11 Amazing Pubs and Bars on Brighton Beach, UK

Brighton beach might be famed for its waters and seashore, but its pub, club, and bar scene should really not be ignored by incoming visitors. Besides, while the beach is excellent for the morning and day, you also need to have some fun at night, and if you are visiting Brighton, well, needless to say, you have a wide selection of venues that you can choose from.

Some of these venues are more family-friendly, while other clubs and bars might be adult-only, so depending on who you are travelling with, you will need to consider your options and choose a venue that suits your needs and ideas of fun.

In this list, we have put together some of the best and most buzzing locations in Brighton beach. Whether you want a chill night with a drink or a night of unadulterated fun, you are guaranteed to find the perfect venue to complete your visit to Brighton beach. So, for a selection of the best that Brighton beach has to offer, read on.

Ohso Bar

The OhSo Social Bar is one of the most prominent bars in Brighton beach as the venue is one of the first drinking establishments on the beach as you come across from East Street. This includes a large heated beach terrace. This means that even on those days when the weather in Brighton beach is not the brightest or warmest, you will still be able to enjoy the view from the comfort of your seat.

 In terms of drinks, OhSo has many beers, specialist gins, premium tonics, spirits, and fine wines available for its visitors. If you have to enjoy an evening drink by Brighton beach, the location and drink selection at OhSo is probably one of the best ones available. 

Many of their drinks and food options are also locally sourced, which means you would directly support Brighton’s local economy. On occasion, Ohso also hosts live music acts and events, so it might be good to check the scene beforehand and see what’s playing if you are heading that way.

Fortune of War

Fortune of War – Brighton Beach Pub

Fortune of war pub on brighton beach

The Fortune of War is the only Pub on Brighton beach. I know that might sound surprising, but it appears that every other store and venue has been converted to a bar or a club, but not the Fortune of War. The Fortune of War, which first opened up in 1882, is one of the oldest pubs in the area, and it’s a venue like no other. First, the Fortune of War is shaped like an upside-down boat. 

If that was not enough, it also has one of the most outstanding beer gardens, Brighton beach. The venue managers are also passionate about quality, so they have gathered various drinks, ranging from high-street brands to microbrews. 

If you are an enthusiastic drinker, rest assured that you will find something new and exciting to taste at the Fortune of War. Finally, the Fortune of War often has the most exciting up-and-coming artists booked for live events when it comes to live music. 

This is the result of its management previously having worked in the International music industry and bringing these connections down to Brighton beach. For a great night of good music and incredible drinks, the Fortune of War can be considered unbeatable.

Brighton Music Hall

Brighton Music Hall on Brighton beach 1

Brighton Music Hall is famous for its unique venue design, which includes small huts available for hire. These small huts make the experience of drinking and dining in the Hall feel very private and intimate. As its name implies, there is also a music stage that often hosts local and routing musicians, so it is always worth checking ahead of time who the next artist will be. 

When it comes to a special menu on Brighton beach, you will find that the Music Hall is one of the best places to visit. It offers three menus, one for food, one for drinks, and an extra specialised drink menu (The Fallen Fairy Cocktail menu) available from Wednesday to Sunday. 

If you feel adventurous and want to try new drinks, we recommend visiting on a day when The Fallen Fairy cocktail bar menu is served.

Volks Club & Bar

Volks Club on Brighton beach

The Volks Club, Bar & Cafe is the most famous spaces by Brighton beach and has been a staple in the underground clubbing scene for over 25 years. The venue has two rooms that are always playing explosive music and are filled with unadulterated dancing. Many events are hosted at the Volk, including The Radio 1 Dance Party and the famous Ace Café Reunion. 

There are also many themed nights and events, so if you plan to visit the Volks, we always recommend booking ahead of time as many of their events sell out fast. The Volks has also recently started adding food items to their menu, so if you are simply looking to grab a bite, you can also check out the Volks Diner.

Loading Bar – Gaming bar

Loading Bar on Brighton beach

The only Gaming bar in Brighton beach is known as the Loading Bar. This name may be familiar to visitors who have previously been in the Loading Bar in London. The two bars are run by the same people and have a similar mentality. Essentially, they are the best places to combine food, drink, and play. 

The Loading bar in Brighton beach has both old-school arcade games and consoles and simpler and more popular board games that are available for visitors to use. If you are travelling with your entire family or friend group, the Loading Bar is a great place to grab a bite and play a relaxing board game with your whole group. 

Speaking of food and drink, the Loading bar is particularly known for its Themed Burger selection, so if you choose to visit, we definitely that you try one of their burgers. Their drink menu is all game-themed, so you can always have a drink inspired by your favourite games. 

We recommend asking the staff for a game recommendation for those with a brave heart if you fancy trying something new and exciting.

Sunset Garden Bar – middle of the Palace Pier

Sunset garden bar on the Palace Pier of Brighton Beach

The Sunset Garden Bar is one of the many bars available on the Brighton Palace Pier. However, what makes this venue unique is its location. The bar is located precisely in the middle of the Palace Pier, making it an idyllic location for those who wish to enjoy watching the sunset on Brighton beach.

 The venue has an outdoor terrace filled with sitting, and as it is on the Pier it benefits from all the live music events. Perhaps the one downside of the Sunset Garden bar is that it specialises in cocktails, and as such, they do not have a beer, wine, or food selection available. Still, with so many other bars around the Pier, everyone in your group will be able to find something to satisfy their tastes, and you should all be able to sit together at the outdoor terrace to take in the view and enjoy your drinks.

Horatio’s bar – End of the Palace Pier

Horatio’s bar is located at the very end of the Brighton Palace Pier, which means two things. Firstly, it is the perfect location to end a long day spent at the Palace Pier, and secondly, it has a direct view of Brighton beach which means that it is the perfect place to enjoy a sunset or a starry night. On top of that, Horatios has a great food and drink selection available for visitors. 

Whether you want a cocktail, a beer or just some light hot food to finish off the day, you are sure to find it at Horatio’s. What makes this venue unique is that it also offers many entertainment opportunities. They often host live music performances or movie/sports nights on their big screen. This makes Horatio’s a great place to gather together and enjoy the end of your day in Brighton beach.

Lucky Beach Café

Luck beach Patio on Brighton beach

The Lucky Beach Café / Bar is considered by many of the locals as one of Brighton beaches best-kept secrets. The reality is, with the quality and the name that they have started establishing for themselves, it is unlikely that they will remain a secret for long. 

The café has two sitting areas, one indoors and one outdoors on a shaded patio, right on Brighton beach. They have become most famous for their fantastic selection of locally sourced food, including organic, vegan, and non-vegan options, but the food is not the only area they excel in. The coffee shop has a great selection of drinks available, from coffee supplied by Brighton’s largest roastery to non-alcoholic mocktails and beverages.

If you are looking for some of the best food in the area, then the Lucky Beach has definitely become not only a crowd favourite but a venue recommended by avid foodies, and that’s how you know the food is delicious.

The Buccaneer

The Buccaneer bar cafe brighton beach uk

The Buccaneer bar is another excellent location for those who want to grab a drink and a quick bite on Brighton beach. The Buccaneer offers an outside sitting area that is perfect for getting a view of the sea within close proximity. It also has a wide selection of more traditional pub food, seafood, and drinks available for those who visit it. The Buccaneer is open from 9 am to 9 pm, making it an ideal spot for brunch, lunch, or dinner for anyone visiting Brighton beach. It is also close to the Brighton Pavilion, so if you wish to rest and eat by the sea after a long day of sightseeing, the Buccaneer is the place for you.

Tempest Inn

Tempest Inn on Brighton beach

There is no competition when it comes to the best pub in terms of interior décor on Brighton beach, and The Tempest Inn is magical both outside and inside, as the venue is made up of small caverns. The distinctive setting with the large cave room often used for live events can transport anyone to an entirely new world. 

The Tempest Inn also offers a great selection of food and drinks that includes a wide selection of cocktails, from Espresso Martinis to Seagrog, and beers. For anyone searching for a proper watering hole, the Tempest Inn is the best place to visit in Brighton beach as it combines a unique location and menu. 

Because the venue is set up, the Tempest Inn also offers spaces for hire, so if you are looking for a more intimate evening, make sure to call in ahead of time and book your very own little cavern.

Concorde 2

The Concorde 2 is the most well-known live music venue in Brighton beach. In fact, it has won multiple awards, and it is considered the best music venue in the south. During one of his performances there in 2008, Dave Grohl described the Concorde 2 as the ‘Perfect venue’, and that assessment is definitely one that fits.

 The Concorde 2 has state-of-the-art L-Acoustics sound and lighting systems and a capacity of 600 people. Many famous bands and touring musicians choose to make a stop at the Concorde, which means that their event calendar is always full, and if you are planning on visiting Brighton beach, you need to make sure to check ahead of time the events page at the Concorde. 

The opportunity to view either a live event or partake in one of their themed club nights should not be missed. When it comes to clubbing at the Concorde, whether you are a fan of drum N bass, house, or reggae and electro music, you are guaranteed to find a night that fits your musical tastes.

 If you want to loosen up during your visit to Brighton beach, then the Concorde 2 is the best venue for your visit. 

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