t a bad thing; the interior is beautifully decorated and it’s possibly the most Instagrammable place on a list of Instagrammable places.

It’s a very playful setup with a turntable and glitter ball set up to get the party going before you venture out into Brighton at night.

You’ll find it’s a very short walk to the beach, and that there are plenty of restaurants, bars, cafes and clubs within a stone’s throw too. The owners are very welcoming to hen parties and all the small details are perfectly attended to by your hosts.

We recommend you take some time to enjoy the artwork lining the walls, it’s very good.

You can check out The Brighton Candy Box on Airbnb here.

Was £3.49 – Now Only £1.79

Super Value At Gatsby House (Sleeps 22)

They love hen parties at Gatsby House and the owners want you to know you’re very welcome to come and enjoy a weekend with all your friends before you get married. The beds are bunks and single beds in the main with some doubles. There are 16 separate beds in total, so some sharing is required to get up to 22 people in the house.

It has 4.5 bathrooms (one is a toilet – no bath) which makes it better equipped in this respect than some of the other places on our list. It is also very well set up for a party and that can make life much easier.

It is a gorgeous Regency period town house and is set in one of the city’s most historic streets. The beach is just 50 meters beyond the end of the road and you’re very close to the Palace Pier. As you’d expect they have good Wi-Fi throughout the building too.

You can check out Gatsby House on Airbnb Here.

Save Money With Cool Camping

Not every hen night can be spent in 5-star hotels or massive expensive houses on the Brighton seafront and that’s just fine. You don’t have to miss out on a hen weekend in Brighton because you’re in a tighter budget. In fact, your experience might be more interesting than the “big spenders” because camping is an unusual thing to do for most people, nowadays.

We’d recommend Chalky Downs for your hen weekend camping because it’s a fabulous location set in the South Downs national park but it’s also very close to Brighton and the beaches. You will need to bring your own tents but there’s usually plenty of space (except on bank holiday weekends) and there are no campervans allowed which means you’ll get a nice view of the countryside rather than feel like you’re trapped in a trailer park.

There are hot showers and clean toilets available and you can get a great sausage, egg and bacon bap for breakfast and if you want to eat there in the evening, you can get in touch and they’d be happy to arrange your dinner for you too.


We hope that our 12 Brighton Hen Party Houses not to miss will help you plan an unforgettable hen weekend in Brighton. This city is warm, exciting, cosmopolitan and fun. There’s no better place in England to bring together your friends (and possibly family) to celebrate your last major moment in single life.

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